Darkness, The - One Way Ticket Lyrics

It was a dusty old night and I'm the first to admit it
I'm sure I upset someone but my memory has chosen to omit it
A tiny voice telling me I really should cool it
Chewing my face off talking absolute rubbish
The first line hit me like a kick in the face
I thought "I'd better have another one just in case"
Next thing i knew, my heart was under attack
I bought a one way ticket to hell...and back

One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell and back
One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell...

I've always tried to keep my vices under wraps
But a coach-load of mutes would appear talkative chaps
If they had seen fit to join me for a couple of hits
Now my septum is in tatters and I've still got the runs
Burned for a moment, then it kicked like a mule
The strangers I recruited thought it was rocket fuel
Several massive choking lines of glorius gack
I bought a one way ticket to hell...and back

One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell and back
One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell...

Stick it up your f***ing nose!

Holding court, repeating myself, each repetition slightly louder
Pausing just long enough to snort the white powder
The wheels came off but I'm still on track
I bought a one way ticket to hell...and back

One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell and back
One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell...
One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell and back
One way ticket to hell and back
Bought a one way ticket to hell...

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Darkness, The One Way Ticket Comments
  1. Micki Maus

    It's 2020, still frozen... help


    I love how they shot the vid on location purely for the snow analogy.. jokers! :D

  3. TDCT

    My favourite from the album 'One Way Ticket To Hell And Back' An absolute stomper when played live!

  4. Marc D T

    These dudes had a delorean and travelled to the 2000's from the 70's 😍


    Mika...now we know we're your "inspiration" come from

  6. lord nutjob

    Had a few of these nights when I was younger but the darkness put it all into perspective 😂

  7. ミɱα૨ҡเεɱα૨ҡ ۵

    If it's a one-way ticket to Hell....there wouldn't be a "and back" would there? That'd be a two-way ticket then. With a one-way, you're youre going to hell and now you're stuck in Hell.

  8. MrcDee21

    Epic forever. Glad that they are back

  9. John Marlow


  10. Mirela Grecu


  11. Mogens Linnet

    I don't think they know what a one way ticket means "to Hell and back"🤔

  12. Jim Keane

    I went to see the boys in the Academy in Dublin on Wednesday. What a band. They blew me away. Another new fan here😜👍

  13. Ysckemia

    the devil reminds me of Devin Townsend somehow (i know it's not him)

  14. Jeremy Barnes

    ..but if it was a one way ticket, it wouldn't be there and back... AHHHH

  15. Katie Stait

    This is the song that was playing in the car when I had my first car accident on my p plates 😂 🔥 🤘

  16. Ahmed Boudadi

    i loovvve itt

  17. Martin Leguizamon

    Que banda 👏👏👏👏👏

  18. MxseOfficial

    Boy, I had no idea this song was about cocaine. 12 year old me just loved the chorus and all the devils in the music video.

  19. Todd Campbell

    I’m 49. Love slade 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  20. sinbadnatas

    Metatron from Supernatural sent me here...

  21. chicchitammuottocifa

    Wasn't there a part where the devil snorted them in his nose?? or is this another mandela effect?

  22. RVR121

    Best OD/tripping to hard story since Kickstart my heart.

  23. Pär Vers

    Screw you, censorship! I clearly remember the devil should roll the ticket and snort them up like cocaine!

  24. Dominik Riegler

    WTF why is snow-cocaine part censored???

  25. Seal0626

    Nice little homage to the opening of We Will Rock You(the musical) at the start there.

  26. DaveDexterMusic

    Ah, the album we don't talk about.


    Need you guys again...in 2019....

    Michael Noon

    ALESSIA TALVACCHIA they’re back

  28. Rocco Emma

    This song was, is and will be a fucking masterpiece!!! \m/

  29. The Ultimate Cat Lover Channel

    This band came 40 years too late haha

  30. Passtime Videos

    Is the delivery Penguin Rufus?

  31. Dave Manara

    2005... 😏

    2019... 😏

    3019... 😏

  32. Juan DeJesus

    A Dog's Journey (2019)

  33. light up

    THE band who saved rock n roll!:)

    Stefano Prandini

    Rather than saved i'd say preserved 😁

  34. Brian Mac

    This song hurts my ears.

    Carpe Diem

    Fuck off then

  35. Simon Sørensen


  36. InsaneIn Damembrain

    Fuck do these.people have beautiful talent.

  37. Joao Paulo

    The only modern band which can be compared with Queen
    A ONE WAY ticket to Hell and BACK. One way AND BACK???

  38. Jinseng Mancebo

    2019 and this song is still a bop!

  39. Leah MacLachlan

    For some reason I can imagine Jack Black scatting that guitar solo lmfao

  40. Noor Bjurstrom

    Honesly, this video is amazing, the guys must take so much LSD to have those ideas lol

  41. Mr. W

    A crap video to a tragically underrated track. This band made some terrible business mistakes. They even cut out the awesome intro! This track in its entirety should have been as big as I Believe in a Thing Called Love. But I doubt they'd be playing that intro on radio even today.

  42. Troy Kent

    Justin looks better without the Spanish looking mustache imo

  43. Annique van der Burgh

    The HogFather!

  44. Il Bara

    Ma quante ne sapevano:)

  45. Stichting NoFap

    ironic to have a video of antarctica while it's about hell.

  46. Stichting NoFap

    this song will always remind me of i mahatma i

  47. B J

    Can't believe I'm giving these guys a serious listen now and they've been out over 15 yrs. They're awesome!


    You're right Blow Job, me too

    ursa thokchom

    Same here, and I wish they get some kind of revival with their new album.

  48. Chandre Pretorius

    Idk what going on

  49. MrSteelersyankees1

    is the outro part of any other song?

  50. Ryon

    Is that Cow Bell i hear?!?

  51. Muse Of Chartreuse

    I took a one way car trip to Hell, Michigan...(and back:)

  52. X__X Edward

    I love the darkness

  53. Jessica McEntee

    Penguin suits are still cool in 2019

  54. Tobias

    One way ticket to hell and back? So a return ticket then??

    Incrid Dazer

    Tobias the joke is that he did cocaine and died, went to hell, but was resuscitated. That’s the joke.

  55. gil wood

    They are doing the first year of MTV style videos ...FUKIN AWESOME

  56. gil wood

    The year is 2019 .... And did you see THE SHIT that performed at COACHELLA this year ???? ROCK FESTIVAL ???? I live here and 10 years ago friends would say ...If I make it to COACHELLA , can I crash with you ? NOW ITS SO SAD .... And I an OLD DUDE

  57. Livio Bellini

    This video is the censured version.

  58. Eli Webster

    Drugs suck. Rock n roll rules. Lesson learned.

  59. warren meloling

    Boy did we need this band .true rock



  61. Vivien Lucci

    morda tie zuby

  62. Tanya Campbell

    Who else listens to this song when they are on their way to work?


    When I'm working XD

  63. OneChance !

    his voice sound like freddie mercury voice

  64. nadialv

    I bloody miss good quality rock!!! This band was the last in the world.. RIP 😩 miss them so much!!


    Still alive and well, check their new stuff out man

  65. Todd Campbell

    They all played🤟🤟🤟

  66. caitlin Erin

    Dunno who knows but they’ve had new music out and are continuing to make more

  67. Chiaretta1998

    Omg that song is amazing, I am glad I found it

  68. ireth alcarin


  69. David USmke? Little


  70. Stephen Disley

    Brilliant song by The Darkness they are a top notch rock band and I'm an professional Bass Guitarist and I've learned a lot from just listening to the Darkness and also Thin Lizzy as well but I've got to say that there the best 2 rock bands on the planet and they both totally kick ass.

  71. Juan Vincenti


  72. paola popa

    I'm deeply in love with The Darkness 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  73. Marco Ghilardi

    At the last chorus... They cutted a scene.... 😏❄️❄️❄️❄️

  74. nn krs

    One way ticket to hel

  75. VPEM7

    Am I wrong loving Justin and his music... no don t think so XXX

  76. L X

    Hate this video, obviously the music is great and so is the concept but it's just not the same without frankie. I'm so glad he rejoined, the darkness isn't the darkness without Dan, Justin and Frankie

  77. Greasy hair

    You know devil you'd probably be warmer if you wore a shirt...

  78. justsomemadman

    Almost makes you want to try coke once or like two years

  79. José Augusto dos Santos


  80. alessio carrara

    now that's really a 70's 'sound

  81. Carl Chesterman

    Going to be singing this at work tommorow :-D

  82. Ronald Perera

    Mamma mia quanti Ricordi!

  83. F.W. Dayday

    Guitar Rhythm sounds like I believe in something called love

  84. david johnson

    oh my, not heard this in a while, went to see them in 2003 i think at the manchester apollo great live................

  85. andreia Pianca

    Alguém do brasil assistindo em 2018?

  86. hot_tuna

    their first two albums were unreal

  87. Osmar Torres Duran

    lo sigo escuchando desde Bolivia a esta genial banda

  88. Matthew Tauti

    2018 anyone.?

  89. Kyle Washington

    Perfect video to get the new Queen movie AD.

  90. Katrina Payne

    It is funny how every era that rock music exists in... people are complaining about there not being enough quality rock music.

    Cowbell is our world's version of Dakka.

  91. Rainner1975

    1:24,ok,they were searching for the sea.

  92. Rainner1975

    What a voice Mr.Hawkins.

  93. Paul Wilkowski

    More cow bell

  94. Ann Lunar

    2018 anyone hehehehehe.. when mtv was free to watch before.

  95. Batboy Lives

    Did I just read a message from a time traveller ?

  96. PeterJude Boylan

    u done coke...get over it ;p

  97. Keegan Cleary

    my ticket was paid for in full this year and it is non-refundable...on my way