Darin, Bobby - If I Were A Carpenter Lyrics

If I were a carpenter
And you were a lady
Would you marry me anyway
Would you have my baby?

If a tinker were my trade
Would you still find me
Carrin' the pots I made
Followin' behind me?

Save my love through loneliness
Save my love for sorrow
I'm given you my onliness
Come give your tomorrow!

If I worked my hands in wood
Would you still love me?
Answer me babe, "Yes I would
I'll put you above me!"

If I were a miller
At a mill wheel grinding
Would you miss your color box
And your soft shoe shining?

If I were a carpenter
And you were a lady
Would you marry me anyway
Would you have my baby?
Would you marry anyway?
Would you have my baby?

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Darin, Bobby If I Were A Carpenter Comments
  1. Paul-E G'z

    He's dead in less than a year from this night he made recording history with the greatest version of this classic, and it'd live NO AUTO TUNE

  2. Starkicker

    A masterclass.

  3. Mary Chromiak

    conversation with my dad. how he felt about my mom.

  4. Christopher Bako

    Always creeps a tear out.

  5. Notgiven Notgiven

    If I were a carpenter, and you were a railing, I'd nail you anyway. Hey man, I'm sailing

    Cat Woman


    afr malatesta


  6. Million Mekonnen

    Tony soprano brought me here.And it’s beautiful.

  7. crane nelson

    46 years now since we lost the best there ever was! I consider the best song ever and this version in particular, you almost feel like it will be the last time you see him and it was !

  8. Fred Sanke

    I dig his music, his voice, his phrasing...beautiful!!

  9. Hello There

    What does he say at 17sec ? 'they gave me this lovely tim hortens song' ??????

    lance ball

    Tim Hardin, the name of the composer.

  10. Paul-E G'z

    This might be the greatest male vocal in music history

  11. Tony Magnusson

    The four tops did this song -67

  12. Dr. Willy Van

    Smooth like the silky flower in the mist who knew he was peak blossoming would be gone soon after this forever once every seventy years . like Haley’s. I feel special I’ve seen them both. I grew up in the 70s and saw Haley’s in the early 80s pass us bye. Like Mac the knife.


    Perfection personified.

  14. Little Blue

    He wipes away a tear. His work is always so emotionally honest.

  15. lance ball

    Bobby Darin and Eva Cassidy. The 2 best who were taken from us too soon, through no fault of their own. Something is very wrong with that.

  16. Jackie Mcmeekin

    Bobby sings this with such passion and emotion. This is the best rendition I have ever heard! ☺️👍

  17. roger waggoner

    What an amazing performance!

  18. Capismama

    Occasionally, I come across a treasure like this, and I'm happy that I grew up knowing of this man and his talents. An amazing singer; amazing actor. The world has lost so many real treasures like this man. Proof that we are all growing older and we too shall pass.

    But I'm glad I got to be alive when people/entertainers like this were the norm.

  19. gaguy1967

    he even looks like kevin spacey

  20. Nancy Adcock

    Gorgeous man, beautiful song as only he could sing it...love and miss him so much💕😢

  21. Preacher At Arrakeen

    I remember someone, I think George Carlin, in the late 60's, singing this song with the words: "If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady, if I hit you over the head with a hammer, would you think I were crazy?" I was only a kid, and it was a very dark time in my family, but I remember my mom and I laughing our heads off.

  22. David Scalza

    If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady
    Would you marry me anyway? would you have my baby?
    If a tinker were my trade, would you still find me
    Carrying the pots I made - following behind me?
    Save my love through loneliness - save my love through sorrow
    I give you my only-ness - give me your tomorrow

    If I worked my hands in wood, would you still love me?
    Answer me, babe: "yes I would - I'd put you above me"
    If a miller were my trade, at a mill wheel grinding
    Would you miss your coloured blouse - your soft shoes shining
    Save my love through loneliness - save my love through sorrow
    I give you my only-ness - come give me your tomorrow

    If I were a carpenter, and you were a lady
    Would you marry me anyway? would you have my baby?
    Would you marry me anyway? would you have my baby?

  23. the mountain man

    I'm the grandson of a carpenter n I'm living in the van of a carpenter n I love this song so much

  24. Merson

    God, it was so good. Thank you.

  25. Nancy Adcock

    This blows all other versions of this out of the water. Love you always Bobby💕😢

  26. Arthur Wells


  27. Cat Stevens

    I love this song. I remember it when it was popular on the charts.

  28. Nancy Nash

    I love this man through and through. I can only be lucky to meet and sing with him at the great gig for his soul and mine are the same.

  29. Thomas K

    Such a beautiful song ! Taken away so early 😢 Oh god...why ?

  30. David Jones

    Such a tragic loss. Gone much too soon. We are less for not having him around.

  31. Nancy Adcock

    So beautiful. I had just discovered him not long before he passed😢I feel cheated that I never had the chance to see him live. RIP Bobby, you are still loved by so many💕😘

  32. Woody Chadwick

    I'm pretty old, this song done by anyone is nice.

  33. Nancy Newman

    So great Bobby Darin 😊♥️♥️

  34. Ken Varnold

    Was a big fan of Bobby Darin...gone way too soon...this is just one of his great songs...

  35. David Thompson

    An amazingly talented man.

  36. Andrew Novis

    What an amazing voice.

  37. Marc Poindexter

    I herd tim hardin sing this song its not that good this guy bobby took this song. To a new level just like elvis take other songs and make there own this is how its meant to be sung r.i.p.bobby

  38. Barclay

    So smooth..

  39. papa 726 54

    One of my favorite songs, done beautifully by my FATHER'S favorite singers. He became one of mine, too. What a loss, like so many others!

  40. Abhishek Dev

    He passed away 9 months after this. 😟

  41. Suzie Paris

    Love this

  42. Scott S. diVincenzo

    the voice

  43. Patrick Morgan

    As much as I like Bobby Darin, I will take the Tim Hardin version of this song over the Darin version.

  44. Indiegirl007

    My grandpa sung this song to my grandma in 1968, proposing to her.

    3 years later she was burying him after he attempted to kill her and their two children.

    Romantic ass song, though!

    Janelle Stuckey

    Omg, I am sorry.

  45. Henk Oosterink

    Only 37 years old, how sad.

  46. David Atkinson

    Such a talent taken too soon.

  47. Art Hynes

    Bobby was dead of heart faliure not long after this.....Wow

  48. Patricia Ann Burkett


  49. Gregory Zagata

    Forgiveness is nothing, Because when someone forgives you, Don't make what you did okay, Dose not mean he will be your friend tomorrow.

  50. Art Hynes

    No Thumbs Down On This One....Best Of YOUTUBE!!!

  51. countrygal0831

    I feel like it's wrong to admit liking this song, but I am shouting it from the roof that I LOVE it - well this version specifically. It's so buttery soft and sweet. This man had such a gift.

  52. chris bond

    Seriously among the very top versions of this timeless and very very poignant song, love it ,love it love it.

  53. Liz Tavish

    Oooh he's my dream lover. His voice makes me melt every time I hear it.

  54. Gary Bradley

    I think whichever is the best version depends on your mood. If I'm feeling upbeat, it's the Four tops, if I'm in a quiet mood, it's Robert Plant, romantic, then it's Johnny and June Cash, and if I'm feeling reflective, then Bobby Darin is a clear winner. But we're all different.........no one is right, and no one is wrong.

  55. whitu whitinui

    Just heard 5 versions Bobby Darin's the best Robert Plant next

  56. Golden Boy Productions

    'If I were a carpenter, and you were a douchebag..'

  57. Dave Parker

    best of the best

  58. rheaume rube

    NOBODY BUT ANYBODY DID THIS WONDERFUL SONG LIKE THIS MAN I LOVE THIS VERSION SINCE I FIRST HEARD MR. DARIN DO IT ,Will never be replaced amazing . I can pierce through any thick harden hart !

  59. Rolf Hermann Knafla

    When I heard this song "carpenter" reminds me too Jesus Christ, who was also a carpenter. From this point of listening (view was a fault), I think this was a Christian song...! That does not matter, I like this tune!

  60. MAD N BAD

    RIP BD its my loss that I just discovered you. That actually sums up my life to little to late. See you soon Bobby>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  61. Dy Dy

    I like this live version better than the studio version...
    This one sounds more heartfelt and emotional...
    But still, I still believe he did the best version of this song...
    Guess I really am an old soul...
    As Mr. Darin died 17 years before I was born...

  62. Rarely Satisfied

    That applause at the start really annoyed me. Would have been great if that dumb audience could have left it till the end.

  63. michael george

    correct me if i am wrong but Bobby wrote this song. he sung it during the folk era up on stage BALD as a badger.

  64. Chris Nother

    Is it possible to purchase this version, it's just so perfect?


    Chris Nother yes but it’s gotten expensive lately. DVD called Mack is Back https://www.amazon.com/Bobby-Darin-Mack-Back/dp/1568556888

  65. Walter Palmer

    Answer :(today's woman) "No - no 401K, no pension , you never go anywhere, what's in it for me.

  66. Walter Palmer

    A great a ballad as ever written.

  67. John Rhoads

    Absolutely the best version of this song

  68. Amoss amos

    Real Country Music

  69. David Huerta

    I look at every post people say about him , not one bad thing , people were real back then no bullshit

  70. Lawrence Ahern

    I am a Carpenter For 30 years i Built Houses Great Song

  71. Msmorningsunrise

    I cannot believe that I am lucky enough to hear and see this precious performance


    Msmorningsunrise me too

  72. Train Sail

    This version sends shivers down my spine.

    Nancy Adcock

    He put so much feeling and emotion into this, and you can tell it came naturally. Incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking to listen to. One of his finest performances. I loved him so much. RIP sweet Bobby, you
    were truly one of a kind💕😘

  73. Train Sail

    Goodness! I've just heard this and what a fantastic, musical voice! So beautiful!

  74. tin pan alley 1619 Broadway

    Wow man

  75. Critical Bill

    Tim Hardin (writer), Leon Russell, Robert Plant, Johnny Cash, Four Tops, Bob Seger...the list goes on. But this version stands apart.

  76. Don Howson

    Good singet

  77. Don Howson

    Better singer than comic

  78. Don Howson

    Better singet than a comedian even tho it s live not for me bobby sing not comics

  79. John Neurer

    An unassuming man, where humble nonchalance exudes through his music; gently reminding us of simpler times while mesmerizing...

  80. Animal Language

    Robert Plant did a cover

  81. John A

    Listen up, kids. This is a Master class in how to sing a love song.

  82. John A

    This can make you cry. There was no end to his talent.

  83. #ColeSonMusic #SingerSongwriter

    great song. he reminds me of neil diamond. twins?

  84. Plywoodcar Johnson

    No ladies marry carpenters. In the romantic world of media and showbiz, they do. In reality they throw up.

  85. HortonKansas

    We lost a giant of an entertainer..... Gone way to young way to soon

  86. kevin johnson

    Singers today are silly compared to this guy

    John A

    Where the hell did all the real singers and talent go...

    kevin johnson

    @John A i think it's because we don't take reading and writing seriously in school if you can't talk how can you sing who knows tho

  87. Alex Tripney

    My Dad played this to me 40 years ago and I still listen to this beautiful singer,best version ever.You were taken too soon.God Bless.

  88. hu8allthepies

    I often get into arguments with my dad about who sang this the best. He’s all for The Four Tops version, but I think the pure emotion that Bobby sings with, makes this the best version.

  89. Clay Davis

    If I were a carpenter and you were a douchebag

  90. CBS67

    No autotune required.

  91. Keaton Hunter

    If I were a carpenter, and you were a douchebag

  92. Veronica Hazel

    A good friend sang this song as I walked down the aisle a year ago today

  93. Pierce Bishop PhD

    I am watching Bobby Darin sing If I Were A Carpenter and tears are streaming down my cheek. He was a family friend and when he would visit, we would do cabaret type songs. How sad. To me, a 10 year old boy, he showed me the art of performing and once told me that life was no different. That was sad from an entertainer who made so many happy-including me. He was an excellent entertainer and friend to me, my mother and grandmother and anyone who knew him even just long enough to see him put on a great show

    James McKnight

    Pierce Bishop PhD you should make a video talking about your experiences with him. That would be something I’m sure a lot of us would want to hear more about.

    Blake T

    Lucky you brother.

    Stephen Bruce

    the flute xo i m like moody blues lol thanks love


    He was such an entertainer. You were fortunate to have known him.

    Cat Woman

    Very cool! 👍🏻