Dark Moor - Philip The Second Lyrics

The empire beyond the seas
When sun does not decease
Glory to my king

Greatest is our land
Honour and glory to my good king
King of both the land and sea
We wish may god save my king

For ever I will the prince
From Uruguay to Philippines
But my sigh of remorse
Just prays god for peace and force
Tears in my eyes never convince
But more defy with weight of sins
To reply to my pain
With more punish once again

But the pride
To decide
My people's fate
Makes me fight
For their right
At any rate
Because Spain is my kingdom

Like a golden dream of greatness
Our olden land will sing
Songs of the glory
Songs of our king
O, Philip the Second
By our lord enthroned

With all power
I can't fall power
It's the hour
Death is around
(The Prince is dead laying in his bed)

Is this, Lord, my reward
(Mourning and pain the king's insane)

My places will be Escorial
Built, in place esoterical
The earth and heaven will be one
Forgetting the loss of my son

(Magia, sueños, son sus dueños, sombras, gritos en sus ritos)

In my nightmares, I see a black dog
Keeper of the hell's door
Coming our from fog
Whispers of the dream of Solomon

(Royas ilamas, negras damas, duelo eterno, cielo, infierno)

The horoscopes foretell
Hanna be my Queen
And from our love spell
An heir's been foreseen

Never dies
The spirit of sacrifice
Of my king who gives
His life so that his dream lives
For his land
He makes what can't understand
No one useless him
God and him

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Dark Moor Philip The Second Comments
  1. molin91

    This is his best álbum.

  2. Nemanja Živojinović

    This is a good band, i forgot about it.

  3. Noblesse

    3:55 (Magia, sueños, son sus dueños, sombras, gritos en sus ritos)
    4:19 (Rojas llamas, negras damas, duelo eterno, cielo, infierno)

  4. Razuberyl

    It is alright to use King and Empire on the same sentence, I mean, instead of King = Kingdom and Emperor = Empire...?


    he was King of Spain and Portugal. that makes him an emperor

  5. Anthony Stargaryen

    Funny to see a song praising Philip the Second. Here in The Netherlands he will always be remembered as a tyrant.


    Also in Spain. he was just an Austriac megalómaniac

  6. alevd14

    Mi canción favorita!!! desearia que la toque en vivo, aunque lamento que nunca va a pasar u.u

    Juan de Dios González Salazar

    esta también es mi favorita de ellos <3


    @Juan de Dios González Salazar es que es muy muy perfecta! Es triste saber que Dark Moor no va a volver a hacer un disco de esta calidad u.u ahora se tiran por el hard rock.

    Juan de Dios González Salazar

    Lo se :c, no digo que no me guste el tipo de musica de ese estilo, cada estilo tiene lo suyo, pero para escuchar algo de ese tipo mejor escuchaba otras bandas que ya lo hacían :/ lloremos juntos xD