Darkness, The - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Lyrics

I am no messenger
But I will give you message
A message...of death

When you're cycling through the city at night
And you're dodging these apartment lines
I've got my fingers greasy
And you didn't care
I was fixing your shame
While you were fixing your hair
Rolling my tie back
And walking on air

Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Fixing your hair
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now

Across the beach
Let's have a party there
Cause it doesn't matter where we are
Oh when you're the stunt peg
And I'm in the chair
I was pulling a wheely
You were pulling my hair
They'll never catch us
Cause we're catching air

Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Fixing your hair
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now

Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Fixing your hair
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us
Nothing's gonna stop us now
Nothing's gonna stop us

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Darkness, The Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Comments
  1. Leppy The Weird

    And then there’s me whop came to see Queen from 1:33 to 1:37 ...... ok......

  2. Dan Hain

    Holly balls! Still a killer song.

  3. rock Onmyboi

    I came here for 1:04.

  4. Brett Gesell

    The Freestyler Kid

  5. Azterrekt

    1:34 I FOUND QUEEN

  6. Skipper The Eye Child

    The Punchout reference. Wonderful.

  7. warren Meloling

    Love their music and their videos are a breath of fresh air

  8. Mark ONeill

    This song should be longer.... Go for over 4 minutes

  9. Michael Kahn

    This band is a good cure for the blues

  10. Dan Hain

    I am no messenger but this song still kicks ass.

  11. NEW EXT

    R.I.P 00:48

  12. Bobaganush26

    Love it. The Darkness, keepin Rock alive.

  13. Julio Larios

    Yo buscando starship y me encuentro con esta mierda

  14. Orso northeastern

    these guys are aces

  15. Dayna Holgate

    I’m studying at home for maths! But then decided to listen to The Darkness 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Leandro Machado

    Amazing art work cartoon strip ...

  17. Cook moore

    I love how it said the Champs as Queen
    of course, the bicycle

  18. Delbert Grady

    Fixin your hair

  19. andrew gillis

    OMG here's the song if ENGLAND WINS

  20. Enki Chaman

    fanboy made amazing vid

  21. Enki Chaman

    purple latin biker at 47 sec

  22. Sean O.


  23. HammerHeart

    I need those glasses

  24. Mick McMick

    Cool Kane Roberts pic at 2:48

  25. stephen lockney

    How is it that their songs just keep getting better???!!!

  26. Raymondo Russell

    that ore like it pal that the one

  27. Darkling Darkengar

    Best concert I have ever been. They sound live exactly like on a record!

  28. Amanda Fish

    This song always cheers me up if needed!

  29. Lou Bragg

    going to see them April 22 Christchurch new Zealand 😁🎸🎶🍻

  30. Marisa Tinkle

    i play guitar every day an love this <333333333333333333333333

  31. Marisa Tinkle

    all hail rock n rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll \m/(*o*)\m/

  32. Atomickomander 87Mx


  33. Javier Hinojosa

    wait, no reference to Jefferson Starship song??


    0:46, if you have seen the movie the mannequin, you might remember the scene where Johnathon Switcher, is riding motorcycle, with the mannequin at the back.. I might be wrong, but I think, thats the reference to it.

  34. Emma Caitlyn

    The kid is basically me......

  35. Evandro J.G.C.

    0:06 "Brazilian Ego"? Wtf, hahahaha!
    Essa música deve ser uma homenagem ao Thin Lizzy, porque foi a melhor música do Thin Lizzy sem ser do Thin Lizzy que já escutei! Deu pra notar a inspiração.


    Kkkkkk, reparei a mesma coisa, huahuahua!

  36. Fernando Spada

    I Was just remembering How Happy I Felt When I Heard Nothing´s Gonna Stop Us Chorus That Year. It Was So Relaxing, My Heroes Were Back On Track.

  37. X oe

    This song will not leave my brain!!!!

  38. Megafayce

    The best part of this song was the whole thing

  39. Megafayce

    This is a fucking tune

  40. Earthanasia

    They need to make a video game with fictionalized versions of the band members of TD. With Music. I would play the shit out of that.

  41. Jack Whittaker

    Is this supposed to be Phillis as a child?

  42. Josh Case

    LOL I can't get over that intro.


    +Josh Case
    These guys have a great sense of humor.  I love it.

  43. mohaamd Alali

    But thank you I really like this music

  44. mohaamd Alali

    But thank you I really like this music

  45. mohaamd Alali

    l am afree man and I Do what I like

  46. mohaamd Alali

    lexey perepelkin.I can speak English but I will not speak it

    lexey perepelkin

    +mohaamd Alali Гы-гы)))

  47. mohaamd Alali

    أغاني جميلة جدا

    lexey perepelkin

    +mohaamd Alali Your link is awesome. But learn some English)) I'm russian, for example, but trying to speak international)

  48. abatele

    That Thin Lizzy shirt is a screamer

  49. sonny day

    like a lot of other stuff this is an album filller = crap

  50. Royce Williams

    Fantastic video. Always loved how the choppy prechorus seems like the ultimate set up for a massive, soaring chorus. Does anyone know if this is a different mix than the album version or a different version altogether? There's some elements that are a bit different than the official release.

  51. Slim Azc

    WTF is Roger Troutman doing in a Darkness video ? 2:51

  52. surfvolcom

    Holy shit was that a Thin Lizzy "Jailbreak" tribute @ 2:13. BEST THING EVER

    Jack Whittaker

    +surfvolcom dan always wears a thin lizzy t shirt

  53. Alex Cruz

    Nice shades man

  54. Whipped-cream Head

    God I've loved The Darkness since I Believe In A Thing Called Love it's 2015 and still nothing's gonna stop us.

  55. Maxharddrive64

    Is this their first foreray into 'Queen" territory? Or is this the closest they've come?..and.what took them so long?.

    Mark Butler

    @Maxharddrive64 ....aaaand the new drummer is Rufus Taylor, son of Roger. You sir are prescient.


    @Maxharddrive64 No, they've always had the Queen like vocals. Sound wise, this their most upbeat album. I wouldn't say it' "Queen" territory, that sounds too cliche


    Your right, however, Queen was so original and set the bar so high that anyone that dares come near their sound or anything resembling Queen musically will run the obvious risk of being critically compared,(Lol see Kanye West's recent botched attempt to sing "Bohemian Rapsody" and the ire that drew) Their music is that engrained into society. Perhaps similar to a ledgendary sports athelete when someone decides to wear the same number they wore. They automatically go under the microscope.


    My first reaction to this was to smile and think how eaisly Murcury could of sang this song.


    I agree with what you're saying, I just think you could use a better word. Like, inspired. This song is very Queen inspired. Also, not their most upbeat album, but it is like, their best album

  56. MalciousFishes

    Will someone please tell me what kind of sunglasses those are?


    @MalciousFishes ask someone in the TDA! I know they were tlaking about them a few weeks ago!


    what the fuck is a tda. The Disney Afternoon? The Dumbass Alliance?

    Anton Bazhenov

    +MalciousFishes The Darkness Army, check out Facebook page. This glases used to be a gift for a 100 first customers in The Darkness store back in 2012.

  57. Mert Su

    adore the band, not a big fan of this video though

  58. Roar Antonsen

    A great song. Love this band.

  59. andrew gillis

    UTOPIA andassuchanuttercompliment

  60. whiteshadow3000

    Awesome music, as always! The video is not up to the song I think :/ Darkness fucking rules!!

  61. wetheacademyjr

    This deserves more views. It's a positive message and it's fantastic rock n' roll.

  62. William Boucher

    I want those glasses, where can I get those glasses??

    Enki Chaman

    cant see with those, its just look cool for the vid


    I seen in an interview that they are glasses you get from the eye doctor to keep the sun light out. They seen someone wearing them and liked them. I don't know how the Darkness got on them. Guess they put it there.

  63. Bobaganush26

    not even a million views. I am very sad

  64. Taís V. L. F. L.

    WTF is "The Darkness - Brazilian Ego" ????

  65. Data

    I want to hear him do Queen.

    Also, you can see the arms that throw the confetti at the end.

  66. sss me

    The Darkness,
         You might not believe me but thats fine, the girl in your video is one of my friends. Love this video think its so cool, Ingrid did a good job in the video too ;)

    Ashley Watts

    sss me v he HV CC hg c just bc bc CC for his GC he has he had his house he can GC GC is he GC GC GC GC if he in HV HV HV j VB bc HV HV HV HV hg hg hg hg if he

  67. LifeNplay

    Good to see there is a band shredding real rocknroll in 2014.

  68. Bruce Burnett

    Thin Lizzy reference at 2:20 ...nice...

    Pass The Butter Robot

    Yea, is that meant to be Brian Robertson? I hope so

  69. N. M.G

    why this album is not a hit...?

  70. djwrox94

    Anybody else watched this stoned when they first seen the video


    defiantly not 

    The Media Store

    well actually... never the less im enjoying the music

    Michael McCormack

    @djwrox94 ha ha ha ha dude!

  71. Felicity Smith

    I'm so glad the Darkness are back! I want to see them live ASAP, pity I think they're just finishing up their latest tour soon. 

  72. Brendan Hollowood

    Can't believe I just found out about this album! - Darkness's record company DO SOME ADVERTISING!

  73. Jordan-Victor Territorio

    The video is great, just as your music is ! So happy that your are riffs back, keep going you're gorgeous !
    NB : loved the thin lizzy tribute at 2:14, guitar solo included :)

  74. decepticonstar

    How the fux i did'nt know there was a LP out ????

  75. Fuck You

    i dont know weather or not i like the song or video more

  76. Clifton Photographer

    Check out the video Rick Nielsen: The Legendary Collector
    And forward to 5:00
    If you want to see one of the craziest guitars.
    To me,the bands are somewhat similar as Cheap Trick and The Darkness look like they have fun making music and videos!

  77. Hispandinavian

    This is the kind of band I have to have on vinyl and no other format. Fuck iops! The Darkness have really brought back the lively fun and excitement of hard rock that's been missing for a while.


    Ja yo fui sólo a ver a The darkness pero no llegué por el pinche tráfico y sólo vi a Gaga

  79. Carlguitar69

    Ha! Kane Roberts 2:48 Great video!

    monan osorio

    And Chronos 1:30 jaja

  80. George Pollard


  81. Les Toil

    Very Queen-like.

  82. Tracy Valentine-Williams

    Reminds me of Freddie Mercury & Queen.

  83. wikiwikiwee1

    im am so going to see them

  84. Agustín Maldonado

    Loved the Queen Portrait at 1:30

  85. Ignts1993

    I came here 'cause I remember them from Gaga's concert :') xD Just for that but they are really cool actually! :D

  86. caitlin Erin

    I saw them open for gaga. even though i liked them before gaga was around thought they where awesome. wish i was closer to the front :D

  87. Rotorzilla

    Rock On!! Kane Roberts 02:49 \m/

  88. Jack Dark

    Creo que nada los va a parar.

  89. Intro Spectre

    fuck yeah purple rain!!

  90. PodgeyMcQ

    So THIS is what Hermoine Granger does during the Summer holidays before Hogwarts!

  91. Las Personas

    Son, en efecto, teloneros de Lady Gaga.

  92. Vikenx

    1:35 Queen :D

  93. Ilse Ramos Escareño

    Yo igual soy little monster, pero no soy tan estupida como para llegar a decir eso.. The Darknes es mejor que Gaga.

  94. HeyTray1

    It's his body dude. He can do whatever he wants with it.

  95. habitatgc

    All 3 of their albums are the FUCKING SHIT!!! Darkness fucking rocks all!!

  96. AyerpOfficial