Darkness, The - Dinner Lady Arms Lyrics

We had a good thing, it was a blast
That was a long time in the past
You went through changes & I went away
And I have regretted that to this day

I may not always have quite so much hair
But what you saw in me will hopefully always be there
I'll never hurt you again, I swear


So put your arrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms

I couldn't figure out where your figure had gone
I thought that I could live without you baby I was so wrong

So put your arrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms
Your dinner lady arms

Forgive and forget I caused you some pain
Find it in your heart to start again

I know I'll never be your Mister Right
But I'm happy to be your mister that will do for tonight
I'll never let you out of my sight.

I may be light years past on my sell-by date
but there's what we are forgetting, it's not too late
Put your arrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms dinner lady arms

Forgive and forget I caused you some pain
Find it in your heart to start again
I know I'll never be your Mister Right
But I'm happy to be your mister that will do for tonight
I'll never let you out of my sight.

So put your arrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms

I couldn't figure out where you'd figure had gone
I thought that I could live without you baby I was so wrong
Put your arrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms, HUH!


I may be light years past on my sell-by date
but there's what we are forgetting, it's not too late
Put your arrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms dinner lady arms

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Darkness, The Dinner Lady Arms Comments
  1. Vitória P.

    Geez... So memories, I've use to listen this every Day on high school, It has that 70s rock, wonderful sound, melancholic lyrics... Can't believe I'm not a teen anymore

  2. SonsOfAnarchy1995

    2020 anyone?

  3. Artur Suela de Campos

    Minha adolescência foi escutando The Darkness em cima de um Skate... Momentos inesquecíveis.

  4. Asifkhan Niazi

    This song can top charts right now .....it's timeless

  5. Edgar Fernando Aguilar Morales

    09-2019 still listening this amazing song & album

  6. Just Orso

    Dunno why so many bad mouth this album its just awesome

  7. Wes Helton

    How do u have a 1 way ticket and back? This album name makes no sense but who cares

  8. Just Orso

    Brilliant as usual

  9. El Pampa

    So many memories...

  10. Paul Elvis Weiss

    anybody 2019?

    Shane Harrington

    Paul Elvis Weiss 2020

  11. Evil Nick

    you should put the lyrics in the description..... damn I miss these guys.

  12. Luis8scb

    Every song of the Darkness have very melodic parts musically talking.

  13. Livio Bellini

    One of the best song from The Darkness: nice lyrics, nice guitar solo, nice rhythm guitar line, nice vocal melody (especially in chorus). \m/_

  14. Orso northeastern

    great positive rock music, kudos darkness!

  15. D A

    Their best album without a doubt. Puts every song puts a smile on your face :)

  16. Debonaire Nerd

    Serving meeee-eeeeee
    Serving you--ooo--uuuuuu

  17. Steven Hendry

    My wife is a dinner lady at my sons school this song goes out to her a great riff as well should I say

  18. John Stairmand

    great live

  19. you dun goofied

    I swear no bad songs

  20. Syd B.

    hahaha😂 EUREKA !! WORKING MICROWAVE CHOKE WI-FI 😁😅😂 from 2 meters

  21. John Stairmand

    seen this band live great

  22. Orso Northeast


  23. John Stairmand

    best track on album

  24. Derek Swenson

    This song is the best! I love it LOUD.

  25. Alfadex Books

    This is their BEST song.

  26. Maximus Attackus

    Pinewood Smile their latest is pure class , best they've ever done i reckon

    Mark Ferry


  27. Alfredo Jimenez

    Amo está canción!

  28. claudiu roman

    you rock guys..:))

  29. Steven Hendry

    My wife works as a dinner lady at the local school so I play this to her

  30. Peter May

    Very underrated song , one of the best on the album!

  31. Cristian Lovera


  32. buddy noire

    Can somebody r'splain' the dinner lady connection?

    Rod Marlow

    Speaking to Rolling Stone, Hawkins said: “That’s just a sweet story about an elderly couple who get back together after a long time. I suppose it’s an English thing, ‘dinner lady arms’, but the lady who serves you lunch at school tends to have these flaps of skin on the underside of her arms.”
    Read more at http://www.nme.com/news/music/the-darkness-78-1353232#Ufpjst1roDEt2iqV.99

  33. Malc Trueman

    If you've never seen this band live you must. They are fantastic !

  34. Hi You

    anybody still listening to this cd in 2017' fuuuuuck yeeeeee 😀👍.


    oh yeah

    Greenbean Royals

    Yes in 2019! Great band

    Damion Towner

    2019. Great rock dont die


    2019 > Best song they made.

    light up

    I discovered their awesomeness here in 2019!:)

  35. Dean Ladue

    great tune! and an even wilder album cover!

  36. Neya ??

    I used to think it said diddy llittle arms. So now whenever I sing it, I have to stop and think.


    Curse you! ;-)


    It's in the title lol...

  37. 777RockNRollin

    AWESOME !! Where is there enough Love for this Amazing Second but forgotten Album from the Mighty D !!

  38. Steve Davern

    such a bad song to play your wife, when its such a dam good song

  39. Tommy Addison

    I couldn't figure out where your figure had gone.....fucking classic

  40. Wes Martyn

    heard their second album before I played the first album. Damn good music

  41. Nina Potapova

    Fuck, i love it xD

  42. Genevieve Gore

    This album speaks volumes for me! Reminds me of falling in love with the Darkness for the first time at 14 & developing my first crush hah!!

  43. anthony corcino

    the darkness is too much fun. :)

  44. Q ROQUE


    Agent Smith

    Rock was never dead sir

  45. Shane Ebz

    darkness fuckin rock!!!!

  46. Ricky Rodewald

    I love the DARKNESS

  47. Jack Kiroac

    I wore out a cd player and warped this cd playing it so much WORTH IT!! thank you Hawkins bros

  48. Brenda Stanislawski

    awesome song

  49. Zimmerella 420


  50. galenkia

    Best Darkness song IMO.

  51. teegan W

    Definitely my favourite from this album👌👌

    Leon Pearce

    teegan W I noticed you in the other comments and my reply is like 2 years later but it's so awesome to see people (like) my age that love the Darkness too !

  52. Mishka Andersen

    they really are awsome to hear live!

    Jodie Zawadzka

    their interaction with the audience is fantastic


    Jodie Zawadzka I’m actually going to their VIP show in Sydney in March 2020. I have a chance of playing on stage with them as well, they’re so nice to their fans

  53. Blaise's World

    Should have been a single!

    Lee Willoughby

    Great fucking song.

  54. Poultry

    Sounds kinda like Edguy

  55. Swarnabh Kashyap

    why are they such an underrated band??? i love this band!

    Tashieee Tash

    Swarnabh Kashyap i love there music the darkness and hot leg fucking great

    Dan Allway

    Nigel Dakin there shows are to small crowds though... If they were around in the 80's then they'd be selling out stadiums now

    Dan Bernard

    the way i understand it, drug issues kept them from getting the rocket strapped to them...can't blame the check-cutters for not wanting to invest in an OD waiting to happen

    Mark Ferry

    that's what I heard as well...they also came too late to the musical party, and although they have great melody lines, I have trouble discerning any legible (memorable) vocals...for the record, I think the band is unbelievable, and I'm so disappointed that they didn't catch fire in the U.S.


    I love almost every song of them.

  56. Dean Lowery

    Absolutely amazing

  57. janic hergz

    I may not have quite soo much HAIR!!!!!!!

  58. kujda22

    Thanks for the tip, I definitely will! ;)

  59. Danny

    Have you given their newest record, "Hot Cakes", a listen? I find that it was more rooted in their old ways of Permission. So if you love that album, you should check that one out! :)

  60. Lilly5150turtles

    This is my favorite song of them!

  61. Stevie Smith

    Great lyrics

  62. kujda22

    I used to claim that no other albums than Permission were good. It took me 3 rounds of listening to One Way Ticket to start appreciating it! But still... it lacks the huge drive that Permission had :(

  63. Kcuf elgoog

    Milwaukee January 26 then Chicago the 27 gonna be an epic weekend

  64. janic hergz


  65. woolguy

    One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back, such an underrated album!

  66. screamogottago

    Can't wait til Aug 21st for their new album Hot Cakes!! The trailer for the new single rocks youtube.com/watch?v=PY8nDhR0sQ0

  67. Soundwave

    Also known as Bingo arms. =D

    camping kromidovo

    Bingo wings

  68. miguelbarrosojolin

    Fukin´ R&R.... great. Bufffffff....

  69. Charlie Akin

    Dinner Lady Arms - Arms that have saggy flabby bits near the armpit, that droop when the arms are raised and bulge out when the arms are by one's sides.

  70. JeffTheDude777

    I love these guys. A most excellent band.

  71. Sean Hayes

    @GreenhouseEffectGE They're back ;-) met them and got autographs and a photo with dan, ed, justin and then separately frankie as he had began making his way to the tour bus for some reason but was still accommodating - seriously sound down to earth lads! Oh yeah and they still rock the sh*t out of any venue they play if the gig I went to is anything to go by!

  72. norman bates

    the darkness give me a woody

  73. Jack Copuskov

    @GreenhouseEffectGE oi prick how are dragonforce atall rock? a more accurate interpretation would be calling them speed-metal, but they suck to much to be 'metal'!

  74. girfu7

    going to the darkness gig tonight in edinburgh! gonna be awesome!


    How was it?

  75. Lauren x

    fuckin tune!.

  76. mizzie79

    @michaeljacksonislvbl Wow thats soon. Thanks... Triple Hooray then!!! :D

  77. sarah salvatore

    so glad the darkness are back<3 lovin it :3

  78. geddad666

    Love theese guys and the guitar of this is awesome! anyone know of any songs with this kinda guitar?

  79. roijas

    @CaptainStriker They're in studio now recording a new album :)

  80. SuperTransistor

    @carlosdfc perfect interpretation and perfect song. everyone says that the second album sucks but instead the second album I liked it a lot especially with songs like Is it just me? Seemed like a good idea or Knockers

  81. mizzie79

    At least we know now that they r doing their third album after a 5 yr hiatus! Hooray to that. Heard a rumour a world tour follows next year!!! Double hooray!!!

  82. Thom Arellano

    They announced a couple weeks ago that they're officialy back together with their old bassist.They're planning on playing a world tour,recording new material as well

  83. Linda Ferrari

    @SouthFacedWindows I'm a girl ahahaha :D Rock'n'roll!

  84. SouthFacedWindows

    Damn agree with you man. Bring back the 80s.

  85. SouthFacedWindows

    Darkness came out after 2000 in the midst of shitty music revolution. They can keep Rock music alive.Still hopefull.

  86. Theantarex

    Lunes con algo de lluvia, muy bien, muy bien, buen inicio de semana para todos..

    Hugo Pereyra

    Theantarex el mejor comentario loco!!! Exacto👍

  87. maxmercury


  88. Linda Ferrari

    Darkness and Airbourne are the only rock'n'roll hope of 21th century!


    Linda Ferrari you ever heard of Greta Van Fleet??

  89. taleskovic

    I like this album more that the first one. They sound better.

  90. tbirdpunk

    They have the Tonez. The music has the powers.

  91. carlosdfc

    In English schools a 'dinner lady' is a woman who supervises the kids during lunch-hour - usually older women who do it as a part-time job.
    'Dinner Lady arms refers' to the loose flesh on the arms of an older woman.

    The song is about getting back with an old girlfriend after a long time, and finding that even though they are older, the spark is still there.

    "I couldn't figure out where your figure had gone, I thought that I could live without you but I was so wrong"

    Phillip Bishop

    Maybe it should go... I was wrong, I can't live with your Dinner Lady Arms around me, lol

  92. Tommy Addison

    Addicted to this track....

  93. njcBlackeyed

    Apparently Dan Hawkins mentioned they will be reforming in 2011

  94. Martin Kubek

    first when I heard I was like what the ... after listening it about 5 times a could´n stop ... one way ticket is a studio album for deeper listening :p

  95. Gravgravar

    The Darkness = FUCKING GREAT BAND! :D

  96. guitarlad89

    man, i remember buying this cd, and listening to this song just getting lost into the bassline and the guitar harmonies......... best song on this FANTASTIC album!

  97. HeadoftheHydra


    Fat chick.

  98. Erick Abner

    @sangre1979 yeah!!, lo dijiste todo, esa frase "forgive and forget", hace a uno transportarse en el tiempo, aaaaaaaaaaaaaay dolor!

  99. Erick Abner

    @smiljanicn I guess the girl he's singing for was a cook or canteen worker in the school he used to study in.