Danzig - East Indian Devil (Kali's Song) Lyrics

Free, I'm alive, yeah
All that I am
Know that I've woken
All of my senses

Now I'm half-burning
Flames out my eyes
From my darkness
Close by my side, yeah

And lo' see my cold dance

From my darkness
Culled from my pride, yeah
Down in the blindness
Form latent hides

Dual is my aspect
Cool to the touch
Drink from my warm cup
Life is the blood, yeah

Now I'm alive, yeah
All things I am
In blood I have tasted
All that I am

In love and blood
In love and blood, yeah

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Danzig East Indian Devil (Kali's Song) Comments
  1. Skelcrow Wolfstain

    this is the best danzig album, about instrumental (very heavy and fast) and vocals (his voice remember samhain era) danzig should make more albums like this one, and bring back the guitar player of this album jeff chambers...

  2. MrRichierich

    Ole Gleno kinda lost me on this album going all industrial !! Gotta give him credit thinking about it now though, hard I would assume coming out with new sounding shit year after year so why not try something different fuck it! Still has that dark deep and methodical feel Danzig’s always came with though!!

  3. MrRichierich

    Lol man this song would fuck with you big time if tripping ballz or rolling out!!!😅