Danzig - Night, BeSodom Lyrics

She brings her sleepless sex
From babylon
She sends her hallowed name
On wings of flame
Don't ever think she's powerless in ways of love
She only craves the things of sin and lust

She lets her blackness fall
Bewitched mane
She steals into all dreams
And clouds all gaze
Don't ever think she's powerless while drawing blood
She only cares for things of sin and lust

We bring thee hollow things
Come bring me love
Come witch initiate
Sway back and forth [?]
Oh take no holiday
From drawing blood
We bring thee offering
Of open veins

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Danzig Night, BeSodom Comments
  1. Jose Antonio Barbosa

    the guitars are very strong and yes Hammer of the gods,

  2. Jeffrey Simpkins

    My book just got published."Being in the Presence of Phonies.(Knowing it and nauseated)Holy shit! you're my hero! I would like a portrait of you ,that I can hang next to the "DUKE" in my mancave.

  3. Reverendo Blizaro

    she brings her sleepless sex
    from babylon
    she sends her hallowed name
    on wings of flames
    dont ever think shes powerless in ways of love
    she only craves the things of sin and lust

    she lets her blackness fall
    bewitched mane
    she steals into all the dreams
    and clouds all gaze
    dont ever think shes powerless while drawing blood
    she only cares for things of sin and lust
    night besodom

  4. Muerto Vag

    Hard to find any other tracks on this album.

    Mark Navarro

    Can't find intro. Fuck

  5. Dion Heckathorn

    ♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪=^-^=☠♎ KC3AGI =^-^= O.C. Rebel♎☠=^-^=♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪

  6. Jared Green

    Ease my fucking soul Daning!

  7. Csaba Ágoston


  8. TheLuciferi13

    Some of Glenn's best shit

  9. Garrison's MadHouse

    1.25 speed, thank me later

    Chris Mann

    aaron garrison wow good call. Reminds me a bit of Hammer of the Gods at this speed

    Dr. Marcelo Augusto Soneghet Pimentel

    Fucking awesome! TKX

    Princess Troll Tower

    Love it

  10. jimmy quick

    great stuff, the whole circle of snakes album is sick! !!!! \m/

  11. Ian Stukenborg

    Did you slow it down slightly? I haven't heard it for awhile, but it sounds lower in pitch and slow as to what I remember.


    Yeah sounds a lil bit pitched

    Joe Mackie

    Ian Stukenborg YouTube seems to sound off slightly from the records, plus whoever uploaded it's quality of copy, I think. Also, changes in mood or listening to a lot of music or playing music can change the way you hear music. But that's just my opinion... That's one reason of many that some many people like so many different styles of music... But, again, just a hypothesis...

  12. PanteraAICtestament

    Dude what?! This shit is bad fuckin ass. How in the hell does this only have 6,000 views? This album owns

  13. Mikey D

    Bad Ass