Danzig - I Luciferi Lyrics

Blood drip the veins
Warm down fallen tresses
Blood stains the pale cool parched lungs
Bloody upon the new fallen wisdom
Bloody collision of mindless faiths

I'm on a nine day fall
I Luciferi
I'm only half-way warm
I Luciferi

Blood touch the lips
Flow down hot like whiskey
Moon burning red in place of the sun
Insolent wisdom denied through the aeons
I Luciferi, resistance of one

Moon burning free
A stark cold existence
Slowly rebellious
Cool parched lungs
I Luciferi
Damned to existence
I Luciferi
My blackness unbound

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Danzig I Luciferi Comments
  1. Chris Powers


  2. Minoria Activa

    Great Album! Todd Youth Rip!😪

  3. Christopher Scales

    Dead inside is a song that I know all too well and is my favorite song ever written

  4. Ernie Z

    From Germany with love✌

  5. Milton S


    Milton S

    @Sir Spinsir enjoy this crappy noise you fool ha ha

    Rebellion Lover's.

    Fuck you @milton S

    thirteen souls

    @Milton S shut up bitch

    falling Angel

    Then go listen to you hip hop bullshit pussy

    falling Angel

    Milton s is a punk bitch

  6. Basterd

    Sounds 2 good like all he stands 4 danizg

  7. David Coughlin

    Coldest Sun.  For realz.