Daring Lion, The - Won't Ever Let Go Lyrics

Do you think you will swim
That broken heart will let me in
I dont mind if you're not here
As long as you miss me

I've tore the sky into half to see
One star still shines
Loves for me

I've lost my mind
Each days the same
I still hope you miss me

(I won't ever let go)
I'm feeling numb
I need your love
A sign of land
To see a dove

You can laugh
I've had enough
I won't stop fighting

Yell at me
Let me hear you scream
Prove to me
That hearts still beating

Pull me in
Or let me drown

Then just let me breathe

(I won't ever let go)

I see you clear in my mind
Who you were
Innocence divine

How could you hurt me
Look you have to see

I've shook the earth
I been to hell
I've talked to God
Yet tell me how

He said we'd never be together again

I've lived that life of sacrifice
God give me peace
I won't ever let you go again

(I won't ever let go)

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