Darin, Bobby - Happy Lyrics

Sadness had been close as my next of kin
Then Happy came one day, chased my blues away
My life began when Happy smiled
Sweet, like candy to a child
Stay here and love me just a while
Let sadness see what Happy does
Let Happy be where Sadness was

Happy, that's you
You made my life brand new
Lost as a little lam was I till you came in
My life began when Happy smiled
Sweet, like candy to a child
Stay here and love me just a while
Let sadness see what Happy does
Let Happy be where Sadness was
(Till now)

Where have I been?
What lifetime was I in?
Suspended between time and space
Lonely until Happy came smiling up at me
Sadness had no choice but to flee
I said a prayer so silently
Let Sadness see what Happy does
Let Happy be where Sadness was till now

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Darin, Bobby Happy Comments
  1. Linda Szatkowski

    What a lovely and beautiful song by this fabulous man. This makes me cry because it has so much meaning for me. He is missed.❤🎤

  2. Laurence Gladwell

    Still one of the most underrated singers ever 👍👍

  3. Micaï. Claude.

    Fabulous Bobby Darin ! ++++++

  4. Michael P.


  5. ohwhatelse

    I sometimes wonder if BOBBY would have lived if he had opted to have the heart surgery )before he got so weakened. But, it was doubled beyond prediction. Sad.

  6. Pagaboy

    Michael Jackson's version is way better.

  7. Tony Randazzo

    I wrote a comment 10 months ago but I don't believe I said enough. This song, more than Mack the Knife, put him in a class with Sinatra and Mathis. The emotion, the feeling, the expression on certain notes and phases made the song mean something to anyone listening. It did to me. He had so much more to give. Too bad his life ended so soon.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Tony for the revisit,

  8. Dottie Fortuna

    The Best!! I wish this would happen to me, the words are all I want 💖 Never had a true love 💕😢

  9. Dale Morris

    Wow, I'm in tears! He was so beautiful.

  10. spcb77

    The way Bobby Darin sang Happy made me listen intently to the lyrics.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for tuning in.

  11. Zio63 Paperone

    great, amazing voice and version!!

  12. Reever

    Can really hear the Power in his voice with certain songs. This is one.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for tuning in.

  13. Penny Richardson

    The very best!

  14. spcb77

    One of the best live performance by an artist.

  15. Anestis Chatziapostolou

    Perfect. His live performance is even better than the studio one.

  16. Ron Rossmore

    Flip Wilson's show.

  17. Mingmei Mingmei

    Excellent rendition, excellent arrangement, everything excellent!

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking in with us.

  18. murp h

    A beautiful song sung by a great singer. RIP soulman and thanks

  19. Daniel Johnston

    How come a song called happy, can be this sad? 34 years old and then gone? Say it isn't so! What more this man could have gave us.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Daniel for tuning in.

  20. Tony Randazzo

    This song was sung with so much emotion and feeling. Darin could do it all. The complete entertainer. "Happy" could have been as big a hit as Mack the Knife.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Tony for taking the time to comment.

  21. Bob Adams

    I'm a 70 year old Bobby Darin Fan who so enjoyed watching and listening to him sing. We miss you Bobby

  22. Alexandre Landim


  23. Jocelyn Garvin

    Wow! what a voice just recently for some reason started watching his videos.Amazing ,so sad he died so young.What an entertainer.

  24. Micaï. Claude.

    Fabulous Bobby Darin ++++++

  25. June P Woo

    RIP Mr Darin. I know that you are singing with the angels.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks June for visiting my channel.


    His very best

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Alex for visiting the channel.

  27. teresita bacho

    I am to sad looking on him bobby i dont know why i am so affected on you since i heard you are on you.r. nobody can survived you i hope your happy where ever you are r i p

  28. Tanya Smith


  29. David Lincoln

    My favorite Bobby song and I understand it was his last. Such an amazing talent and showman! Thanks for posting

  30. Hazel Watson

    Love this song - don't know one of his I don't like. Gone too soon Bobby.

  31. Nicii Fern


  32. qpr981


  33. lasnubes93

    His Talent has no ending. It made him immortal

  34. Tina Sweeney

    Perfection... nobody could touch that performance today where has all the good music gone... Bobby at he's best

  35. Debra Tookes-Smith

    This is a beautiful song written by the "great" William (Smokey) Robinson.
    Though it is not better than Smokey's version.
    It is damn sure second to it
    Thanks to Bobby Darin for version.

  36. Alex Oliver


    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Alex for checking in with us.

  37. rodolfo ramirez mauriello

    wonder bobby.

  38. Micaï. Claude.

    Fabulous Bobby Darin.

  39. hategreed1

    He was the MOST DELICIOUS performer. Consumate. This, and Beyond the Sea...and Once Upon a Time...swoon. And many many more. Huge range of talents.
    Loved him then, love him now. Thanks Jan Hammer, for uploading.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for visiting The Hammer Works.


    hategreed1 .. Have you heard him sing I'll Be Your Baby Tonight? Never cared for the song til I heard him sing it! Super great by him....

  40. zills2

    who in the world would give this performance a thumbs down! smh


    They had to be nuts, zills2. WE LOVE YOU BOBBY.

  41. Tony Page

    Michel Legrand is another GIANT!!!

    Jan Hammer

    Indeed and thanks for visiting The Hammer Works.

  42. Tony Page

    Bobby Darin was the BEST!!!  Ran circles around Sammy Davis Jr., talent-wise.  Bobby, passed away on Dec. 20, 1973.  I still miss him and especially his performances.  Jan, thanks for posing this marvelous video!!!!

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Tony. We are trying to please at The Hammer Works.

    Tony Page

    Jan, thanks for posting.  Was a shame that Motown didn't promote "Happy" properly.  However, picked the right ballad as his last.   If people are serious in watching Bobby perform, the following DVD, proves his genius as a multi -talented performer:  Bobby Darin, "Mack Is Back"!!!!  I treasure my copy!!!  Dec. 20th, 1973, was a very sad day for me and the music business!!!!

    ken d

    I was driving a cab on Biscayne Blvd in Fla when I heard the news over the radio, had to pull off the road!

  43. Terri Robison

    Now this is how to sing a beautiful ballad by a talented human being with a true voice!

    Unfortunately in today's music you do not. Is it even music? It seems like today’s pop music consists more of synthesizers and electronic sounds rather than real instruments with actual chords and voices. Everything is done digitally; it’s to the point where we lose the authenticity that we crave from our musicians.

    The most we get from our musicians nowadays is poor diction and closed vowel sounds. It seems the presence of auto tune has allowed people to grow cocky. Becoming famous has become as easy as going on social media and saying you want to be famous. If you can’t sing, you just try to imitate a proper note, and that works for people now.

    The youth today do not possess real talent and it shows. Especially people like myself who KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.....................

  44. Ruben Avila

    It´s a sun, pupil, class, man. The teacher is on the desk. I´m in the toilet. The rose is red, the violet is blue, honey is sweet and so are you.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Ruben. I'll take it you like the piece.

  45. Ruby AC

    omygosh, what a great voice! great rendition! am so touched by his singing :-(

  46. The Prolific Network

    Memories are overwhelming from childhood, simpler times.

  47. José Guilherme Fuks



    Okay. who is cutting an onion in here?


    I have lost count the number of times I have played this song and watched this clip, it still sends chill right up my spine and I find myself in tears.... Bobby made this song his own in his wonderful style that touches deep within your soul.... His powerful voice so clear hits between my ears and I am mesmerised, nothing else maters.... Watching this just now I felt Bobby's voice and eyes touch my soul, he had that effect on me whilst alive, even now that has not changed...... Sad knowing that Bobby was taken far too soon from this life, for we lost a precious and exceptional talent who really showed us how it was done.... Bobby graced this world and shared his God gifted talents for all to enjoy.... His music still thrills today and is just as wonderful as the day he recorded it....
    Thank you Jan Hammer for bring us the best of them all I am ever so grateful, bless you.

    Paul Adams

    What amazes me Edith is that as we know now, he was dying when he did this. What a performance.Simple the greatest.

    ken d

    Bobby had a way of transforming songs and making them his own. To which Mack the Knife, Lazy River and Beyond the Sea would attest. He will always be included in the list of the greatest entertainers who ever lived. Sinatra, Davis Jr., Ted Lewis, Jackie Wilson, et al et al would all welcome him with open arms, and say "Bobby, you are at home with us"!

  50. zills2

    simply THEE best

    Jan Hammer

    +zills2 Thanks for checking out the channel.

  51. Mark Brayman

    the so-called "entertainers" (and i use that term loosely) in today's world couldn't hold a candle to Bobby Darin; they couldn't even shine his shoes.


    Especially not the pervy karaoke ripoff, Kevin Spacey.


    You do have
    a way with words
    i can see your age 😎


    He sang it off key..Let sadness see what happy does..let happy be where sadness waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas.. Michael Jackson is the true singer of any song

    Pamela S.

    +I YAM WHITE Bobby was very ill during the last couple of years of his life and yet still delivered very powerful vocals and performances. MJ was sick in the head and a pedo.


    Off key??? YOu're tone deaf! MJ sucked.

    cherie Davis

    mj wouldn't even make a pimple on Darin s ass.

    Penny Richardson

    I YAM WHITE If this is off key, I would love to be able to sing so 'off key'!

  53. fhwandell

    Jan -- Better yet, thank you for posting this great song.

  54. The Black Knight

    nice voice but it can't handle a candle to Michael Jackson's version

    Jonathan Jackson

    The Black Knight so tell me where Michael Jackson was singing this song in 1972-1973? Bobby Darin could sing anything

  55. fhwandell

    Knowing what a sad life Billie Holliday had, this song has tremendous emotion.  Bobby Darin at his best.

    myeyesinside out

    +fhwandell dam its beautiful

    Jan Hammer

    +sierria64 Thanks for checking out the site.

  56. Paul Adams

    Wonderful. Thanks for posting

  57. William J. Gentsch

    The power of his singing the tender message of the lyrics is underscores a profundity of emotion.

  58. Zero

    This man is a GOD

    Jan Hammer

    @Anita Zenobia Thanks Anita for checking out the site.


    Thanks to you Jan for posting so many great videos of Bobby.

  59. spcb77

    How could he sing so energetically and beautifully with that bad heart? I can't imagine his fatigue after singing this. 

    Jan Hammer

    He was doing what he loved and did it without regard to cost.


    By the way, Jan, I shared this video on my timeline and watched it countless times already. How Bobby sang the lyrics was just so meaningful and beautiful.....the best among all other versions in my opinion.

    Jan Hammer

    @spcb77 It is a wonderful rendition.

  60. John Robertson

    seems like these days he is forgotten

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks John for visiting the site and for sharing your thoughts.

  61. misplacednewyawker

    What a sad song.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out the site.


    Huh? It's a song about HAPPINESS!

  62. mrob75

    By this time, Bobby was the consummate performer....And we lost him way too soon....He had so much more to give.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking in with us and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  63. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1972 (Oct 12th} the musical bio-movie  ‘Lady Sings the Blues' had its world premiere in New York City...
    Diana Ross received an Academy Award 'Best Actress' nomination {winner was Liza Minnelli for 'Cabaret'}...  
    "Good Morning Heartache", sung by Diana Ross, was featured in the film; and three months later on January 7th, 1973 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #98, nine weeks later on March 11th, 1973 it peaked at #34 {for 1 week} and spent 13 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #8 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    One other song from the movie also made the Top 100 chart; Bobby Darin's covered version of "Happy" {the film's love theme} entered the chart on December 31st, 1972 and on its 8th and last week on the Top 100 it peaked at #67...

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out my site and for your comment.

  64. Kelli Byer

    I think I knew "Happy", and I am reminded hearing Mr. Darin sing and watching him perform. I'd love to hug himmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Kelli for visiting my site and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    Kelli Byer

    @Jan Hammer You are very welcome, Jan. I appreciate your posts of Mr. Darin, as well as this one.

  65. teed lassen

    So welldone....

  66. francine sete

    je l'ecoute a nouveau et je suis sous le charme de sa voix et de l'orchestration!!

    Jan Hammer

    Merci pour vising mon site Internet et pour prendre le temps pour partager vos pensées.

  67. francine sete

    merci  pour ces informations cela m'a aidé à comprendre et bravo à Michel Legrand pour la musique !!!

  68. francine sete

    Merci Jan Hammer  , pour cette chanson très émouvante de Bobby Darin , malheureusement je ne maitrise pas tout le texte et je devrais me servir plus souvent de mon dictionnaire !!! merci encore

    Jan Hammer

    Merci de visiter mon site YouTube. Si je suis correct que vous ne comprenez pas la description de cette chanson dans l'anglais je le traduis au français. J'espère que cela aide.

    Bobby Darin chante le thème d'amour, écrit par Smokey Robinson et Michel LeGrand, du film 1972 'Lady Chante le Blues, l'histoire biographique de chanteur dérangé de jazz Billie Holiday. Le film a été nommé pour 5 Prix d'Académie et a présenté une pléthore oif les étoiles en incluant Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams * Richard Pryor. Je ne suis pas certain de la date de cette émission de télévision bien que ce soit sans doute autrefois après 1972.

  69. Susan Cote

    He sings this so beautifully. I could just listen to this song all day! We lost a magnificent entertainer when he passed away.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Susan. Bobby was an incredable talent

    Carol Mahler

    Saw Bobby in Miami when I was a teen....gave a concert at Bayshore Auditorium.  Saw him at the Copa in NY....what a glorious experience.  Loved his voice and his performance was incredible.  What a talent we lost!  This song is a favorite (of many) of mine!  Thanks for posting!

    Jan Hammer

    @Carol Mahler Carol, Thanks for joining us and for sharing your thoughts.

  70. NYVoice

    THE best version of this lost classic.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks NY for checking out my site and sharing your thoughts.


    I keep coming back to this song, it is one very special and favourite song for me.  WOW, AWESOME, TOTALLY BRILLIANT, POWERFUL VOICE !!!!   On seeing this again and again I am reminded that we lost this exceptionally talented man far too early.  Bobby Darin has this powerful voice that just hits you deep within, then hits square between your ears, and can bring you to tears.  In my book there will NEVER be another person that comes anywhere near close to this awesome entertainer / performer's talents.  Bobby could do it all and did it all to perfection, his way, Bobby Darin style…… every performance done to 1,000 percent perfection no matter how Bobby's health was at the time.  Being from old school Bobby always aimed for perfection because to him it was natural and just second nature.  Music and entertaining etched in his blood Bobby lived and breathed to perform giving heart and soul back to others what was granted to him in the first place from God.  How he delivered, WOW !!, also achieving what he set out to do and so much more, his talents were endless.  Thank God Bobby Darin graced this planet in our live time.   What a legacy, what a genius, what a awesome legend.  BOBBY DARIN IS TRUELY ONE OF A KIND.  RIP BOBBY YOU ARE REMEMBERED FOREVER MORE, AND BEYOND.            Thanks Jan Hammer you did great again.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Edith for visiting my site and for your comments.

  72. Jose Sepulveda

    from Jose' "Timo" ........Bobby DID do a great version of this song...BUT.......NOBODY can compare with the phenomenal rendition of the great Johnny Mathis..........Johnny, quite simply put, is the greatest balladeer who ever lived.....

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks Jose for checking in with us and for sharing your thoughts.

  73. Joannakathryn

    I really wanted to have this sung at my wedding, but the church wouldn't allow it. Maybe if we have a 40th anniversary party I'll have it played.

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out my site and for your comment.

  74. Peter Mio


    Jan Hammer

    Nice job Peter.

    Peter Mio

    @Jan Hammer  Thank's Jan.As soon as I heard this tune
    I had the track custom made. I sing this song and has become a mainstay of my show. I too tell the story behind this song and only wish Bobby had more time with this song cause I believe this would have been a huge hit for him....thanks again....Peter Mio

  75. boonestead

    no prob  love bobby darin  my dad used to have his records we weren't allowed to play his records  but we did anyway  I always preferred bobby and melanie

  76. boonestead

    he needed oxygen after his performances at the end  and this was getting to the end for him  this man was a master

    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out my site.

  77. Stan Gunn


    Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out my site and for your comment..

  78. David Ortoleva

    This show aired January 19, 1973 on The Bobby Darin Show. This was his final single released in his lifetime and should've been a monster hit.

    the ranger

    I have the LP...This is one of the best song's on it.  Bobby had great vocal range, and he proves it here.

    Jan Hammer

    @the ranger Thanks for checking out my site and for taking the time to comment.

    Rogério Rangel

    OMG, he died that year in December...

    Nicky Depaola

    VERY moving indeed !!

    J Pathak

    I remember that show and I do have that album. He could everything and with ease. We lost him way too early.

  79. makthnife

    One person is tone deaf~  40 years ago today, BD left us. His music NEVER will. RIP, Bobby.

  80. Jan Hammer

    Thanks rick for checking out my site and for taking the time to comment.

  81. Rick Stevens


  82. Irene Yeates

    I absolutely loved Bobby Darin, and no one sings this song with the passion he does. I always hope he is thinking of Sandra Dee...two beautiful persons whose demons snatched happiness away from them too soon.

  83. Jan Hammer

    Thanks Daryn for visiting my site and for taking the time to comment.

  84. Karen E

    This is a masterpiece. He's put everything in this song, his voice, his expressive face, his incredible eyes, his emotional intensity. God, I love this man.

  85. Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out my site my site and for taking the time to comment.

  86. mcblades1

    Thanks very much for posting this. I was young, but my memory is that Darin had a summer show --he sang this in its entirety on the first episode and then each show would close with a few lines from it; as a wish to the audience "Let happy be where sadness was..."

  87. Jan Hammer

    Thanks Mike for visiting my site and taking the time to comment.

  88. Deacon324

    What a find! Never heard Darin do this. In tears. Bravo.

  89. Andrew . Patrick

    thanks jan im crying happy tears r.i.p bobby

  90. Jan Hammer

    Thanks Tristen for visiting my site and for your comment.

  91. Jan Hammer

    Thanks for checking out the site and for your comment.

  92. Susan Cote

    He sounded like he was feeling the song with his entire body and soul. He was the best of the best.
    Thank you for posting this.

  93. Jan Hammer

    Thanks Giuseppe for visiting my site and for your comment.

  94. GiuseppePascuale928

    Darin was FEELING this song. There will never be another like him. So brilliant, so inspiring.

  95. Jan Hammer

    Thank you for visiting my site and for your comment.

    Christina Taylor

    Thank you Jan Hammer for posting this song, “Happy” . It’s wonderful to see that others enjoy Bobby Darin as much as I always have. I’d never heard Him sing this song and it’s Beautiful . I have had a crush on Him ever since the First time I saw Him perform. I think we were living in a small town called Timber, Oregon . This was in 1956. We had a 1yr.old daughter to keep us entertained and a new T V. Everyday I got to watch American Bandstand . That’s where I first saw Him. “ Mack the Knife” was my very favorite song at that time. Now that I’m 80, I’ve found You Tube ,I Love everything I can watch of Him and His Family. I must say ,that you are the most polite host that I’ve come across. Thank You again.....💜🎶💕💜🎶💕💜😉😘

  96. Velma King

    I "feel" this song.