Darkest Hour - Love As A Weapon Lyrics

And with the presence of power
Comes the rebellion of innocence
We're in this all for each other
Lifetime reversal in decline

Commencing countdown the time has come
Battle lines are drawn
Commit the ashes back to the earth
Lifetime no decline or falling back to the end of the line

You've known the secret all along
Never stayed where you belong
A battleground that you adore
A heavy heart in a savage world

This is a war with love as a weapon
When all that you've lived for is gone
Heavily armed stay ready for anything
I don't believe the innocent night or day

I'm at the mercy of all i say

I don't give anything away
I don't give anything away

You've known the secret all along
Never stayed where you belong
A battleground that you adore
A heavy heart in a savage world

And it's a savage world
One that I've never known
Out of the safety of your home

This is a war with love as a weapon
When all that you've lived for is gone
Heavily armed stay ready for anything
I don't believe the innocent night or day

I'm at the mercy of all I say

I don't give anything away
I don't give anything away

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Darkest Hour Love As A Weapon Comments
  1. Michael Collins

    wow... the vocals on their new album sound like Arch enemy

  2. Alison K

    This song rocks fuck

  3. David Ahmad

    Mantap 😊

  4. Iago Saymon

    Huehuehuehue brbrbrbr

  5. Bot Desertor

    Alberto Mayol

  6. Riku Clad

    Why isn't this album on Spotify though :/

  7. Cecilia Aguilar

    2019 La sigo escuchando desde el comienzo.

  8. Sammy Evans

    Darkest hour is so under rated

  9. Mikey christiano

    Drummers jamming while everyone else is being depressed 😆

  10. TheyLiveGlasses

    SUCH an underrated band. Their songwriting, compositions, lyrics, playing, melodies and everything are just next level. Their albums have aged way better than a lot of metal/hardcore bands too. Greatness.

  11. Tori Charley

    Listening to at work 🤭

  12. Death Grinder

    Hartes Video, guter Song

  13. Helena Weber

    John 😍😍😍

  14. 蒼海亀

    動物対決!意外な結末(Animal showdown! Unexpected ending)

  15. Maria Cristina Santos

    todd and the book of pure Evil final

  16. Cynthia LMC

    Love this video

  17. Alex McLachlan

    Can't find this on spotify. What album is it off of?

    Kenneth Lamb

    The Human Romance

  18. Basti Scherzer

    Dem Parabelritter sei Dank bin ich hier rauf gestoßen

  19. Hamza Deniz

    i cant find it in spotify gotta be added!!!

  20. Briseida Resendiz

    It's 2019 and this song is still sick af 👹 It doesn't get old

  21. Jaymond Meier

    2019 and still bringing back memories

    Me too. I love this band so much

    michael hinchman

    Darkest hour is awesome bro

  22. ダラえもん


  23. Tom

    I want that song to be on Spotify so bad...

  24. Adrenaline Crew

    Using old stock footage for bands is so ridiculously lazy, love DH but they need to fire the guy who made that

  25. Mr.Freshhaltfolie

    Thank u again for the nice conversation and the Signature LP
    Keep On Rocking
    Greets from Red Devil Tattoo

  26. Shiplays

    This is the best playlist on YouTube ever thanks

  27. Lugso

    Almost 9 years later and i still get a hard on.

  28. VitorGokivis

    Anyone 2018? This music is so good

  29. Freddy -

    Best video ever

  30. Killer Kane

    Such an amazing and underrated band, snd for those of you who say they are utter trash, well I won't say anything because that's their personal opinion

  31. Samuel Galdieri

    Cool video, it’s a fucked up world sprinkled with beauty

  32. Kyle B

    If you listen to all their albums in order, it plays out like a stor y, or memoir. I used to try to do it with my 5 disc CD player, but I can do it in it's entirety now! Keep it up guys! You are loved from the beginning!

  33. Lucas_Orochy

    Nostálgico hehehe

  34. Jesse Egan


  35. Mantarochen

    Harry Potter evolved

  36. Gone With The Wind


  37. Wolfheart 89

    I don't give anything away 😭🤘

  38. ir.akuna Akuna

    Я их песни душою слушаю, так успокаивают мою душу. Да по больше таких шедевров!

  39. SpilledBeans Records

    this vocalist is insane! amazing

  40. Hello

    Wondering if this is still monetized.
    I would be amazed if it was (just due to the footage mind you, I love this band)

  41. Samuel Galdieri

    Prolly the coolest vid there is, but tbh DH haven’t been the same since Norris left...you all know it’s true

  42. Barış Deniz

    Why I can't find this song in Spotify?

  43. Isaías Sosa

    This makes me chill...

  44. Cody Waggoner

    Gott damn! The intro to this was absolutely amazing, as is the rest of the guitar work throughout. When the vocals hit, it definitely clashed, but this is just so damned amazing. For the first song for me to hear from these guys, it’s awesome, and I am now going to spend a few hours listening to them! 🤘🤘

  45. Christopher Housen

    it doesn't get any more hardcore than this

  46. emanuel zatko

    El cantante es una porqueria.. el resto de la musica me encanta

  47. Luis Ruiz

    OMG! that was in my country venezuela 2:45

  48. Eddie Allen Pinto

    why this music isn't in spotify?

  49. Toms Alcore


  50. Solace Creat

    They should really put a warning label on this video. Some extremely graphic violence in there. It really makes the point, but gawdamn. A helluva lot more explicit than explicit. Not a particularly fun experience for someone with PTSD. And, ya know, I hate all the "triggered" PC bullshit, but, just sayin'. That's some extremely graphic shit.
    I really don't appreciate the nightmares and likely flashbacks that's going to net me the next couple days. I can handle it, just would have been nice to know what was coming without having to see extremely graphic murders of real people.

  51. Cowan Miller

    At least half of these views are from me


    I beg to differ

  52. R G

    Kinda generic..

  53. Midgard Land

    You guys fucking suck

  54. strifenineteen

    Todd and the book of pure evil brought me here

  55. 太郎コケコッコー


  56. Svetlin Sofiev

    the vocalist could've bean better but oh well

  57. ww w

    what happened to the band every song I finds is from 5 years ago

  58. Sammy Evans

    One of the best live bands I've ever seen

  59. Killer Kane

    Believe it or not I know the singer to this band

  60. WIlliam Sherman

    I've been listening to these guys since 2009 and I LOVE their music. Its very refreshing in this day and age to hear a REAL metal band. Love these dudes!!

  61. Rudolf Lehmann

    this video clip includes many lovely and cute scenes.. <3

  62. entrando dalla finestra ci sto

    amazing song! LOVE IT!

  63. Jonathan Hartwell

    I love it that song

  64. Sabine Kantner

    John ❤

  65. TheRhalf

    This is generic and boring as fuck

  66. Chris Bizaillon

    2017... Still Kills

  67. King Of The North

    Thumbs up if watching in 2017

  68. nehoray genis

    Thumbs up if your listening in 2017 :3

  69. Dylan Hitsman

    ha they used some clips from the hills have eyes

  70. andrei david matiut

    singer looks like ty segall

  71. Matt Haefy

    This song deserves more views

  72. Todd Michael

    Hell yeah

  73. Innervate Official

    Good song! Also check out my band Innervate guys, cheers!

  74. Chessuav Mool

    Still fucking epic!

  75. Sheila Pontes

    Boa música 😎✌🎶🎶

  76. Elliot Smith

    Kick ass band

  77. Joe Core

    Thumbs up if you still listening in 2017

  78. Aaron Grangaard

    how bout 2017 n every year after til my last breath

  79. Pete Lehner

    2017, i still say fuck it

  80. MidWest LizardMan

    a heavy heart in a savaged world

  81. Hugh Jass

    ayyyyyyyyyyy thumbs up if you time traveling back from 2147 because we go time travel in our phones now.

  82. Roger Rabbit

    this reminds me of an old Linkin Park video

    Benji PC

    Roger Rabbit It looks like the What I've done video, and the intro sound alike.

    Roger Rabbit

    @Benji P.C. yea that's what i was thinking

  83. John-Joe Shrab

    All I see in the comments are metal noobs lol

  84. mno789

    Why does the singer shout at me?? My ears work pretty well...

  85. km201025

    f****** great track guys 😃

  86. TheMathMog93

    I find it a mistake, that they didn't bring back the verse riff of 0:49. That riff is the main reason for me returning to this song once in a while. Groovy!


    1:24 for me

  87. Noah Jensen

    This world is a scary fucking place, man...

  88. Buljongmannen

    Just found these guys and I am sooo happy i found them :D

  89. Andrei Gane

    This doesn't sound as a melodic death metal...this is melodic metalcore/deathcore. They sound a bit as Parkway Drive. Love the riffs tho.

    Albert Camus

    nothing of deathcore on this hahaha, but yes, they are melodeath and metalcore, their new single is sick

  90. Ankur Bhattacharya

    this was my first death metal band!

    Jordan Thiel

    not to be a one of those but.. I dont think they are or have ever been death metal, but yeah good band.

    Thomas Hollingsworth

    Jordan Thiel melodic death metal actually. Their recent stuff is more metalcore, thou.

    Chris Grider Jr

    Thomas Hollingsworth Not so. They draw influences from melodeath and thrash but they started as a metallic hardcore and later became melodic metalcore.

  91. Emperor Sidious

    1:52 it's just cloud...the rest of it are horrible human mistakes.

  92. SWFARE

    Nothing like a good set of (o)(o).... lots of beer and this song.

  93. 032 183351

    such hardwork on the vid for just this dumbshit...
    mental note: ' humans continue doing sounds but they're far from doing music.'
    The first comment of the vid saying ' thumbs up if your listening on 2016' with 65 likes just shows the average of retardness here.

  94. Eljina Spoon

    I loved as I lay dying and stumbled upon these guys, hot dayum are they good.

  95. RapierFace NFG

    thumbs up if you time traveling back from 2017 since we finally invented time travel.

    Matergolli CSGO

    nope we didnt

    Sempre Que Você Ler Os Comentarios Eu Estarei Lá

    Ya, we didnt

  96. 0i0l0o

    Can any1 explain me, plz, why Ryan is not in the band anymore? I'v been searching, but no success.

    Décor Liss

    He's with Iron reagan now


    oh, ok. ty m8.