Danzig - 1000 Devils Reign Lyrics

1000 devils reign
Up from the western shores
1000 seasons smile
Upon the bleeding horns
Ones that you are
1000 devils reign

1000 devils scream
Into the violent skye
A sea of angels fall
Floods of feathers fly
1000 devils die
And die another night
To let the anger grow
So they can split the skies
Ones that you are
1000 devils reign

1000 futures end
Upon the eastern shores
1000 devils reign
And reign forever more
Ones that you are
1000 devils reign

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Danzig 1000 Devils Reign Comments
  1. G.Phillips

    I once heard that Tommy Victor is banned from flying all together, because he would be too much weight for any air craft due to how metal he is!

  2. Daryl Mcalister

    Bullshit , only 999 devils reigned...

  3. JRK Channel

    Underrated track. I remember coming out from my mamas womb and headbanging to this track. Great memories

  4. john holmes

    cool to here people finding Danzig when they got to high school, same for me back in 1990, yea  !!! back in the day, some of the  best days of my life long before all your Adult problems set in. Still a fan in 2019, going to see MISFITS reunion in Denver!!!

  5. Julien Nizan

    Is this song on any streaming service?

  6. Andrew Hollingshead

    One of Glenn’s best albums.

  7. jacobo salazar jr

    The sticks and skins hold it down so hard

  8. Jeff Hopson

    This album is so hard to find and expensive as hell when you locate it. Thanks for posting this.

    Glenn Rickman

    Its cause it sucks. Glenn's worst, still Glenn though.

  9. Serious Defect

    Beautiful album front to back

  10. Ryan Parkett

    Love this album! 🤘🏼

  11. Manny Valdez

    somebody post "when we were dead"

  12. Vugmus Galstadt

    when you have to listen to music on youtube because the tune isnt available on your streaming service -_-

    Tristan O'Banion

    Fuck streaming! EAT shit and die slow you ball less MAGGOT!!!

  13. Michael Barraza

    I remember buying this album at Best buy.

  14. J N

    He's a great singer/songwriter. I wish people would quit bagging on him for getting old.

    WolfThornn Holtzklau

    If we're lucky, we all get there.

  15. Darkink702 x

    Bad ass album

  16. Hater Inc.

    This is the only good track .. period . Love TommyVictor but don’t care for this album

  17. misfit def

    Danzig shall reign forever more!

  18. Kendo Arasuta

    Great growling evil riff... Perfect for Danzig howling! One of the outstanding classics in this album

  19. AlexanderW

    I love this song. This just fits Danzig so well, it's so simplistic but It its perfect in every way, perfect songwriting.

  20. Steph anis

    Have to say this is one of my favourite albums.

    WolfThornn Holtzklau

    Fuck yeah it's an underrated album.

  21. Mike Stein


  22. 4sunset 2Halloween0

    brings me back to high school

  23. Daniel Junghans

    Great Song

  24. Marcin To masz Budner Drzyzga

    Best Danzig Album!!!

  25. Mark Riano


  26. Geno Porreca

    This album so underated samhain, misfits and early danzig all in one



  28. Jared Green

    Danzig for life!

    She-Rides0 3The-Night

    May the 90's/ my high school years live forever. Man the fucking memories

  29. Matt McGee

    Damn, this takes me back. FIrst heard this on the Metal channel on Music Choice, and I was hooked on Danzig for a while. He and Type O Negative got me through a lot of high school. Such good times!!

  30. TheArchDemon

    I love the guitar tone

    Alan Cuthbertson

    Ya, Tommy Victor kills! Check out Prong, that's Tommy's band...you will love it!

    Dareios soieraD

    60% of this tone is bass


    Anything Tommy Victor touches turns to pure heaviness!

  31. R Toribio

    Reminds me of the last two weeks of rehab.My friend bought this and it made me feel like ripping off my skin.(in a good way)

  32. vlad the inhaler

    Underrated album. I remember getting this my freshman year of high school when it came out and being obsessed with it. Massive guitar tone.


    vlad the inhaler that’s because Tommy Victor of Prong is amazing

    Glenn Rickman

    His worst album, good song.

    WolfThornn Holtzklau

    @Glenn Rickman worst album? You're opinion of course but I find this a stronger output than 6:66 devil's child (which was ALSO fucking badass.)

  33. BLVCKWOLV666

    why is this album so hard to find anywhere online

    Shawn Rickman

    Napalmwolves his worst one. this is the only good song on it.

    Shawn Rickman

    KingLouis V love Glenn, this album sucks even Glenn said it but this song is awesome.

    adam sellers

    Actually this whole album rules


    Shawn Rickman Lol he never said this album sucks

    Sam Martinez

    I agree it is

  34. TheWeirdWolfGirl Drawer

    I'm 11 and I love this music!! But including other bands like overkill mushroom head ACDC death clock and others!

    Dark ButYoung2001

    Full respect

    Roland Deschain

    Try Rose Tattoo instead of ACDC, they're just a pale imitation.


    You got great taste in music kiddo! If you ever want a few more bands to check out and discover I’d love to send you a few!

    Mari Yamina Augdahl Bes Bes

    TheWeirdWolfGirl Drawer Awesome, good luck with your music :)

    I didnt start out until adulthood.

    You rock \m/

    robert ketcherside

    Good choice!! His earliest band was the misfits. Give it a go!!

  35. Matthew Diehm

    Under rated track. I love this album too. reminds me of getting outta high school and feeling free...


    I actually bought this record Labor Day weekend 2004 when I was a high school senior. This record brings back memories and is a great track.

    Dmitri Vlad

    Dude... Class of 2004!
    Nothing like pulling out the sleeve, smelling the newly-printed paper and reading: "Pull anoyher face, rip another hide."

    Andrew Hollingshead

    Matthew Diehm def one of his best and most underrated album.