Darkest Hour - Wasteland Lyrics

For every Dead God who worships the living
And every lost Soul starving submission for all
The Tyrants will fall
Salvage the serpent

Born to rise when process seems perfect
It's wrong to all
And your Tyrants will fall

When thy art is hate
I've given it all I can take
It's Undeniable
When my Heart is fake
I've given it all I can break
It's unreliable

An affinity for the Hurt create new Death
And a love for the pain 'til your final breath and what Lies
Behind The lines somewhere in some other time
Behind the Veil obscured by my vision of hell

Dead in the sand proverbs for peasants
To bow on command an all-seeing presence

When thy art is hate
I've given it all I can take
It's Undeniable
When my Heart is fake
I've given it all I can break
It's unreliable

An affinity for the Hurt create new Death
And a love for the pain 'til your final breath and what Lies
Behind The lines somewhere in some other time
Behind the Veil obscured by my vision of hell

For every Dead God who worships the living
And every lost Soul starving submission for all
Behind The lines somewhere in some other time
Behind the Veil obscured by my vision of hell
Obscured by my vision of hell
Obscured by my vision of hell
For every Dead God who worships the living
And every lost Soul starving submission for all

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Darkest Hour Wasteland Comments
  1. Norbert Janz

    Those Ls are anoying

  2. Ishaboy

    Such an underrated song... needs more love and HEADBANGIIIIING

  3. Mr420QuIcKsCoPs

    I fucking love how similar this and Miss May I are it's amazing

  4. Deth Meddl

    the new album is so much better. this production here doesnt fit DH

  5. Chad M

    This is good, but Darkest Hour is better with the old sound, and the new album Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora proves it

  6. Captain Gnarly Davidson

    \m/ \m/

  7. Ernx

    Love the voice at "When thy art is hate..." ♪♫

  8. Jari The Sauna Lover

    i really like the groove in this one.

  9. Roberto Amores

    that solo has a lot of influence of Mr Dime

    Luis Rodas

    Walk sound lml

  10. qokolladaqikita

    wish there was an instrumental of the song somewhere, I would listen to it all day...

  11. Grant Donaldson

    pretty decent

  12. Keenan Foley

    If you don't love darkest hour than you're a shit head. Go see them live.


    +Keenan Foley Seen them live twice, I can't deny that at all.

  13. Ekin Berkay Gün

    I love the way he pronounces "all" and "fall" when he is screaming

  14. justin workman

    stop arguing about sub-genres and fuckin bang your head


    Rock on brother! \m/

    Boxy Photography

    Amen to that.



  15. captain carnage

    Another fav haha

  16. swordsmanGFX

    That album kickass!

  17. VirulentGull645

    Quite easily one of their best songs ever released. 

  18. expendable0youth

    this is fucking gay


    catchy but

  19. JDL Cover

    The solo remember me to Dimmebag Darrel :')

  20. daren79

    I like this band. I really do, but I can’t get used to the way John pronounces certain words.. like at 0:36 the words “soul” and “all”. The way he lands the L sound sounds like Cartman.

  21. The Shaman of Many Chins

    I love the people that dont like this album because it sings, god some people are retarded. Just because it doesnt scream all the time doesnt mean its bad you fucking children.

    Jonathan Savoy

    Man I tottaly agree with that!

  22. Thebulletscreamostar

    absolutely love this song, has some mega riffs and a proper infectious groove ;)

  23. freddo101

    The album is awesome....This song however, horrible

  24. Toni Tekić

    sumerian records wot

  25. brianlynchmsb

    I like every Darkest Hour album, and I will buy this one too, but yes, Undoing Ruin, and Deliver us are the master pieces of their career. 

  26. lemonlimelukey

    garbage lyrics

  27. Evenlyn Winchester

    Behind the lines somewhere in some other time behind the veil obscured by my vision of hell-love how conceptual this song is

  28. Evan Mc.

    I like the rhyming scheme.

  29. Frances Payne

    This guy has been re-incarnated to have a voice that sounds like that.

  30. Tatsumi

    I think this song fuckin rocks

  31. Eric

    His screams have always been so fucking badass!! Love darkest hour!

  32. Danya Walker

    да что за хрень вы снимаете -____-'

  33. Alatoth

    The album is fucking amazing. Try working out to this, and you will have biceps like Arnolds's thighs

  34. Daniel Valenzuela

    Well this is waaay different than I expected. Not the Darkest Hour I'm accustomed to, maybe a few more listens to this album will make me enjoy it more.

  35. KowalDW

    o.O you need a hals or a mentos after trying to scream like that ;V

  36. RedEye

    I love this song, this album is just fucking amazing! Wasteland and Futurist are my favs :D

  37. Ryan Smith

    Best Metal Core Album of 2014 by Far.  Darkest Hour fucking rips it in this song

  38. SkullObsessed69

    I'm so sick of going through YouTube comments, you're all fucking retarded! This band is melodeath metal with an already booming career before they signed with Sumerian. They have NOTHING to do with djent, falling in reverse, or your sickening obsession to be scene. And for old school darkest hour fans who hate this album, you're entitled to your opinion but good god this album is godly ... God I hate you all ...

  39. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    I expected something bit different from DH but i settle with this =)

  40. Chrisian Cervantes

    Bring Norris back! DH is so generic now.

  41. End Of Silence Band

    Hey anyone tha'ts a fan of darkest hour, august burns red, carnifex, or born of osiris please check out my music!

  42. tricksonafixed

    I must say I think the lyrics are well written, and structured. But I don't like the way John is doing the vocals. I don't really get why they decided to write the new album having this mainstream vibe to it. It doesn't make much sense considering how these guys have always had their own style. They have always been good at adapting their music to something fresh. 'Deliver Us' is a great example. I don't consider that album to be mainstream, but it was something that would seem to make people interested in listening to the older albums, and continue to follow Darkest Hour's music AKA becoming a fan! Because it had it's softness, but also that intuition for the "already fans" that know Darkest Hour. I really was expecting something better from these guys. I am still a loyal fan, and I am not cutting them down. But these guys are a lot, lot, lot better than to follow the heard. Because in my eye's they are leading the pack already. It's almost been 20 years of the bands existence.


    P.S. just because some of these newer bands can sell more units, than Darkest Hour. Doesn't mean they are better than Darkest Hour. Most of these current "Top Metal Bands" are going with the flow, and with whatever sells. It isn't creative, and it isn't true passion for music. It's simply kids writing music, for kids that just currently wanna listen to heavy music, and girly singing!!!

  43. toddegoldberg

    sounds better than the eternal return...they lost me on that album...this actually sounds like theyve grown as a band...well i guess 2 new members would do that...

  44. MetalMoshin Bert

    Djent IS a subgenre! Where have some of you been? It's not just a guitar tone - the song structures incorporate syncopated riffs, polyrhythms and polymeters. Listen to djent bands and you can hear that the songwriting and approach to rhythm is what makes it djent. Educate yourselves. A low-tuned guitar just chugging is not djent.

  45. Ricky Petiluna

    Not djent just tuned low.. remember that song LOW on undoing ruin? same concept just with a diff sound and riffing

  46. D C

    Lonestar is impressive from a technical aspect, but Kris was much better musically. It's the EXACT same scenario with Black Dahlia Murder, both bands upgraded technically but downgraded musically at basically the same time. DH's last great album was Deliver Us, which came out around the time of BDM's Nocturnal. After that, both of their sounds changed drastically....Technique and knowledge of Music Theory do not guarantee a better musician. The new shit is not my cup of tea, but different strokes for different folks. Still wish them success.

  47. Pickled20's

    The government constantly lies to us about their wrong-doing i.e. creating new diseases, bombing other countries; so we the people would have a much better view looking at hell where at least we knew what it was, but our view of hell is being obscured by our own horrible reality

  48. CallMeFrost

    fuck you all, they are musicians, they try new styles when they want, it's sad when i read comments saying "this ruins the whole album" or similar, musically i find it great, if you want to wallow in your own pit of sadness, don't take it out on these guys who continue to bring music to others 

  49. Thatkevinguy

    am I the only one that really likes this ;-;
    I know it's way softer then before but still I really like it

  50. Fez

    So good

  51. Fez

    So good

  52. Mike

    Welp. This was disappointing.


    Absolute trash. This is NOT darkest hour

  54. osbourneagain2

    These men speak with open eyes....wow

  55. Vinny Francioso

    this isnt darkest hour. soul of a savior mother fuckers

  56. xartius

    really good stuff!

  57. Phil Ferrari

    Dimebag all over the place!
    Fuck yes!

  58. shadybrain3424

    some of that solo sounds almost completely like it was taken from cowboys from hell. im sure its either an ode or probably just unintentional.

  59. jonathan ponce

    Love it.keep.it.up.darkest.hour fan since the 90s true.fan.here

  60. Bryan Simpson

    Why are you putting so much emphasis on the L?

  61. Manuel Rivarola

    Es una poronga lo nuevo

  62. angryarnold321

    Do these guys believe in God or are they anti religious?

  63. Troy Sinclair

    This is pretty dam good but I hope the rest of the album is more riffy like their previous material. Their guitar work has always been my favorite thing about them!!

  64. Not Asmo

    No ome cares if they changed vocal stylings, guitar stylings or anything. As long as the music is still good, no one cares. Pull your heads out of your asses

  65. Virgile BERENGER

    So much people have no idea what they're missing by not knowing Darkest Hour. One of the greatest band!

  66. PacoTaco

    Oh Fuck.... I'm so scared for this new album...

  67. Tony Tirade

    i have been a massive fan of darkest since the hidden hands of a sadist nation album and in my opinion this song kicks fucking ass its powerful riffs and groove make you fucking head bang..... they are going to have awesome solos on this album as we just heard but you don't need to show of with melodic,fast drums or bass or whatever.... these guys have really stepped up and improved so fucking much also musically hearing a change from the band is awesome and i cant wait to hear this new album so just enjoy and listen :) 


    Yep. I fuckin love this album. Fantastic shit in my opinion

  68. Kyle Kowalski

    @havoren no. I really hope your not serious. But if you are, you left that comment on the wrong video buddy.

  69. Tommy Wertz

    This is definitely the most "un-Darkest Hour" (if that makes sense) song but I'm sure the album itself will be just as great, if not better, than what they did on The Human Romance And!! Think about this.. this was not the song that they've been teasing on Youtube or live. I trust these guys to give us a solid album :-)

  70. Jak W

    Fuck yeah, have been waiting for more clean(ish) vocals from DH since Deliver Us, The Human Romance was great but way more excited for the new album after hearing this \m/

  71. Armando Fernandez

    So I haven't heard them since undoing ruin and this is what they have become? Smh.

  72. AwesomemusicMaan

    The more I listen to this song, the better it gets

  73. shadow14777

    This song sounds like typical metalcore song now. Hope whole album wont be like this, older songs were much better

  74. Calaabo

    Definitely wasnt expecting this from darkest hour

  75. kildude1190

    when i heard this i literally went to go check if the band went through member changes i may not have heard of. thats how much it sounds like not darkest hour to me. loved everything up to and including the human romance. not diggin this

  76. Peter Koepp

    John Henry is god

  77. Jonas Perez

    dat dimebag-esque solo

  78. maryem513

    dayum this is a kick ass track ,i have only heard a few songs by this band but i'am gonna have to invest some time in listening to all their music ,10/10 imo \m/

  79. Juan Carlos


    Groovy,powerful with a touch of gayness that I like

  80. Eveolution

    dear god people... in music... some one is always going to copy/steal/barrow... its how the music industry is... its still good music... you can point to any song and then point right to another that sounds just like it. darkest hour still kicks major ASS


    ps... rock on darkest hour.


    i agree with you a wiseman once said it like this . there is no such thing as true 100% originality, all ideas have to come from some kind of influence and be developed from there into something new.
    There's only whether you know where the influence has come from or not which effects how 'original' you perceive something as. Quote Liamengl

  81. Mike Wazniac

    Holy fuck, they stepped it up

  82. Blake Webb

    I can already see the fist pumping in the crowd for when they play this live, great groove! These guys freaking rip on solos it's awesome. Looking forward to this album, their one before this was REALLY good. It's called The Human Romance, check it out if you haven't heard it

  83. Gelo

    This is the darkest hour I used to jam to. about time they got their mojo back.

  84. richard kulba

    Just because they're either playing on 8 strings, or low tuned 7 or 6 string guitar does not make it djent

  85. Dylan6611

    A new side of Darkest Hour and it's fucking sick! Cannot wait to see what the rest of the album brings holy shit!

  86. Adam Wiley

    its okay i hope the rest off the album is a little more riffy 

  87. Cody Butler

    i love darkest hour, but did anyone else hear the "cowboys from hell" copy and paste?

  88. xxMisterJxx

    This is really fucking good!

  89. StalkinUr Buds

    i'd love to find the cute little metal head who showed me this band at our local Indi shop in Salt Lake City. She gave me her reserved copy of Undoing Ruin. to you, from me, "Thanks for the meeting in space and time, for you will be on my mind. forever in a day always raining on my parade."

  90. M. Amphet

    Its a shame that they're selling out. Another band ruined by Sumerian

  91. Capitalem

    I love the vocal tones. Much more balls than in previous albums. Undoin Ruin and Sadist nation are still my favs but i'm stoked to hear the rest of the tracks. I love Darkest hour.

  92. yoletsgetpizza

    forget the "its djent" or its "groove" or its yada yada yada

    Some Kind of Master

    It's rare because it's one of the few (if not the only) *metal* band on Sumerian

  93. Ryzrr

    quit with your fucking Djent comments

  94. Luan Morais

    Its too repetitive. And i love all of their other albums. Lets just wait untill we can hear the full album.

  95. BikFlofer

    At first I was kinda like "Meh" but the more I listen to it, the more I like it :D

  96. Daniel Bergonzoni

    Awesome song from and awesome band. I just picked up a used copy of "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation" from Hastings the other day for a dollar lol.

    If there are any metalcore fans out there that are down to hear some new tunes I have an EP called "Memoirs" on YouTube Full Stream :-) Anyone care to take a listen? Any time would be greatly appreciated.

  97. Dan Wojcinski

    Idk why everyone says no cleans Deliver us was full of cleans "Demons", "Tunguska", " A Paradox of Flies"

  98. Michael Hinks

    It's cool, little different but has the trademark DH sound as always!

  99. Nicholas Whitmire

    I don't think this is all that bad,  but the lyrics are pretty terrible.   C- for sure.  Sumerian is turning into RoadRunner.