Darkest Hour - Deliver Us Lyrics

This world is dying everyday
Don't let it come between us
Our fate has traveled this far
And now the storm brings us faster to a close
Brimming with pathetic prose

Vacate your stolen hearts
As if nobody's seen us
And empty out your pockets
You needn't bring
Anything where we're going

And to think we created this monster
Crawling in and walking out on us
To think that we craft our own disasters
Falling in and falling out of hope

Don't leave me, I need this
Unleashed and unafraid, us castaways
Calling out release us, propelling towards
Insidious decay at an alarming rate

And to think we created this monster
Crawling in and walking out on us
To think that we craft our own disasters
Falling in and falling out of hope

Don't leave me, give me release
Don't sink down into defeat
Only when you're through fleeing
Can you save yourself deliver us

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Darkest Hour Deliver Us Comments
  1. Kevin Berstler

    Revisiting this. Fuck, I love Darkest Hour!

  2. Disco

    I feel like many DH fans really overlook their other albums, mostly due to nostalgia.I've been listening since Hidden Hands, and Obviously this album is amazing. But I think their newest album is better, from a musicianship perspective.

  3. 호밀이

    4번트랙 좋네 from korea

  4. Sullivan 10241

    These guys where my first metal Concert and I want them back in Germany to see them a second Time!

  5. Jennifer Pearrow

    every few months i come back to this, listening to the album on and off for 12 years. fire in the skie is still the best song ever made

  6. Martin Rampas

    Its wonder about New bands

  7. Justin Loomis

    This album and an ocean between us by AILD the two best albums of 2007


    Dude, yes! Those are my two favorite as well 🤘

    Justin Loomis

    @NMetal25 Hell yeah dude have you heard the new AILD album Shaped by Fire AMAZING. It's a old AILD feel with a new modern flare, it's amazing !


    @Justin Loomis yes! I've been jamming it nonstop since it came out! I love it 🤘

  8. Unpopular Politics

    Who is the artist of this cover art? Same for Kylesa. Who is it?

    Francisco Vidal

    That's John Dyer Baizley, leader of Baroness. You should check them out too, they are amazing

    Unpopular Politics

    @Francisco Vidal I love that band! I mean I just found them a month ago, but I really really like their newer material. I like it better than the first couple albums. I didn't know he was such an artist. Thanks for answering!

  9. Lucas Kon


  10. nicholas eachus

    Seems like people don’t know about darkest hour crazy!

  11. Gray D

    One of the greatest albums ever. Truly a masterpiece from start to finish.

  12. Iron Fossil

    I swear they wrote the clearest, most musical solos on this and Undoing Ruin.

  13. cWalker THPS

    thanks for posting :)

  14. leetb1x

    Still one of my all time favorite albums. So epic...

  15. Bryant Best

    2019 listening to this while I open up at work

  16. Dropdown710 Dropdown710

    I've always thought this would be a sweet tattoo..........even if it had nothing to do with the band

  17. Joostin Kookel

    It's been a couple of years since I listened to this album, and it holds up, it's a great metal album.

  18. Spliffmaster J

    Pure gold. Not a bad song on the album. One of their best.

  19. Ajberb2010

    Undoing Ruin then this. Best 2 metal albums ever!

    James Wheeler

    Undoing ruin is my favorite album of all time. So many epic songs on that album.

  20. John Yazzie

    This band has been trying to wake me up from my slumber. Now i listen with open eyes and see they are a light out of the darkness. Namaste

    Trevor Browning

    A dark light but light nonetheless.

    Erick Lopez

    Bro now that ive done my research and come back to read over his lyrics, seems between this band and mudvanye planted a seed of rebel and the hunger to learn the real truth that song doomsayer man !!!!! I was listening to this back in 8th grade

    John Yazzie

    @Erick Lopez This album is serendipity at its finest in metal form. The emotions, the value, the contrast, the complexity. Its like he is screaming for us the wake and learn of what we are capable of.

  21. David Stanton

    Sickening how underrated this album is. I think many metal guitarists, bassists and drummers alike should takes notes from these guys in overall composition. Shit is solid gold in all corners. I'd kill to see them play this album front to back again. Back when intensity and all creative angles according were packed proper, but not too much.


    very true brother

    Amer Essor

    You said it, dude!

  22. Matthew Hunt

    Still one of my favorite soundtracks of all time!!!!

  23. Theodore P.

    Their best album by far.

  24. Myles Schumaker

    This album on this channel got published on the same day I went to Boot Camp for the Marines haha

  25. BradCynical

    this album is gold. very formative for my guitar playing

  26. danimal

    One of my favorite albums of this genre for sure... some very powerful melodies and riffs.. emotions.

  27. Kris Mrzitelj

    last good one from them.

    B Davis

    have you fuckin heard godless prophets & the migrant flora?! 😐

    Spliffmaster J

    Aw heeeeell no! Godless was fucking excellent. Right up there with HHoSN.

    B Davis

    @Spliffmaster J you damn right ; )

    wilhelm scream

    Godless Prophets is badass, agreed, but Deliver Us and Undoing Ruin are both pretty colossal albums. Different eras, and all good albums on their own.

    John Velez

    The Eternal Return is fucking perfection as well, if not a bit a bit too short.

  28. justin simms

    true light from true darkness

  29. Xavier Rivera

    I'm in high school again

    Dropdown710 Dropdown710

    I was always glad to be involved in hardcore, post-hardcore, emo *when it was real*, metalcore........I saw Poison The Well while they were touring for Opposite of December, with From Autumn to Ashes when they were touring with burnt cds with a homemade printout booklet for Too Bad You're Beautiful, and Codeseven on the Division of Labor tour all together for a whooping 8$

    The Narcopath

    funny, this was definitely Middle-School for me, grade 8 specifically. fuck was i dumb. im 22 years old and i still dont know shit.

    Kitty Marlu

    @The Narcopath how shit came out in like 07 lol shit was after highschool for me n I'm like 30 now

    Kitty Marlu

    @Dropdown710 Dropdown710OoD was there best album by far saw them at warp right bfor you come before you was released still have that shirt somewhere for that album

  30. Control Z

    Whiskey titties

  31. Ramadon Steve

    You're a godsend

  32. NMetal25

    Track List:
    1. Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End) 0:00
    2. Sanctuary 4:33
    3. Demon(s) 6:47
    4. An Ethereal Drain 10:36
    5. A Paradox With Flies 14:33
    6. The Light at the Edge of the World 18:59
    7. Stand and Receive Your Judgement 20:42
    8. Tunguska 23:20
    9. Fire in the Skies 28:53
    10. Full Imperial Collapse 32:12
    11. Deliver Us 34:52