Darkest Hour - Closing On The Day Lyrics

Those haunting consequences
Left the spoiled taste of regret in my mouth
Left to work it out alone
And when you fell asleep
Did you think of me?
This is the closing of the day
And you escaped before I could reach out to you
Those crippled memories all surge inside a lifeless mind
Passing time won't reconcile a sickness with no name
An antidote that won't bring you back
And as you draw your final breath,
Please forgive me I
Will never forget you.

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Darkest Hour Closing On The Day Comments
  1. hagumama

    Why the fuck is this not on Spotify?

  2. K.O. Retro

    Yo this was good!

  3. bob lacy

    Best song

  4. Derek S. Music

    I hate that this was an exclusive track with FYE. It's such a good track that deserves more recognition.

  5. Carlos Jay

    good song .. reminds me of girl I used to know ..

  6. StalkinUr Buds

    Man how the Fuck did I not find this. Fell in love all over again with this song....


    this is the first time I've heard this song, I can't believe I've been obsessed with DH for 5 years and haven't heard this yet


    Maybe because this has a very different sound from the other tracks on the album. It wouldn't fit in, and it's something unlike anything they've done before. I belive it was more like an experiment that didn't really work out so they decided to make it a bonus track instead.

    I really like this, but it's different. 

  7. nic cage

    could u upload this to grooveshark plz!?! thx