Danny Brown - Lonely Lyrics

Hé bien peut-être l'oiseau
L'oiseau qui dormait en chacun de nous

[Verse 1:]
Hipster by heart but I can tell you how the streets feel
Everybody thirsty and they looking for a refill
If the gang eat you guns barking at your doggie bag
Get took out for your take out now you carry out
Murder by delivery, married at the paramount
I just coughed up a fair amount
Of niggas might air it out
Judge a book by cover so we never educated
It ain't about racists poor and rich segregated
Just to get the bacon dawg, you gotta go HAM
Use to be lost til I found who I am
But it took the hook to eat the palm on my hands
Locked tryna get real creative with the spam
Locked in a jam cause a nigga serve butter
Just to get a little bread had to keep tomato smothered
All I really wanted was to overdub my vocals
But no one ever thought that I would take it past local
High a'top a totem man somebody shoulda' told 'em
That if money grow on trees being rich is dime a dozen

So I'm smoking by my lonely
By my goddamn self
I don't need your help homie
Cause don't nobody really know me
Said nobody really know me

[Verse 2:]
See that's going on a limb
And I used to sell trees, and I used to rock Timbs
Radiohead shit, fiends with The Bends
Back when Granny used to tell me "Stay Out of In"
Blaming cold air out, tryna know my whereabouts
Gone for three days and nobody ever heard about
How I got these Jordans, but that ain't too important
When I got a bitch pregnant and I'm stacking for abortion
And all I really wanted was to give myself a portion
Lit up off the Henney got a nigga self absorbing
Smoking on a bogie, no bud style, who can I trust now?
Lady snitch and got the whole block down
Now we gon' eat now, no rebound, when your boxed out
Belly of the beast now
Now you got me feeling trapped and I can't look back
When the roller head is out and the Pabst is made of ash
And I'm going through the trash tryna' find a little treasure
Living for the better tryna get myself together


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Danny Brown Lonely Comments
  1. none of your business





  2. none of your business

    my theme song

  3. Beverly McFadden

    "Cause all i really wanted was to over dub my vocals "

  4. John Juliano

    it really is incredibly cool how he can change his voice so well

  5. Ali E.

    Anyone know the sample?



  6. Beverly McFadden

    California Love Forever $till Bangs In 2017 !!!

  7. BeerReview

    Danny reminds me of Nickitina in this track and the beat for Wonderbread reminds me of Andre as well. Danny Brown has dope range.

  8. pelicanswin

    Only song with a good beat on this album. But I fuck wit this song heavy


    Side A had a great beat

    kimmy strongarms

    This album was loaded with good beats


    @Cameron Armstrong Lol....nah

  9. WestTigersFan360

    so different from his other stuff but so damn good

  10. Cody

    -THIS IS FUCKING FIRE WTFF, 'I JUST COUGHED UP A FAIR AMOUNT, OUR NIGGAS MY AIR IT OUT' like damnnnn dude, the struggle here is on fire

  11. Devin Morgan

    Smoking by my lonely.......west side rep D.......the motor

  12. AlwaysOnDeck27

    this real ass shit gives me hope all-encompassing

  13. Scott Embry

    @Marijuanarollmodel lead me here

  14. Scott Embry

    @marijuanamodel lead me here

  15. PGR 47

    if you guys didnt understand what the first lady said well here's the translation:
    the bird, The bird sleeping inside of us will arise.

  16. modularbadger

    Radiohead fiend with the bends...shit kills. This is how you do hip hop kids.

  17. Mr1nce

    Daaam this is some real shit, and he rides the beat on time for real. My only problem is the song is too short.

  18. Darin Mitchell

    My favorite track, real shit.

    Jack Wieland

    na fake

  19. Taylor

    what's the japanese at the beginning?

    Christopher Wallace

    lmao that's french not japanese.

    The Argosy Video

    it says "there's a bird within all of us"

  20. word

    So much flow

    Jack Wieland

    flow like water ya mug

  21. Reality Sucks

    It's like the game FEZ had an re-vamped sound track. Dam.

  22. No Newfriends

    Amazing real shit from Danny to counter his party tunes. I hope he keeps improving his craft

  23. FruedianSlippery

    Best song on the record if you ask me.

  24. trent noble

    on some real shit bruh nobody real knows me

  25. Thomas Wagner

    reminds me of acid raindrops

  26. The Boxing Scholar

    Yes, definitely Jungle as well.

  27. jhb6991

    love this song

  28. TheDubstepYeah

    the bird sorry

  29. TheDubstepYeah

    the reason sleep in everybody of us
    (i'm french :) )

  30. The Boxing Scholar

    Said the same thing. Dice of Life, right?

  31. Josh Root

    It's Danny. He doesn't always rap in the high voice he's most known for.

  32. Konrad Zahedi

    what is being said at the begining?

  33. Osiir

    So because you didn't notice that and I called you a moron, I'm an idiot? You're a fucking loser dude.

  34. raachellbaaby xoxo

    switchin it up

  35. Osiir

    He says it in the song moron.

  36. Mo Burns

    who is this rapping? It's not Danny Brown is it?

    hiiipower iii

    Yeah. That's his normal voice. He doesn't always rap high pitched

  37. scose

    reminds me of an Andre Nickatina beat

  38. doomkid1331

    it s dark and light at the same damn time .... Genius!

  39. Moze pls

    radiohead shit

  40. Bertram Eichelberger

    damn I can relate

  41. Cristobal Pereira

    impecable production

  42. TheEnigmaStyle

    this is a bit good

  43. Kenneth Morretino

    this is the dopest shit out

  44. mark.ruiz90

    aww yee