Danny Brown - Monopoly Lyrics

The hybrid smoking on papaya
That give you niggas bronchitis
What you write is vagina
What I write is Wall of China
Nigga that's great
Like 8ths of grape ape Stuffed in my suitcase
Ready to hit the studio and shit all on yo mixtape
Naw literally shit all on yo mixtape
Wipe with the credits leave stains on the jewel case
In just two takes then the booth is soufle'd
Your hiding something like toupee
Truthfully my friend touche
You gone get exposed like and up and coming model
And to me your label seems like one of them pagent mommas
So guess who's the lil bitch? That's you
You must suck alot of dick that's true
I misuse with issues and pistols
Mind racing like bristol heart on igloos
My nigga you ain't been what I been through
And if so you'd take a pencil to yo temple
Cause I done served fiends on they menstrual
Ain't even have pads stuffed they panties it tissue
And still hit the ave cause they mouth ain't bleeding
And yo style is like fried chicken without seasoning
Nigga that's bland fuck you and ya mans
Smack you like bitch nigga, that's openhand
Fuck you and yo tough talk
When I monopolize I'm a throw yo ass off the boardwark
Fag don't play sports but he stay at the ball park
Type of nigga u see rocking Crocs at the fucking walmart
Drunk like Stallworth, riding in a fiend car
Get flicked guess what? I'm running from this fiend car
I know a nigga dirty and got a hammer
But Kush got me high like Pac's bandanna
I'm a smart nigga that do dumb shit
In ya babymomma crib not flushing after I piss
I'm Ferris Bueller with Frank Muellers
You blank shooters on stank hooters
I'm in aruba sippin wine coolers
Mind ruler flow sort of like hypnotism
That's why all these white bitches wanna get with em
I smack me up flip em like Mik Bivens
And to me your flows like Ronny Devoe's
My hoes got pretty toes in expensive high heels
And your hoes toes is fucked in beauty supply sandals
I'm a vandal handling any situation
I smoke blunts to the face to stay motivated
Irratated when I'm not sedated
I fuck her face like I was obligated
And still fucking with them freak hoes
Stank pussy smelling like Cooler Ranch Doritoes

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Danny Brown Monopoly Comments
  1. Douglas Mitchell

    Still some of the best bars I've ever heard

  2. Yamcha

    Cool fact. Quelle Chris produced the beat 🔥

  3. FalloutTactics

    Danny Brown is the 21st century ODB.

  4. Synester Gates

    Danny Brown been raw since XXX , only got better with time

  5. Ryan Heinz

    Who directed this?? I love the camera style 😩


    Double Danny

  7. Abu Saleh Ahmed Roop


  8. Abu Saleh Ahmed Roop

    "I'm a smart n**** that do dumb shit" so relatable.

  9. Mary Berry

    STILL BUMPING IN 2020 ❤❤❤

  10. FLshadyrock

    Hardest Danny Brown song, bruiser song too repetitive

  11. Aleup


  12. BLACK HIPPY 47

    Greatest of All Time

  13. farmermoe

    Drunk like Star War

  14. Tony 901

    *FUCK HER FACE!* like I was obligated

  15. MrJemoederopeenstokj

    Irritated when i'm not sedated, fuck her face like i'm obligated' fucking m000d

  16. maxium

    isn't this the song he rapped while getting head live?

  17. Land Creature

    Old Danny Baby

  18. Brandon Meenan

    All 520 dislikes will have their mixtapes shat on.

  19. Kyle Reyes

    lmao @ the generated closed caption / subtitles

  20. Elijah Griffin

    8 years later and this is still one of my favorite songs

  21. Polybius J.

    what a great doritos advertisement

  22. Anthony L

    lmaooo pussy smelling like "cool ranch doritos"

  23. Mother Kara

    Maaaan, ODB had a love child. Wu Tang!!!! NASTY!!!

  24. Sway Vee6

    One of browns hardest tracks ever

  25. Tha chocolate god

    When mah dude said "I'm a smart nigga that do dumb shit" that summed up my whole life bruh.

  26. djiapplemik

    Before Danny Brown there was Old Dirty Bastard.

  27. bill belly

    learning sesh hear: (let us take apart the word monopoly, so it resides in its two basic forms :mono & poly: mono means one, and poly means many)

  28. Twisted Gambit

    No Laundry List

  29. James Wilson

    You must suck slot or dick... in the batheroom.

  30. Bobzilla2311 TV

    I had to come back after I heard him jump off dirty laundry with "the hybrid" 🔥🔥🔥 Danny the rawest.

  31. bhamden84

    This will always be one of my favorite rap tracks of all time.

  32. Lonewolf Vicious

    This nigga I swear is the reincarnation of O.D.B he embodies him more than his son which is crazy!!

  33. stale memes

    almost forgot about this song lol

  34. Atroc1ty

    This was literally The Atrocity Exhibition Teaser.

  35. PXL [ just get e-pop :]

    Danny, je t'aime.


    Ahhh chump, you better get the fuck outa here and take ya bitches with ya..
    especially Ugg Mugg here!
    Gimme a kiss Ma..

  37. outthere hiking

    No literally shit all on your mixtape

  38. Jens9807



  39. von jon

    Fuck Oprah!

  40. JPW Film Archives

    If only he did shows anywhere other than Detroit and Europe 😞


    La Croix?

  42. Elizabeth Leland

    Bishop Tolpuddle

  43. OmegaNeofelis

    must protect danny at all cost

  44. C R I Z L A

    Still goin hard in 2019

  45. sam zaret

    8 years ago

  46. Jason Jackson

    The William. S. Burroughs of Hip Hop. Pure, unadulterated.

  47. Nocturnal NinetyTwo

    Danny Brown is a national treasure

  48. Bray Hallaran-Gould

    Who would win in a game of Monopoly?
    Like for Danny > Comment for Grande

  49. Егор Тюрин

    danny brown is too different. original af

  50. manicniceguy

    LOL Crocks and Walmart I can relate cause I work there.

  51. Adventure Duo

    Who here 2019?

  52. sorrowsuperstar10

    OLDSkOOL this shit still Fire asF !

  53. joselouis

    Does anyone know what movie the into is sampled from?

  54. Drank Sinatra

    You gon' get exposed like an up-and-coming model
    And to me your label seems like one of them pageant mommas
    So guess who's the little bitch? That's you

  55. dewdubee

    great vid, looks a bot like the When It Rain vid. grateful

  56. Doug S

    "Ya still fucking with them freak hos
    Stank pussy smelling like cool ranch doritos"

  57. MiamiFartMachine

    “You’re gonna get exposed like an up and coming model” hard

  58. Rob Klompstra

    This song is my tiiiits!

    Doug S

    Dump em out

    Rob Klompstra

    @Doug S exactly

  59. Randy Savage

    Pure lyricism

  60. Flex

    Your flow is 10/10 no one has that.

  61. Flex

    Danny dude just heard your shit and if your are ever having a bad day think of me and your New fans face

  62. Seth Taylor Proffitt

    Siiick video

  63. Cable Vamp

    “Looks like you’re hiding a toupe
    Yo you my friend, touché”

  64. Deez Nutz

    Cool ranch doritos i just finished a bag not bad

  65. Deez Nutz

    At least it dont smell like doo doo

  66. idkdrew

    Damn I’m tripping bald

  67. Forgan Mreeman

    ppl straight sleep on Danny

  68. Greg Wycliffe

    this kush got me high like pot bandanna

    Omar Grinat

    Like pac* bandana that mf used to wear them alot to hide his big ole forehead

  69. SilverSweet



    This nigga ridin in fred sanfords truck.

  71. Adam Carlone

    This has to be my all time favorite Danny Brown song. These lines are fucking hilarious.

  72. Weeneen Ala'hadouanan

    word on where to cop that XXX Monopoly game board??

  73. vixan

    your hoes toes is fucked

  74. ice crystal

    I hear some Eminem style in his delivery...must be Detroit

  75. Larry McClinton

    In 2018 still I blast this

  76. Tony 901

    Ferris Bueler
    Frank Muelers
    Blank Shooters
    Stank Hooters
    Wine Cooler

  77. Alan Hauch

    who the 473👎🏻feeling if they not feelin this??

  78. Huey


  79. Mateo Flores

    “You’re hiding something like a tupè, truthfully my friend touchè” best line in my opinion

  80. Brian Powers

    "Like 8ths of Grape Ape getting stuffed in my suitcase."

    Danny Brown has a few awesome podcasts on Joey Diaz's Church of Whats Happening. Talks about his crack dealing and shit in Detroit. Talented guy, funny as hell.

  81. Cyranek

    the shit

    Carly Weezy

    Wus poppin my guy

  82. Matt Hayes

    This was so, so original when it came out. So good.

  83. David Rowe

    This song has more bars than a prison

  84. PopeThaGod


  85. hopefullyreasonable

    Type of nigga rocking crocs at the fucking walmart 😂

  86. goof

    I do wear crocs to the Walmart Danny but you still my hero nonetheless

  87. goof

    the doritos line top 5 lmao

  88. Richard Basilici

    yo this beat is Fire .


    nah literally shit all on yo mixtape

  90. murder bear

    @Nicholas Ruotolo eh really? Lol you listen to mainstream rap i suppose?

  91. micky bee99

    Danny always has had the best music vids

  92. deathpresent101


  93. King Tolo

    Truely believe Danny Brown,Bino, Kendrick, Em, MGK, chance the rapper is all hiphop has left everyone else is trash