Darkness, The - Girlfriend Lyrics

Girl, I know I've got a funny way
Of showing it
Yes, I thought our love was here to stay
and blowing it
Was never on my agenda
She meant nothing to me, I meant nothing to her
And now i realise it's over
I've just got to tell yer

Girlfriend, I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much so much

Girl I know I ripped your heart right out
so why pretend
that there is even a shadow of doubt
that it's the end
Why the hell are we breaking our necks
Where there's absolutely no affection, hardly any sex
To simplify something that extremely complex
You were my girlfriend, now you're my ex...

Girlfriend, I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much so much
Listen to my synthesizer

Girlfriend, I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much so much
Girlfriend, I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much
I love you, I love you, I love you so much so much

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Darkness, The Girlfriend Comments
  1. kfmctell

    Where’s Frankie???

  2. Ange Gibbird

    needed thus todae

  3. Jack X

    Looks like an old mentos commercial.

  4. Chris

    Justine would be a great singer for Queen!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adam Australia

    There is no music videos like this anymore 😢

  6. gerszahl

    I'm in love with that blonde babe! Anybody know who she is?

  7. lord nutjob

    So much funniness in this video especially when the girl is on the floor and he steps inside her legs and thrusts 😂but honestly don't know why the rehursal misspelling makes me laugh

  8. Tomasz Budrewicz

    This video looks like at these times they had dealer's open account with no limit . Nevertheless its great

  9. Lorenzo Mazzaschi

    Justin Hawkins would make a great Joker

  10. Shannon Pincombe

    One of the coolest songs and videos EVER!!! Absolutely love it!!

  11. Fit and Healthy at Any Age

    This is the most hilarious thing ever filmed in the history of humanity.

  12. Budgie McLeod

    These guys are hilarious! Thank god they were a flash in the pan. This is absolutely wretched.

  13. Tim Tom

    I am showing this to everybody!!!

  14. David Scothern

    It occurs to me that he looks a lot like a long-haired Alan Partridge in this video...

  15. light up


  16. chima inwere

    You guys ain't about what's the in thing but about what you love. Fantastic.

  17. Fordo

    The best clip ever

  18. Glen Munro

    Top Stuff Boys ROCK ON FUCK YEAH

  19. Evil Nick

    always loved their ability to point fun at their own images. fucking great album

  20. Pass The Butter Robot

    Moog Liberation. Sooo cool.

  21. Dustin Reed

    The most hilarious shit ever. Love the Darkness because of the humor and the music rocks.

  22. Ramses Victor

    thats why..we can enjoy rock music in different way....long live the darkness

  23. connye p


  24. Nastasia_C

    Really love this song so much

  25. Ricky Marak

    He's damn sexy

  26. BadShrekOnline #

    I love how they just pure take the piss

  27. Kate Andersen


  28. Craven Morehead

    Lmao. These guys are so funny! Great way to start my day!

  29. Dan Muehl

    Only The Darkness could mix metal and jazz hands and pull it off...

  30. Vitor Santos

    Que viagem

  31. Kam

    "Zany" is the only word that springs to mind and yet "fantastic elastic" echoes in my brain too. Love them!

  32. Gorlarmi Salami

    I think i know how he sings so high, its from jumping, doing the splits and landing directly on his balls

  33. Reverend Hogwash

    Are these guys a lil-bit spinal-tap / steel panther or are they simply flaming?

  34. Enki Chaman

    aerobics are cool as rock n roll !!!!

  35. Stain

    This video clip is the white version of "this is America" :P

  36. tequiness061

    Great banda...great vídeo...great...everything!!!

  37. Yilmas VEVO

    Gotta love that keytar

  38. bmanjj2 comedy

    I've always had this dream in my head of The Darkness covering I Say A Little Prayer to this style

  39. Xa Agripha

    i think ever led zepplin google search should lead to these guys instead.
    The old led zeppelin came down in las vegas with seats starting at like 1500$ lol

  40. Unit 265

    Justin has the moves like Jagger

  41. Sven Kristoff

    This is a Friday at 3:30 song...fuck yeah. Try not to tap your feet

  42. Katie Kat

    FUCK YES!!!

  43. Mr. W

    Why was this not a massive hit? It came out around the same time as the scissor sisters first album.


    I love the Footloose kind of theme at the beginning!!!!!

  45. Stefan Janse van Rensburg

    Just found this gem. Apparently they struggled to get off the ground initially but I'm so glad they did!1

  46. mercuropheliac

    Danny Sexbang got nothing on Justin Hawkins (Sorry Dan)

  47. bosoxno9

    Was anyone else watching this in 2007? it was off youtube for a while but is now back in all its glory......praise be to justin hawkins

  48. Riccardo

    The riff intro remind me of Jet Airliner... Someone too? Ahah

  49. Matthew VandenBerg

    Friend had this on, I asked who it was. I almost slapped him for saying this nonsense was The Darkness. Then I remembered how nonsensical The Darkness is. I love this stupid song.

  50. Boo Ho

    that dance tho

  51. Beal Swolo

    This is still one of my favourites. I also like all the pretty girls and I believe in a thing called love

  52. Warren G


  53. Christopher Smith

    Not much for dancing in clubs, but in my living room - this.

  54. Tim Grove

    How entertaining would Justin be on Strictly!

  55. A O

    slays that keyboard solo.

  56. Matt E

    These guys are amazing and fun!!! Great song and music video!!

  57. Cristian Lovera

    So much talent in This guys

  58. Fayne ffxiv

    the darkness is the best band ever

  59. MrHarryhasslehoff

    Fantastic music clever writing great muscicians total fun as well the top banana

  60. buddy noire

    Falsetto voice still getting it done I guess?

  61. Loris The Boss

    Im dying watching this

  62. Kurt Adams

    it takes balls to act like such a big girl.

  63. Tanner Hastings

    wait they sound great AND they're taking the piss at the same time. Marvelous

  64. LillianGardner0214

    These guys are insane.

  65. Pirate ?

    seeing these guys live at GTM this Sunday. so ducking pumped

  66. Fordo

    I love this tune. SO MUCH. Why don't they play it live more?

  67. Augustine Shepazzi

    This song is amazing.

  68. Antonio Galindo

    essa pochete é ótima kkkk

  69. SwePrometheus1995

    I discovered this band when i was 12 years old and also bought this album.. Iron Maiden, The Darkness and AC/DC were bands that got me into rock and metal music... Awesome band!!

    You will never forget the feeling when you heard rock music for the first time.. I must see this band live somtime!!

  70. Kurt Adams

    how could anyone hate this - their blatant stupidity and silliness is awesome , you gotta be pretty brave to not be scared of anyone laughing at you.

  71. kermit the amazing

    i cant tell if hes gay or a pussy slayer

  72. hajdi9

    Unbelievable! Their mucic and music videos are way underrated. How can it be?!

  73. Lisa Storhaug

    Demented and brilliant. What the h*** is that thing with the keyboard?

    Conor Stanley


  74. brad metzler

    i love freedom

  75. Ducati Drew

    Where's their real bass player?


    he's back, this video is pretty old.

  76. Ken Coleman

    This is amazing. It's like if you crossed the Scissor Sisters with the band Boston

  77. Nathan Stoneman

    A Keytar solo what the smeg... awesome!

  78. Alain García

    Visto en forocoches

  79. Andrew

    looks like Battersea Power Station. Love the DARKNESS.

  80. Kaunasario Lucky

    Hagamos este vídeo viral

  81. Kevin Bolen

    Kick Ass band! Love these guys!

  82. Tyrone Bunne

    Whats not to like?

  83. Shax

    Proof that Justin can be sexy in a leotard, if you ever needed it.

  84. CP Builds

    This might be, no it is, the best music video I have ever seen.

    Kenneth R

    Chris Parker no cause it is

    Just Orso

    It's hilarious 4 sure, flashdance style 😅😎

  85. The RockinJunkieShow

    rocking the billy squier.

  86. Wintersky

    This makes me wish I was more cheesy

  87. Tobo S

    Is it just me or does the riff sound like Rocking All Over The World by Status Quo?


    All their riffs have similarity to 60s-80s bands. Just like steel panther or airbourne ;D

    Tobo S

    @8Biohazard5 True :3

    Nathan Stoneman

    It might be why "I like it, I like it, I like it, a lot"

    Nathan Stoneman

    Yes but still love it.


    to me, it kind of sounds like jet airliner by the steve miller band. they both sound like it!

  88. Samuel Vincent

    this is a fucking good song I don't understand why the darkness is not more popular. only real ones listen to this ;)

    Michelle bennett

    they are amazing :)

  89. Marc Messenger

    Hello Darkness my old friends c:

  90. pete woolf

    man you guys need to get back out on the scene!!!

    John Manning

    Saw them on their "Back in the USSA" tour back in April when they came through the DC area. They have still got "it", so fun!

    Dan and Justin and Frankie still all together (except Frankie not in this vid/this album... Richie Edwards in the line-up on bass), and new drummer--but he rocks hard with them! :) Hope you can see them, Pete! You won't be disappointed! :)

    Dave Deasy

    They toured last year!


    Dude, they are very much still on the scene! Get on it! They're better than ever :)

    Emma Heard

    UK tour soon

    Arthur Skinner

    Going to see them in two weeks canny fuggin wait

  91. John Manning

    What a fun band with an eclectic sound. Their 4 albums have had some far-out jams. I think that "Girlfriend" is tied with "English Country Garden" as the craziest of all their songs! So fun, love this song!

  92. crewcutter2030

    Its a footlose parody.

  93. Adam W

    I would have gave Taylor Swift props if she would have lip synched to this song in that new Apple ad!

  94. Barshonk


  95. Rachel Pook

    Best song by far xxx video cracks me up. Love Justin. Xxx

  96. 1HUFFMAN

    1:13 she had a look on her face like " he was supposed to do something different" LOL