Danny Worsnop - Ain't Feeling Sorry Lyrics

I know I'm the only one to blame
I locked myself out in the pouring rain
I beat myself up and I knock myself down
'Cause you can't be lost if you don't wanna be found

No, I don't feel sorry for myself
It's all my fault, can't you tell
That I don't feel sorry for myself

I'm hard headed, I'm set in my ways
I don't need help I don't need your savior
I'm only happy when I got a foot in the grave
Call it an excuse for my bad behavior

'Cause I don't feel sorry for myself
It's all my fault, can't you tell
That I don't feel sorry for myself

I'll build up my ways, beat myself black and blue
There's nothing at all that anyone can do

I don't feel sorry for myself
It's all my fault, can't you tell
That I don't feel sorry for myself

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Danny Worsnop Ain't Feeling Sorry Comments
  1. Lord Estebanus

    Danny has a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd vibes, sounds really good btw

  2. Karen Perkins

    Love him!!

  3. Jason

    A lot people hate Danny for his skills. But damn, I'd feel great and really accomplished if I had both a loving community and elitist hating community for hating on my capabilities. Danny isn't one of a kind but he's sure as hell one talented ass artist and on top of the world.

  4. Collin Williams

    Not a fan of the country stuff he's done in the past, but this one is pretty solid

  5. matt smith

    generic boring no cool riffs next

  6. Frankklin Melo


  7. Winicius Bastos

    BRASIL AQUI ✌💚💛💚💛😍

  8. iHoguey

    The Cowboy King is still alive and kickin.

  9. Luyz D Monkey

    Live Forever Danny ✨🔥

  10. trademekfc

    you the man 💪💪🤛

  11. peach tea

    very underwhelming

  12. Dmitriy Bychkoff

    Dude! Your voice is the best of the best. But! Put more effort on AA! Something in the style of To The Stage. I understand that you are cutting money for all this, but think about us!


    Is he still part of AA?

    Cosmo Echos

    He is! He's just doing a side project too

  14. Soothsayer

    wea buena weon

  15. aditya david

    Is he not with We are harlot anymore?

    WNxSpectra - Chris M.

    aditya david he is

  16. Yukine

    Your voice is fckn amazing!

  17. Carlito Kesterton

    Yea no that's awful what the hell was he thinking

    WNxSpectra - Chris M.

    Carlito Kesterton Lmao, what shit do you listen to? This is amazing

    Carlito Kesterton

    @WNxSpectra - Chris M. lol metal core, post hardcore , an generally anything heavy , I'm not a fan of country music to be honest

    WNxSpectra - Chris M.

    Carlito Kesterton This isn’t country, it’s blues rock. But still I get what you’re saying, however just because you don’t like a certain style of music doesn’t mean it’s bad. You should appreciate Danny’s ability to play several genres of music. And there’s no reason to be upset, he’s still in Asking Alexandria.

    Carlito Kesterton

    @WNxSpectra - Chris M. that is very true and a good point , it is really good how Danny can change genres like that ,not many artists can do that and pull it off but he has

  18. Maurício Roberto

    WHERE IS THE SCREAMO ??? just kidding, I reaaly loved this song, and is not my kind of song, but I just loved, keep going like this God Danny !!!

  19. AlexJaGaming

    he is going to leave again with asking Alexander

    WNxSpectra - Chris M.

    JamesMansYT Ros why do you think that

  20. Валерий Кензуль

    Country style?

  21. Death Comes For Us All

    Can you make some rock music already

  22. Sam B

    I just luv this fukin guy, his voice is fukin unreal, helped me find a voice I never thought I could have and his lyrics really helped me thru some shit.... I will be forever while on earth a fan. I would, just once to see a concert of stand up and scream.. Keep up the awesome work Danny.☺🎤🎤🎤

  23. Alsky Klaussadie .S.

    Hello haters, look and hear

  24. ••D•R•O•P••D•E•A•D••

    Why is Danny still with Sumerian

    Yo Bro

    Because he is the most talanted guy there

    WNxSpectra - Chris M.

    Because he’s in Asking Alexandria? And he’s super fucking talented


    Wtf is working

  26. KINGHS P97

    Simple but damn amazing

  27. Leonardo Diacono

    como te quiero danielito

  28. Brandon Bailey

    "I don't need help I don't need your savior" I thought he is a Christian?

    Nick McLafferty

    Brandon Clowers lol no he is not

    Almeogo Ogoemla

    Ehem *morte et dabo*

  29. H2TM ARIES

    And where is the band asking Alexandria? You sing very good Dany, but I would like to listen to you with the band

  30. carlosdes0uza


  31. Anibal Aranda

    Vocal fall out boy?😂

  32. Tiko Morales

    Love his solo projects. I've never been much of a country fan, but his new stuff I likes. Damn he's gonna be in PHX today and barley found out yesterday. If I found out earlier I definently would've made it.

  33. Javier Cejas

    powerfull song Danny!!!!

  34. Elena Cerulli

    Te amo Dany!!! 🤩

  35. Ruan Hazard

    Gostei, Maneiro .

  36. Mr Mocos

    Well that was poop.

    WNxSpectra - Chris M.

    Mr Mocos You just listen to some shit then if you think this is poop

  37. El GATO :v

    La gorda ranchera a vuelto desde el campo xd

  38. Daniel Seale

    Great chorus, pretty catchy

  39. wyatt granger

    He needs to do a song with Chris Stapleton. That would be awesome!


    Been saying this forever! Their voices would blend together so well.

  40. Jack Dempsey

    Way better than AA

  41. Rodney Moore

    Man I wanna chill with this man for a day.

  42. Aylê Roqueiro


  43. Georgia Mtd.

    So relatable. Well said Danny 👏🏼

  44. MaGu

    Holy shit this is amazing! Sounds maybe little bit deep purple voice :P

  45. Wolvie X

    lol why hes now so murican

  46. BackwoodsBeard

    From stand up and scream to this lmao

  47. Josh Amos

    This is a complete 180 flip of asking AA but I like it. Nice job Danny

  48. jake ladders

    Danny’s fat again

  49. Samuel Martin

    That reminds me a bit of Lenny Kravitz.

  50. Samuel Arocha

    Sounds like Not The American Average:)

    Dark Head

    I take that lol

  51. Telma Santos

    this is so different from AA but i actually like it

  52. Damian Bajor

    Great song.

  53. Novaki

    danny you realise you are british right ? not a yank ?

  54. Caitt Louise


  55. Marcelo Lameira

    Holy shit. That song is awesome.
    WE LOVE YOU, DANNY BOY! Much love from Brazil.

  56. Ibrahima Indra Idhistira

    Total Rockstar

  57. Ashley Ellis

    I have to say, Danny Worsnop writing and recording songs like this sounds far superior to anything he did with Asking Alexandria (earlier stuff anyway). That stuff was good, but rock music like this he has the voice for and should definitely be keeping it up.

  58. Antonio Vari

    Really cool!! Great song👌🏻👌🏻

  59. Stiitch Osu

    washito rico, te amamos desde Chile!

  60. crunkbees

    Why are you singing in a southern accent when your from the UK? 😐

  61. WolfgangYDG

    *Buuuuuuut.* Have you heard him scream?

  62. Kinsmon1012

    This should get more support. Danny deserves more than this.

  63. Awake

    I love it!!!

  64. Edson Loureiro

    Que som!!!!!!! Adorei

  65. Scott Mcgaha

    Danny worsnip is one of the best singers, he's got my support

  66. Misaki Mei

    Good job bro!!! I'm still missing Asking Alexandria.
    I love your voice

  67. IRONHILLdwarf *

    Honestly I like his solo stuff better than anything he ever did with AA.

  68. ash's momma

    I freakin love his voice

  69. Evan O'Neil

    Current life situation....

  70. ginga voo

    Amazing just amazing *in Donald trump voice* but seriously awesome

  71. Rick Phoenix

    Love it!

  72. zairakawaii

    el ritmo me recordó a la canción: fantasma de Zoé

  73. Ghost of 615

    Coming soon to your local mainstream country station. Lol.

  74. Reborn Of Theory

    "Danny Worsnop and Asking Alexandria 2."

  75. Bryan Jaimes

    Lol get this dumbass out of the music industry now he fucking sucks. Tf is this gay ass shit.

  76. Piruchi Ruchio

    Im into asking alexandria

  77. Fr4nCîzc4 3sP3r4nz4

    I love you danny, but I miss Asking Alexandria .....

    Blue Lion

    Me too, and this is boring tbh. Very cliche

    Jackson Killer

    Blue Lion then why the fuck are you here this is not asking Alexandria this is Danny solo project so fuck off

    Jackson Killer

    Fr4nCîzc4 3sP3r4nz4 grow the fuck up he isn’t emo anymore he’s a grown ass man who’s married like seriously grow up

  78. Brenan Galaxy

    I applaud this

  79. Yuver Velasquez

    A huevo! ¿Soy el único que habla español o k? :V

  80. Mozzi Girl

    Danny is honestly so talented I love everything he creates, any genre he can do it all!

  81. Xelatab

    damn Danny wants to be american so fuckin bad.

  82. Maya Misaki


  83. randomyoutubenicknameblahblahblah

    Good shit

  84. Ross wild

    His voice !!! 🤩😁

  85. Darth Grant

    Man, Danny should be one of the Artist of The Voice.

  86. Tony Brandvold

    Classic rock...yay. very underwhelming.

  87. Yo Bro

    Fukin fire!

  88. Kam Cambyses

    That’s not really country but more like Southern rock

  89. Miller Giraldo

    The 80 back oh my God 😅🤘

  90. Izza Bella

    Good shit goddamn

  91. Vale Botello

    Me encanta, quiero mi me encorazona alv...

  92. Alexander Mishustov

    How cool it is! Great job Danny mate!

  93. Derek Frost

    That sounds amazing, I'm gonna make an instrumental of that

  94. Zacky Senpai

    Alone in a room country version?

    Good job sz

  95. Kelsie Fields

    His voice oh god I love it 🥰

  96. Shirley Santorski