Dark Moor - On The Hill Of Dreams Lyrics

In my room
When from the window the night falls
Sweet perfume
That takes my eyes with the dark call
In my mind
The light escapes, the shadows crawls
Just behind
Of the dream's walls

Then my lonely heart
Rides on the wind
And one sigh hits my spirit
When I look the gloom
And see her eyes...

Like a stream
My soul flows
On the Hill of Dreams
With own glow
Silent scream
Darkness's wife
From the Hill of Dreams
Take my life!

Mystic place
Through the night's journey goes my way
Like a trace
Of olden tales that ever stay
So in time
My future could be yesterday
Of the dusk gray

Then my lonely heart
Rides on the wind
And one sigh hits my spirit
When I look the gloom
And see her eyes...

Like a stream
My soul flows
On the Hill of Dreams
With own glow
Silent scream
Darkness's wife
From the Hill of Dreams
Take my life!

Like a stream
My soul flows
On the Hill of Dreams
With own glow
Silent scream
Darkness's wife
From the Hill of Dreams
Take my life!

On the Hill of Dreams
On the Hill of Dreams
On the Hill of Dreams

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Dark Moor On The Hill Of Dreams Comments
  1. monica ferreira

    Amo muito! Vem pro Brasil

  2. monica ferreira

    Amo muito!

  3. IvonneGrimm

    Esta es una de mis canciones favoritas de Dark moor <3
    Gracias por esta canción tan bella

  4. Jorge B. Canchola

    totalment de acuerdo, Dark Moor es una buenisima banda k solo ofrece musica hermosa para apreciar

  5. Bastionnn

    Lmao I can see some freddy mercury in him :D Anyways he aint the most handsome guy in the world... but omg he can sing! And this band rocks! Wish to see them in finland one day ;P

  6. WarGontxu

    La simplicidad de este videoclip es, para mí, un sencillo reflejo de lo que significa Dark Moor.

    Cuando escuchas cada nítido acorde entre la distorsión de sus guitarras, cada golpe de caja que se desvanece tras la rever, cada cola de un crash que rompe el final del compás..Te das cuenta de que realmente estás escuchando algo grande.

    Por eso, en mi opinión, una banda de tal calidad no necesita perderse entre llamativos videoclips, o grandes campañas de marketing..

    Son increíbles, tal como son

  7. Zorrito Amarillo

    Joder! qué buen tema, música y letra, increible

  8. James Roberts

    @DamnedInBlack92 Funny you should say that since Dark moors old singer was a girl. lol!

  9. Raul P.

    Man i wish they sold this shit on itunes i cant find it at all :-(

  10. Roy Khan Is God

    @vivalamiababe Hah... whooooooooaaaaa... me? Nice...

  11. Hizaki_86 Pablo S.

    me encanta esta banda! quiero verlos en Argentina!

  12. Alex Duque

    Phantom of the opera!
    Super banda!

  13. Mia Hannah

    I want to make love with you.
    Roy Khan is.....FUCKING AUHHH-MAZING.
    and his mans voice is...pretttyyyyy damnn close.

  14. Vatian

    @DarthSin666 nice realizing...

  15. Bruno Orsini

    This song clearly seems like Bare Grace Misery by Nightwish -.-

  16. Roy Khan Is God

    Alfred is the Spanish Roy Khan.

  17. Riversofgore

    dark moor is bad ass but i prefer the old dark moor this one is ok. the old dark moor was bad ass and didnt sound so girly sometimes

  18. TheRisingForceMen

    Yes, is a Yamaha Attitude LTDII xD

  19. ivan Sanchez

    estupenda rola on the hill of dream
    on the hill of dream!!!!!
    on the hill of dream

  20. tbonez420

    Incredibly low budget music video haha. Great song of course.

  21. Timosha21

    dark moor brings hope to the Spanish... The country is suffering economic depression. Hang in there.!

  22. Erina Maou

    I freaking love Alfred's style...when you see him you'll think that he is going to scream his brains out and then realise that he has such a melodic voice!!!
    but why did he cut his hair...long hair suit him better...oh well nevertheless i love Dark Moor!!!!

  23. lalometalik

    @DarthSin666 LOL good catch! love their humor hahaha DM RULZ!!!

  24. wamrar

    WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR Dx thats a no no :\ and your long hair was so sexy but no Dx *watches chariot* better ;D xD

  25. Hommy Quintero

    neither the bass player!!!

  26. xxrxx

    the song is too nice, the video is too terrible.

  27. augustonomicon

    por una nota si parece la del fantasma de la opera felicidades Dark Moor mi banda española favorita!

  28. sayd arias

    la verdad es que me gusta muchisimo dark moor y estoy empezando a escucharlo pero tengo una inquietud.....hay alguna voz femenina q se escucha al fondo o es mi idea???ayudenme plis......saludos desde Ecuador =)

  29. Gerard Busquets

    gran calidad de video!

  30. Luciferium Abyssos

    why does this song sound like one of the Nightwish song?

  31. adventum

    also at 1:58 :D

  32. MetalXana


  33. jose angel martinez

    Me gusta esta cancion son muy buenos , un beso rober

  34. vetlerradio

    Great song, They just need a keyboardist !!

  35. hitokiri542

    does anyone know anymore badass spanish metal bands like Dark Moor?

  36. Gathax

    YEAH! Glad they're making more albums! I like the song but I have to say that the style of the video doesn't quite go with it heh heh.

  37. RNB

    I don't like this video at all, but the album is one of the best of 2009 so far.

  38. Khaled Elsahhar

    Love DarkMoor ..... From EGYPT

  39. Angel García

    La mejor banda de power!!, yeah Dark Moor, en hora buena felicitaciones muy buenas las canciones =P!

  40. akmalazizan


  41. babystar82

    Dito y banda por supuesto. ya te lo dije pero me encanta este tema! El video esta echo genial! Pero sigo con lo mio.. Rip ese pelo :'( . XX barbara

  42. KrysKa

    Un temazo sin duda, y un gran disco en general!
    Impresionante la colaboracion de la vocalista de Niobeth!

    Saludos y Mucho Metal!!

  43. eze2021

    la letra de donde la sako T_T
    o q alguien la suba traducida :(

  44. bignasty1982

    me gusta!!!!

  45. Mike Couture

    incredible band; but what's with the George Michael impression? Is this something thats more common in Europe, because I can't see how this would excite the ladies here in the States

  46. garrettaldenashley

    Yes. Please do. Because I know you'll never come to mississippi :( because we suck

  47. powermetal1980

    que lastima que no puedan tener un presupuesto mayor, para que pudieran hacer videos con más medios (ojo, no digo que el video sea malo, pero si pudieran tener más medios sería la leche)

    Muchisima suerte a Dark Moor que llegen lo más lejos posible..

  48. SundownWarrior

    I've heard "The Phantom Of The Opera" so many times and it stays the same untill Dark Moor came and made it to sound very cool... Bands like this guys here show that the classical music can be very inspiring for all the metal music... Pretty odd though. Still - they rock the show!

  49. Todo X Wea

    Great song 5*
    i love dark moor

  50. Bernadett Zsiga

    Best band! :)

  51. garrettaldenashley

    Freakin great! I actually wish they'd do a video for When the Sun is Gone, but this song's great all the same. By the way, nice handle bars Alfred.

  52. Magio03

    Alguin sabe donde puedo conseguir la letra de esta cancion!!??

  53. felixianto

    I Just adore this band. With the album "Autumned" they took the band to highest levels of leading metal bands in the world. Every song is a masterpiece! Thank you guys for wonderful present for the new year!

  54. Robert Vega

    Excelente Video!!!

  55. Triskan

    Dark mooooooor!

  56. IcedDog

    cool song, decent video, good album, great band :)

  57. LutraWintersky

    Una cancion muy hermosa.

  58. Dobleclick



    muy buena banda!!!
    el vocalista ya tiene un estilo mas propio no intenta imitar al antiguo dark moor!!!

    los videos siempre son muy simples creo que pueden hacer algo mejor!!!
    entre mis bandas españolas dark moor esta entre las primeras!!

  60. Metalgod89

    lolz at 3:29

  61. jon last

    nice new song please play in the uk soon

  62. Slavena Mitova

    The new album rocks! And this song is one of my favourite after Swan Lake!

  63. Azrael138

    the video was alright, pretty boring though. this song lacked much of the melody and amazing leads from the stuff off of Tarot, but it was pretty cool. i like the end the best though, where they actually get heavy. also the orchestration seemed to be too overpowering at times, which is a shame cuz they weren't very interesting, but hopefully that was simply due to my computer. i hope the rest of the album is better than this though...

  64. guybrush88