Danny Worsnop - I Feel Like Shit Lyrics

Well I fell asleep in my jeans again
Sun drilling a hole in my aching head
Can't find the keys to my damn car
And I'm scared to check my credit card
But I made it to my house so it could be worse

I cross my heart, I'll never drink again
Just leave me here to die and blame it on my friends
Time after time I never seem to learn
After fifteen shots of Jameson the morning always hurts
I feel like shit

I was only going out for one
Then you showed up and it all went wrong
And we got to talking, they got to pouring
And we shut her down at three in the morning
Save the stories, I don't wanna know

I cross my heart, I'll never drink again
Just leave me here to die and blame it on my friends
Time after time I keep on coming back
There's a train inside my cranium and it's running off the tracks
I feel like shit

Oh no
I see your name as my phone starts to ring
Oh whoa
It's happy hour at Margaritaville
I know I said I wouldn't but just for one I will

I cross my heart, ain't staying out for long
Go on, make mine a double, feels like I'm living in a song
My oh my, tequila and a lime
I swear I've read this book before a few too many times
And I'm feeling pretty good right now but I know come morning time
I'll feel like shit
Like shit

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Danny Worsnop I Feel Like Shit Comments
  1. Aspen Smith

    Listening to this as I'm throwing up.

    Matthew Masternak

    Me too. Only I'm in a tub.

  2. Matheus Fernandes

    He votes on Trump. I. Guess.

  3. Shashank Tripathi

    love it

  4. Sam B

    This just shows dannys talant... Bloody grouse!! inspiring.

  5. YouGotDsnopd

    best hungover song ever

  6. Rachel Todd

    Co ty brałeś hipsterze

  7. Stitch Snow

    I relate to this song so heavily today *blegh*

    Aspen Smith


  8. It’s strange they fear Death

    where the fuck did country come from? om not going to lie...i kind of like it actually

  9. Joseph Searson

    He was once, possibly, maybe, perhaps a cowboy king.

  10. Captain Heff Productions

    Danny I am obssessed with your music but i gotta say this sounds like Denis Leary

  11. emiya shiirou

    fuck i want more music like that and dont over drink it i love those tracks any one knows more tracks or music like this

  12. emiya shiirou

    i want to know more about this kind of music i love it who can give me links like this style of music

    Georgia Music

    Lol It's called Country

  13. I stuck a whole Bag of jelly beans up my ass

    I absolutely love this totally different vibe

  14. 19bluedragon1

    this is such a huge difference from Asking Alexandria, holy fuck, but honestly I kinda like it.

  15. Teemu Reijonen

    I feel like shit too. I don't want to say this is shit, but but but.. Danny, where the duck are you?

  16. Tyler Colegrove

    best song on the album

  17. Leo Fernández

    god blees america

  18. Anto Lo Scarso a COD


  19. lautabsc

    One of my favourites haha love it!

  20. Ian Collins

    I think this is the best song on the album

  21. MrSpiderwebber

    Good one earache 😉

  22. DoomKvlts

    Earache has really lost its way

  23. Kyle Balnius

    this reminds me of Corey Taylor - [email protected]$ for some reason

    Lukáš Volčík

    Yeah, I totaly love it!!! I need more songs like this with elegance of "I got bones" <3

  24. Aron

    Love the song haha