Dark Moor - Swan Lake Lyrics

Her soul will be a swan
She feels
The love of nobleman
Forever her soul will be a swan
She feels
The love of nobleman

In swan lake
In swan lake

Tired to ride in the royal hunt
To listen sweet lies that I am wont
I am the prince!
The future king!
Boomed in my head my mother's voice
Take to wife! should be my choice
Oh, cruel fate!
That my soul hate!

To forget all I fled into the woods
Searching preys goods
Then I saw the lake
Lost in the deep forest
And its water chorused
An odd melody

Swans of nice white feather on the dusk
Swam in a dance in harmonious masque
Hunter I am!
My bow was prepared

But her beauty was shown me in the depth
Spouting, silent, from the lake
And her pale look kept a sad poem
Lost in despair
Dragged into the warlock's lair
In the shadows

Like a night tide
Together we cried
Our lips sealed its secrets way
And my doubts died
But when came the dawn
My dream sank covered by dark waters

My princess's tears fall in the moonglade
The lake is afraid
The night shows the spell
Then I can feel my heart run into my chest
Now I know my quest
In the hell of the storm
I'll break her swan-form
So inside the waves
We will find our graves
But the warlock's curse will be broken
The Rothboart's curse will be broken
The Rothbart's curse broken

Our spirits will be free
Will fly
The sky
Over the green lake's trees
Forever our spirits will be free
Will fly
The sky
Over the green lake's trees
Remember us in the stars
Remember us in the stars

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Dark Moor Swan Lake Comments
  1. rocker santos

    una verdadera obra de arte que sentimiento tan profundo le ponen todo el enpeño

  2. Riccardo Viazzo

    An orgasm which will never finish

  3. Inno Dev

    Is this band any good? I hear the classical influences mixed with metal, but it's not really progressive.
    I've been looking for the right mix of metal, prog and classical music.

  4. Ezequiel Miranda


  5. Andana Inggrid Vergilianti

    Now i know where was odette's song coming from during her ulti

  6. TheSorrowLand



    My wrath from January's incident will be godlike

  8. Maha Butt


  9. Lyla AT


  10. Las Sombrías Aventuras de Ana y Criss


  11. Campânula

    Que maravilha!

  12. Galina Barashka

    Congratulations, guys, you touched me! Well done! I am sharing the audio with a friend of mine, who happens to be a ballerina. Hope she'll be as impressed as me.

  13. Jason Lopez

    Sounds like an anime opening 😆

    Crypted Demise or Vaulted Death

    Holy crap it actually does never thought of it like that lol.

  14. Montssar Marnissi

    go check Dies Ires by Dark Moor ♥

  15. Rubemsalin Azevedo

    One day Dark Moor will receive its due recognition by metalians and general public.

  16. Metal In Your Head

    Why is there no sheet music for this?!!!!

  17. Luna Celeste

    Dark Moor has been the most underrated band ever. Their music is just magical and truly artistic, they are one of the greatest bands in metal history, with amazings albums and an incredible instrumentation in every single song but sadly now a days they dont even have a record company to work with, they became an independent band 😢 Why? Why?
    Don't want this band die in oblivion.

  18. Shuvodeep De

    Tchaikovsky in heaven must be feeling proud of you guys :)

  19. G Manowar

    When the auful original gets some serious meaning......

  20. Luciano Santos

    2018 and still a masterpiece

  21. ImberFuscinae


  22. Ryjak

    Wait... her soul will be a swan? What does that mean?

  23. Nara Garcia

    Damn!!! This is a perfect masterpiece, guys!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonder!!! Greetings from Brasil!

  24. Peter Bywater

    Spinal Tap would be proud.

  25. Vladimir Vega

    Is this Pelleck?!!!!! (oh mah gawd it sounds jus lieke him)

    Vladimir Vega

    Okay, .. that was my daughter...

  26. Northern Thunder

    Best shit i ever took

  27. József Berta

    New favourite band, here I come!

  28. кєηωαу

    You fucking kiding me plz plz plz my fucking god this is what i was searching

  29. Karl Philippi

    ¡ los estados sureños son mejores en música de metal sinfónico que Escandinavia e Inglaterra!

  30. Lucy Heartfilia

    Why can’t this be on Spotify? You got every other song on there EXCEPT THIS ONE.

  31. lucyra95

    Poema de canción 😍 <3 Acabo de conocer la banda! Grandiosa interpretación!!! ❤

  32. Whiteparadice

    Magic !!!!!!!!

  33. Desiree Tada

    I cry when I listened it first time, so emotional!

  34. Natti Natti Natramn


  35. Amanda Conn

    Take the guitar away and this is from Barbie and the swan lake..

  36. RadGH

    3:18 I thought my alarm was going off, there's a beeping sound from the right. doubt you can hear it without headphones, but that's weird? don't think that's supposed to be part of the music lol.

  37. Lucas Monteiro

    Essa música é linda demais...
    Me faz lembrar de muitos momentos que passei...

  38. Dark Fox

    what is rothboart's?

  39. Monserrat Nuñez

    I love Tchaikovsky and this song is so MAGNIFIC! Thanks Dark Moor for this present... Awesome!

  40. GreyChan97 otaku channel

    <3 <3 <3

  41. Bethany Elliott

    I feel like this song is how the princes'point of view is in all those Disney movies. just showing up with your lady in a curse already lol I love this song though I can't stop listening to it!!❤

  42. Gilianna Vega

    It's love at first hear 😍😂

  43. Lilithmae1231

    This song is pure perfection.

  44. mahmood eslami

    nice to hear. thanks.

  45. Hime Shan

    The male singer has such a beautiful voice !

    Mohammed M

    Hime Shan
    Alfred in addition to Roy khan are the best vocalists in metal history in my opinion ,their voices are powerful and soothing at the same time.

  46. Georgie

    This is dope

  47. Rosalyn

    Watching rhythmic gymnastics (Rio 2016 Olympics) and China used this song part of their floor routine!

    Albert Balbastre-Morte

    holy shit. Dark Moor's?

    Julian Salinas Rojas

    nop, they put the original....anyway, I can't imagine this version


    Lies, it was Dark Moor's version.

    RJ Realubin

    It was a mix of dark moor's and the original one.

  48. Brian Nickerson

    if you like this check out.....The Rage of Angels by Brian Nickerson...seeking constructive feedback

  49. Brian Nickerson

    so cool....coming from a classically trained Tchaikovsky fiend this is truly phenomenal. The singing and lyrics and truly monumental and could have always been there. Reminds me of Rhapsody's almost equally impressive use and treatment of themes from Dvorak's 9th Symphony


    Which song?


    The Wizard's Last Rhymes


    The lyrics are or are not the original part of the Tchaikovsky´s piece? I wondered, since it matches so perfectly... :)

  50. Luis Romero

    I love this,"Remember us in the stars", cygnus constellation.

    Ulthor Ger

    Excellens !!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Ǫ́ss Devilbound

    Dance or be a bore.

    Great track.

  52. Megrez

    There are now words on this world to describe how awesome is this song.

  53. Violetta Àgnes Szász

    Fantastic. ..

  54. Ana Rivero

    De lo mejor de España!!!

  55. Marli Nóbrega

    The best

  56. MystoganZero

    Goddamn MASTERPIECE.

  57. Deus Carmo

    O lago do Cisne é uma das mais linda melodias jamis escritas. Que outros grupos de pop music adiram à musica erudita e a divulguem. Também eles tem a missão de educar, não só divertir.

  58. Deus Carmo

    linda, linda.

    Karen Quil

    linda linda lindaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  59. Ranting Dyke

    About joffrey and sansa much? Lol I love it though :D

  60. Diana Pereira

    Linda a história dessa canção 🎶


    +Diana Pereira Muito cara

  61. Aylu Ratera

    Hermoso <3

  62. Jose M


    Star Fever

    +Jose Luis Morales , Чайковский

  63. zombiezombie1977

    fucking beautiful :)))

  64. Funtime-Foxy FuntFoxy-Animatronik

    The BEST !!!!!

    Silver Spike

    +Masha Cremenal check out their new album, it is amazing
    its name is Project X

  65. c bones

    Wtf is this shit?

    c bones

    I just couldn't help but say that 'wtf is this shit' comment when I first heard this I was pretty astonished by it, and not in a good way.


    Don't let it get in your head matey, just don't reply ;) you don't like it? it's ok, buut don't call it shit right away most people will get enraged cuz of it. ;)

    c bones

    Yeah I know how people act when you don't like their music. I've had a few ragers myself when people made fun of mine. I guess I was just bein a dink. Just couldn't believe what I was hearing.

    c bones

    Haha gladly.


    So what do you like?

  66. Airon y Angels

    another beutiful song of Dark Moor~

  67. Greta Arilli

    Do you have any other songs to suggest? Something or someone similar to this song.. don't be shy, you can suggest a very long list hahaha this is the first time i heard something like that and i LOVE it

    Dustin Feyder

    Phantom of the opera. Nightwish

    Ryan Marr

    If you like neo-classical power metal, check out the band Galneryus.

    Dustin Feyder

    @Ryan Marr  I have come across them a few times in the past and yeah. they are pretty badass. its to bad I cant get them on my Pandora feed.

    gary hopkins

    Pergamum classical metal


    Everything by Kamelot.

  68. Matthew Charman

    Baron Rothbart made 13 accounts just to vote this down!

  69. Luna urzua

    Me encanta!

  70. Gule Gulic

    Wow, masterpiece!!! \m/

  71. eXhoria

    7:11 <3

    Ivan Gomez

    La mejor parte :,D

    Ivan Urizar

    zla8appPzpzl z,kzapa

  72. Ikkyh Cahill


  73. Downward Alpha


  74. TheJunglehike

    Classical and Metal OMG... I can scream... this is the BEST..!


    classical was metal before metal was, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Greig, Mozart, Vivaldi and surely much more i missed were metal as fuck just without electric instruments

    Rafael Rodriguez

    +cynacus Garrett? Is that you?


    Just so you can find more like this, the genre is called neoclassical metal, and thankfully there’s quite a bit of it.

  75. Leopard Johnson

    anyone know the original classical music from 0:48 to 1:37 ish?

    Kelsey Stone

    It's The dance of the cygnes in act 2.

  76. Virjinia

    I love this version Lake Swan



    Marco Iglesias

    much better than the original!

    Illo Fon

    It can´t be better because it´s a completely different version. You can´t compare power symphonic metal with a piece of classical music, because they are not the same :)

    This piece rocks hard. And Tchaikovsky´s one too. That´s enough simple :)



    Lu Cattsur

    better than Tchaikovsky? HA-HA-HA!

    Esteban López Riquelme

    Tchaikovsky’s music is way more advanced than any power metal song. I like metal, but that’s reality. You need to understand why classical music is so hard to compose to understand that.

  78. SuperZman2011

    Just too good. 

  79. Eddie Kobus

    this is a power metal band and not epic 

  80. Saliem Zaiem

    amazing , 

  81. Maple Sugar

    Yes! Metal and Classical must meet and the result is amazing. I love it!

    Oscar SK

    I can't say it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    classical is metal without distortion

  82. The Pleasant Peasant

    The song would be even more superb if they lowered the volume of instruments so we could actually hear the lyrics without help from text..
    Still love it tho.

  83. Thomas Hodgson

    can a song get more epic then this


    +Thomas Hodgson I love Dark Moor. Rhapsody of fire's "The Wizard's Last Rhymes“ is epic too

  84. Thomas Hodgson

    love this song

  85. Jesper Birch

    I must say, that this on my top 5 for best songs i have ever heard, and i have heard many a metal song i my life.

  86. Thund

    2 fucking trolls voted negative...

  87. trebleqbp

    it is incredible, how they could transform this piece into metal, incredibly talented!!

  88. Moreen Shabo

    I love it:

  89. nameless ka

    muy bueno

  90. Warlocke

    hell halfway thru i was done and was makin a sandwich...then i came back for the other half.

  91. WeArePAO

    damn those lyrics

  92. Edge Ferox

    My ears have been ramshackled and I don't want my money back. What a great tune!

  93. renark Montoya

    my ears cums

  94. StanleyX


  95. TheDeadhead11

    Replay! Replay! Replay! :))
    This song is fucking awesome.