Dapperton, Gus - Beyond Amends Lyrics

I know those eyes don't attest with
Pure devotion so infested
I only woke to see you've rested and grown to weep
How could you leave me restless and broke

Lay this heavy stone my love
You didn't have to grieve like that
I know, I know, my love
I didn't want to leave like that!

I know those lies show no rest when
Pure evoting falls like a necklace
I only hoped to see you've rested and grown to weep
How could you leave me restless and broke

Lay this heavy stone my love
You didn't have to grieve like that
I know, I know, my love
I didn't want to leave like that!
Lay this heavy stone my love
You didn't have to grieve like that
I know, I know, my love
I didn't want to leave like that!

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Dapperton, Gus Beyond Amends Comments
  1. Raphaëlle

    Can someone give me the chords please ? 🌼

  2. Pearls Face

    I wanna ride on a merry go round while crying to this

  3. Justine Bmn

    oh my god

  4. Carlos Angel Martin Del Campo Alvarez

    Se que un día verás esto Mina, "yo sé, yo sé, mi amor, no quería irme así..."

  5. byakuya awa

    sin duda uno de los mejores artistas que eh escuchado en mi vida

  6. Alfredo Lomeli

    Gus Dapperton and Yellow Days got me through a very rough time.


    Alfredo Lomeli king krule too

    Tyrdiel -

    And Mac DeMarco, Rex Orange County

  7. AndrePogiii _

    I’m like a year late but this song will always be my favorite song from Gus. Soooo underrated

  8. DADAMON 99

    Amo esta canción

  9. Ray Wood

    Damn, I miss them all...

  10. treek williams

    This song makes me sad for a funeral I haven’t been to...

  11. Seon Chae Han

    My friends don’t need me anymore.

  12. Daria Kapit

    perfect song for valentines day

  13. Selmaa

    come in France please I wanna see you singing this golden song

  14. Chlo

    I've never listened t a song thi spowerful, I've never been so effecet by a son, i did not know a song could sound so beautiful and yet so pained at the same time this is true art <3

  15. jessica

    big ouch in my heart

  16. Brianna Macias

    Seeing Gus today in LA and I really hope he sings this song :')

  17. Grabba 386

    One of the only real musicians left. I hear his music in my dreams. I don't want to wake up tomorrow.

  18. Theyungcity23

    Gus has been playing some Undertale

  19. MOMO toar

    i think he wrote this for barbie, but he broke barbie heart too tho :(

  20. Yoboydrew

    Gus to underrated

  21. Xavier's Leong Way From Home

    My favorite Gus Dapperton song

  22. elliot krantz

    am i drunk or did every song kinda change

  23. Josh flores

    This is the most beautiful song i have ever heard in my life

  24. Catherine H

    He was younger, my guilt....

  25. gustavo jsc

    Algum BR com bom gosto?

  26. payker cottrill

    love u gus
    btw i made a slow version of this
    hope you guys like it.

  27. Fatma Mohamed

    I can't stop listening to it.

  28. Bennet Smith

    Try listening to this baked

  29. bee

    this songs instrumental sounds so much like that one song from undertale and I LOVE IT i think it was "his theme" ??? i can't remember but YESSSSSSS


    Bruh I was thinking the same thing, the instrumental sounds very Undertale-esque I thought I was the only one.

  30. Dailey Kailey

    I Stan an angel

  31. John Flatt

    Hey Gus, how long did it take for you to learn the piano?

  32. Chelsea Vea

    Thank you Gus Dapperton for making the one and only amazing masterpiece that gets my 1 y.o. to take his naps ❤

  33. Jade Arrowsmith

    This is so beautiful. I'm swept away :o

  34. Top Ramen

    I put it on half speed so i can listen to it for L O N G E R

  35. somer seth

    gus is way too underrated. his words are poetry and blends in so well with the melody.

  36. Lowbacca

    Here before it blows up

  37. Gabriele Beatrice

    Work of art

  38. Bad habit, snap out of it.

    When I first read it I thought it said “almonds” not amends.

  39. Mihovil Skelin

    sounds like an OST from kingdom new lands

  40. Olivia Fleming


  41. creamcheesechao

    oh my god

  42. Elaura-Marie Thomas

    Masterpiece. I am obsessed

  43. Sanaa Noel

    I make sure to cry to this song every night. number 1 priority honestly

  44. jumbaman

    This song is so beautiful, the piano and his vocals are just heavenly. It makes me wanna cry, it feels like his music really resonates within me and its seriously the most beautiful music I've ever heard. I really hope more people listen to him, I honestly recommend him anytime I can.

  45. Hamish Barrett

    Found this song four days ago, girlfriend broke up with me yesterday. Timing is painful

    peepee muncher

    yeah I'm going through some shit with my gf too. Things will get better man. I hate it when people tell me that but I really believe that things will.

    Dallas Quick

    literally same


    This has been one of my favorites for a while, girl cheated on me at another concert while I was watching Gus live. Timing truly is painful


    @Dallas Quick same too


    same :(

  46. Hyrum Secody


  47. Paola S

    Es tan hermosa esta canción ಥ_ಥ

  48. Lu •V

    Dios mío es que yo lo amo ❤️😍😂

  49. big guy with dog as his profile picture

    One you will be remembered for.

  50. D I R T Y D A N

    This is so beautiful that I cried❤

  51. Akeu

    First 30seconds sounds like Undertale

  52. Existential.mp3

    Huge Gus Fan! I made a music video for this masterpiece.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6if6PQ1bRQ

  53. 이주원

    I like it.

  54. Darki White

    Gus llegó la hora sad 😭

  55. Big Nature

    I wanna cry this shits so breathtaking.

  56. Juan Lopez


  57. Jordan Hines



    Great stuff as usual 💕

  59. Bryan Serrano

    this is gold

  60. T Cates

    The sparks are waiting to ignite

  61. harry peat

    Sick asf puppy

  62. moises carreño

    para que un san valentin si tienes esto que es mejor en una noche .

    Ramón Ángeles Martínez

    ¡Por fin alguien a quien le gusta Gus y habla español! :0

    Eloy Jla

    Gus dapperton es una verga

    Maragrita Gajardo

    Lo mejor


    Tratar de no ensimismarse en esto ante la soledad es imposible.

  63. Aziel Roque

    Gus i have faith you will blow up.

  64. Nat

    This rips right through meeee Gusssss

  65. Ronald Araujo


  66. Ben Haley

    Gus is blowing up man :,)

    Ben Haley

    Back on my bs

  67. nurin q

    I love this song so much this is my favourite track from the ep

    nurin q

    I wonder what really means behind these lyrics,,, :(

  68. Alessandro Hicks

    "Fun for the whole family" 😕

  69. Romy

    How could you leave me restless and broke? t—t <3

  70. Romy

    This is my favourite 💛

  71. saisan


  72. jaz

    i stan legends

  73. As Useless as Dan's Belt

    So beautiful yet so dark.

  74. Sadboi

    I want more

  75. misty aphrodite

    This EP will give Gus' career son many new opportunities in the industry. I can feel it! He's a genius and will never disappoint us

    Amelia Fletcher

    a a was asse


    @Amelia Fletcher are u okay

  76. Papii_666 ‘

    Omg this is so fucking good

  77. Sophia Cueva

    Ohhhhhh unu

  78. Jericho Dionisio

    IM CRYING 😭😭😭 I just want to give hug right now Gus 😭😭😭😭😭

  79. emilio miguel

    Amé está canción, es algo triste, pero pudiste hacernos sentir lo que sentiste :').

  80. Mário Sousa

    Here before 100 million views :D

  81. Lee Daley

    Oof I love this so much

  82. Yan Sebastian

    This is art

  83. Prune Talk funny

    Wow, it’s soooooooooo awesome

  84. okay, gayle


  85. Edwin Garrido Martínez

    Gus 💜

  86. Kelly Kitz


  87. Vectek

    Woah :(

  88. Toaster Waffle

    WHO HURT YOU 😢😢😢

  89. gabriela reimberg

    this is so beautiful