Danny Brown - DNA Lyrics

[Hook: Danny Brown]
It's in my, D.N.A
Cause my pops like to get fucked up the same way
It's in my, D.N.A
Cause my moms like to get fucked up the same way

D.N.A., D.N.A
Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way
D.N.A., D.N.A
Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way

[Verse 1:]
Waking up, drooling on Versace pillowcases
And I'm smoking eight a day, I might end up a mental patient
Terrycloth bathrobes, blunts and ashtrays
White wine in flute glass, early morning Saturdays
Food plates and grade A, crepes and OJ
Bitches swimming topless in Chlorine off morphine
Emails on iPads don't answer when phone rings
Text message full coming down on four beans
Every night like a bachelor party in Sin City
Bitches sniffing coke off each other titties with rolled 50s
Life I live like Charlie Sheen and Rick James
Goin' hard until it ain't a dollar to my name
This that triple X shit nigga how ya feel
Groupies like glam rock poison logo pills
Sniffing mali off amps with blond haired tramps
When I'm on my way to the stage every night I rage

It's in my, D.N.A
Cause my pops like to get fucked up the same way
It's in my, D.N.A
Cause my moms like to get fucked up the same way

D.N.A., D.N.A
Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way
D.N.A., D.N.A
Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way

[Verse 2:]
Warhols all on the wall of the villa
Adderall popping got me jumping to ceiling
Perceived as a villain no sentiment in my sentence
For instance in instants they'll be calling forensics
If incidents occur remember these ain't just words
Go from talking shit to organs preserved
You soft serve rappers just hide behind your reverb
And even with effects you'll just end you dessert
I research and homework, make you dig ya own dirt
On beats buried alive, ratting wiseguys
I'm with a Latin bitch fat ass and well proportioned thighs
And love to see it cumming so I squirt it in her eyes
I'm hopping out that new shit like narcs on Tuesday
The grill on it shiny like LL Cool J's
What's on my waist could make a nigga meet his doomsday
To describe your mixtape that shit was like a toothache

It's in my, D.N.A
Cause my pops like to get fucked up the same way
It's in my, D.N.A
Cause my moms like to get fucked up the same way

D.N.A., D.N.A
Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way
D.N.A., D.N.A
Cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way

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Danny Brown DNA Comments
  1. Anthony L

    still listening in 2019!


    danny is spittin that trill


    man I was bumping every cut on repeat when this shit first dropped...good times

  4. Utkarsh Chaturvedi

    I have listened to a shit ton of hip hop and for some reason I have never really listened to Danny Brown (except PAC Blood and a few others). But holy fucking shit this track is god damn fire. Even that’s an understatement I feel

  5. stale memes

    almost 8 years later, time can really fly by.

  6. Johnnie Henderson

    Normies: DNA By Kendrick Lamar
    Me, an intellectual:

  7. seb

    groupies like glam rock, poison logo pills

  8. guille super

    Whoever disliked dis deserves deafness fr

  9. ShadyMario Is Back

    My Top 6 Danny Brown Albums
    6. Black And Brown
    5. Hot Soup
    4. The Hybird
    3. XXX
    2. Atrocity Exhibition
    1. OLD

    Nick McGraw

    1. XXX
    2. Old
    3.Black and Brown
    4. The Hybrid
    5. Atrocity
    6. Hot Soup

    Logan Moore

    @Nick McGraw how do you like black and brown more than atrocity exhibition??? Tweakin

  10. Venus Rittenberg

    His best song

  11. Larson Collier

    Stole the hook from Dead prez

  12. Mani Stated

    it's in my DNA ! realest shit ever

  13. Disciple

    oh good, He doesnt sound like a Mcdonalds employee talking to me through the drive thru on this one.



  15. Saucey Dave

    fucking bomb ass song <3 reminds me of when i was still a freshman in highschool just figuring things out

  16. dtrigs108

    Warhols on the walls of the villa. danny brown visionary like andy Warhol with the rhyme. makes it art

  17. ASAP Momo

    2011: DNA - Danny Brown
    2015: DNA - Earl Sweatshirt
    2016: Really Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt & Ab-Soul)
    2017: DNA - Kendrick Lamar
    2019: DNA - Ab-Soul?

    Nibba 69

    Great minds think alike lol

    Subsoulo Dolo

    Danny did it best imo


    Ha obviously Wayne DNA is and will be the greatest version

    Felix Barlow

    its 2019 and ab soul no where to be found

    who is like God?

    ab-soul killed epstein

  18. VVOUX

    Is this even Danny Brown?

  19. Frank Hood

    kendricks DAMN. has two songs named XXX and DNA. danny brown ripoff confirmed

    ASAP Momo

    Funny how all 3 of them had a song called DNA while also having song together with ab-soul on Danny's latest album

    Dem 1

    DAMN was a shitty album anyway

    hiiipower iii

    This was before tho

    Logan Moore

    @Dem 1 damn still has amazing highlights 🤷‍♂️

    Jacob Heaton

    Nigga shut the fuck up

  20. Zelgaro


  21. Andrew Gapski

    so sick

  22. Zombie

    This instrumental Though

  23. JestersGeneration

    Creativity is the shit

  24. JestersGeneration

    Inspiring and reassuring.

  25. JestersGeneration

    Cool :)

  26. DatNarutoFan

    This beat makes it impossible to not nod my head lol, and he's using his normal voice, this is one of my favorites on XXX

    Dara Laja

    DatNarutoFan FACTS

  27. Derek Chapman

    I heard this bout five years ago still sounds great hook crazy

  28. payapa

    cuz my fam like to get fucked up the same way....

  29. Patrick K

    This is the illlllest song on the whole mixtape. The beat sounds like a fanfare, showing he is celebrating and unashamed of who he is and the blood he comes from. Legendary.

    Robert White

    beat sick as fuuuuuuuuuck my God

    James Kolawole

    props to Dukes

  30. WildGooseberry

    instrumental pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. sixtic

    waking up drooling on versace pillow cases

  32. Flora F


  33. Marcus Trujillo

    He just needs to keep rapping like this I dont feel that high pitched shit

    Alan Smithee

    @Marcus Trujillo Aight nevermind


    Marcus Trujillo It's funny, he references the Downward Spiral in XXX (Downward spiral, feeling suicidal) in his high voice, and soon enough, the first song on Atrocity is Downward Spiral with high-pitched Danny. But I prefer this voice too, reminds me of Andre 3000.

    Marcus Trujillo

    yeah he's so good with this voice! Like on Atrocity he uses this voice on Tell me what I don't know and it sounds so good. But I understand why he uses that voice. Thats what the majority of mainstream want to hear.


    I think it's annoying for a purpose. Like the whole Downward Spiral-XXX-famous-life Danny is similar to Kendrick's King Kunta where the voice personifies the shitty side of fame and how incessant people can get. I'm glad I listened to AE first because it desensitized me to his voice, so I'm used to it and can still bump Danny with the high voice. It's more detailed here because he shows the ups and downs of Danny's mental state on this album.


    Marcus Trujillo You can't have one without the other. Like two sides of a coin. His high pitched stuff could still be thought provoking, just look at his title tracks, XXX and 30.

  34. Andrew Wahl

    one of my favorites dope Music always!

  35. Andrew Wahl

    Real talk!

  36. Alan Dood

    XXX or Old?

    John Lewis

    +Eva Morales xxx


    both but xxx has more profound songs (fields perfectly captures the psychology of someone growing up poor in detroit.

  37. Devin Miller

    Danny brown so underrated man everybody still sleepin on him and he's so chill fr

  38. Reza Salie

    One of the best for sure!

  39. Simon Deleuran



    who can't relate to this in some way

  40. flashbejerkin

    Spent 30 minutes trying to remember where I heard this beat from lol Dj Khalid - Brown paper bag

  41. Mitch Tully

    Dude ya

  42. YUUUM MI

    Danny keeping it real

  43. Kosii

    XXX was just amazing

    James Kolawole

    XXX IS amazing

    I only know

    Will always

  44. Jalan Ross

    The best danny brown song

  45. Josh Pol

    Such a great song.

  46. Hernan Cortes Athrice Recordings

    Danny Brown is an underrated dude, No more sleeping on this man. This is dope

  47. Yung Karthage

    It was all a big joke.

  48. LeavingTheEcstasy

    No way is that Danny brown

  49. deraj991

    this songs the whip. detroits the shit. smoke that grape ape

  50. Yung Karthage

    Theres absolutely no samples

  51. siyom 2

    fuck, i cant believe ive been sleeping on this dude for so long

  52. Yung Karthage

    Still a fucking amazing song, and I can relate. Fuck yeah.

  53. Das Ace

    whoa this has a lot of views now...

  54. Altet

    If you were to hear this song, and then his other songs with the different voice, you wouldn't even think it's the same guy.

  55. Cody Phillips

    It's tight how Danny can make a really stupid sounding song (still great but you know) and then something like this. Talent.

  56. Spencer Moquete

    FUCK 50 CENT.

  57. EightyThor

    Like this track. He sounds so dramatically different on this...

  58. Homer The Don

    cnt wait for OLD.

  59. candyfliip

    50 Cent passing up on this guy just shows how little he knows about talent.

  60. maskedman60

    doesnt matter we will keep all the good music for ourselves

  61. acidbeagle

    26k, if that's any better...

  62. Luis Garcia

    this guy is so sick they wouldn't even put his music in the radio

  63. EKification13

    I like how Danny Brown talks about doing drugs but he doesn't glorify them like other rappers do.
    He just does them.

  64. Carlos Quinones

    I love danny... Stop sleeping

  65. PVLXCE

    motherfuckers are sleeping on danny, fuck em

  66. SpiralstaircaseTV

    this needs more views

  67. Flopbeats

    We are not so different man, it`s in my dna too.

  68. Sainto

    Danny needs to colab with The Fountnhead. Bomb

  69. Justin

    Nice jazzy smooth beat this watsup

  70. jvemPiRe14

    this seems like it woulda been very appropriate to use for a prometheus teaser

  71. miraclesmoke

    Good shit...respectable