Danzig - Kiss The Skull Lyrics

Necklace of blood droplets mix with your kiss
Immense oblivion waits upon your lips
Black candle wax dropping down upon your skin

Stark conjures speaks a secret dialect
Shadow and light dance across a naked breast
Rosaries and henna runes hang around your waist

C'mon and kiss the skull

Sweet child of lacerations, hail praise to all thine
Sister of Lucifer coiled by your side
Unearthly delights long forgotten by design

C'mon and kiss the skull

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Danzig Kiss The Skull Comments
  1. Richard Stewart

    The Chorus is totally misfits. that's why its so cool

  2. WizardOfAus

    The beautiful people the beautiful people

  3. ACEshredZ

    the ultimate boomer meme song. he'll yeah borther amen jekyll don't hyde!!

  4. Angel Valle

    The video is dorky but I love the song

  5. Bart Arens

    just love this song and The Misfits and Danzig Hellyeah!!!!!!!!!!!! been a fan for 30 Years

  6. Attila Thehun

    F**k yeah

  7. 1000lifetimes

    You're headbanging aren't you? Yeah you are 🤘😏

  8. Scott Woodham

    This song makes me want to get drunk as fuck

  9. Νίκος Γαλάνης

    this video did not age well

  10. indiglo1971

    Todd Youth 1971-2018

    Jack Deveini

    indiglo1971 This album was killer. RIP Todd.

  11. MaliciousChickenAgenda

    Sigourney Weaver is at it again i see.......

  12. John A

    This is the celebration song after the virgin sacrifice

  13. Estes Clan

    Whoaaa, whooaaa, whoa!- Glenn Danzig songs, 1974 to now

  14. Johnny Woodham

    This song make me want to drink alot of beer

  15. Loss Orderly

    Shit! Did not know this had a vid. Nice!

  16. Kondzio717


  17. randomassname

    Video brings back so many hilarious fun memories. God this is so goofy

  18. Ijon Tichy

    Sram na szatana.

    Michał Nowak

    szatan nie istnieje

  19. Altair Araujo

    i want gloves like his!

  20. 12 34

    @budapestv Danzig 2,3, and 4 were all produced by Rick Rubin. Rick Rubin produced some tremendous albums.

    Remus McLoud

    3 was produced by Glenn

  21. 12 34

    Four Marilyn Manson songs that this sounds like and that I like better than this: The Beautiful People, Rock is Dead, Disposable Teens, and Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag. This track is lacking and the song name sucks. Nothing beats Cantspeak in my book.

    Iain Cowell

    TapesTree Manson is shit

  22. Shawn Wargo

    Damn I love Glenn (musically speaking). This song kick ass every time that I hear it! Its closer to his original Danzig / Samhain work, which were the best of his experiments (IMO).

  23. Shawn Wargo

    The audio is a little faded-out, but that happens when capturing external video (specifically audio input).

    Great Song & Great Video, tho! Thanks for uploading!

    Danzig Rules!

    He's had Up's & Down's (like us all), but you have to respect that he's always trying new stuff..., and will eventually come out on top!