Dark Moor - Life For Revenge Lyrics

Life for revenge!

I have survived for my iron will
And for a reason I just can see
Allthough I feel myself sad and ill
Dark thoughts encourage me to get me free

I need my life
Just for revenge
Its worth is only in the justice it makes
Life to avenge
Life to perform a fake

In the dead shape
I escape
To fulfill my duty
(To) fake my false friends
To their end
Damning my wife's beauty
Changing my name
I proclaim
With a manifesto
That from this time
For good I'm
Count of Montecristo

Life which is doom
Coming out the tomb
Which has been fed
With the obsession bread
It's a rebirth
To fulfill the vengeance before leaving the earth

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Dark Moor Life For Revenge Comments
  1. Lili Mitu

    MTM Season 5: The Last Weapon

    Lili Mitu

    Stop Megatron And Deceptions!

    Lili Mitu

    Steve Save World 💥💥💥✊✊

    Lili Mitu

    Destroy Megatron, Starscream, Bonecrusher, Blackout, Brawl 💥💥

    Lili Mitu

    First Battle
    Autobots Vs Deceptions

  2. Michael Prado

    Con esta canción inició la era de Alfred Romero a las voces 😃

    With this song it began the Alfred Romero's age on vocals 😃

  3. Roy Mertinez

    Great vocals

  4. Ramiro Villalobos


  5. Luciem Dukrow

    Simplemente épica...

  6. Rising Force

    1:01 wooooow that's epic, i feel like it was taken from a piece of my mind.

  7. Darkensses

    Awesome, in my opinion is a great song ;)

  8. Badfish3288

    just cant beat good power metal

  9. SoteriaGothica

    0:50-------Sound epic.......