Danny Brown - Detroit 187 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Danny Brown]
The way these bitches on my cock
You'd swear was 1985 and teen wolf just dropped
And my name was Michael J Fox
But no bitch my name is Danny Brown I got some weed up in my sock
So bitch get high with ya nigga
The sack I got looking some dead caterpillars
But it smell like a skunk that's oh so defensive
These bitches suck my dick like was moral incentive
Off the chain like broke nunchucks
Where little niggas come thru and shoot you over new chucks
A little dark like wet nubuck
Decribes my state of mind is inside the tomb of king tut
Murder all the time all we see
Detroit 187 on you niggas TV
I can first degree this beat and walk with no charges
Fuck a female MC and a Pop Artist
Ohh baby I like it raw
And My dick so big left stretch marks on her jaw
I'm so institutionalized
I wake up 6 AM because I think it's chow time
I'm a borderline porcupine
A step from drinking turpentine
Just to wash down a plate of these wack rappers rhymes
I got a mind in the cosmos
And if these niggas cold then I guess I'm osmosis
That be blowing on some potent
That them white boys be growing
While you niggas smoking smelling like some tanning lotion
My concoctions could make world ending potions
These other rap niggas got lines I got encroachments
I got endorsements so muthafucka a cosign
Punch punchlines I'll punch rappers til your broke spine
Remember back in 09
I told em it was showtime
Now they pull they cam phones out when I go for mine
Lights camera action
Hybrid be snapping
Cause the days of no tissue had to whip with wet napkins
Smear up the classifieds know it sound trife
But to be honest a metaphor my life

[Verse 2: Chip$]
Buzzin off the bar bitch you with's an amphetamine
Chase it with a 40 oz of Ready Clean
I swear I never ever smoke the better weed
Yo bitch said I'm the swaggiest nigga she ever seen
Run up in yo crib, Two K's, One Mag
Yo girl get snatched like Cool J in I'm Bad
Cost to live, you ain't made enough
Guarantee bullet holes with a laser touch
European garments drape my body if I ain't hipstered up
If she smile with eye contact then the bitch will fuck
Homie gone make me send them killers after him
Them niggas swing swords like Word Fence Champions
You was poppin' pills and drinking liquor
Now you thinkin you a gangsta killer
I leave you stankin' nigga
Laid down, face down like you taking a plankin picture
But I can keep the shots in the weapon
Put the bat to back of your leg
Grab your chin and the back of your head
And twist them shits in opposite directions

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Danny Brown Detroit 187 Comments
  1. SxuthFlxrida’96

    STYLE ! !

  2. Anthony L


  3. Young Grover

    "Punch punch lines I punch rappers till ya broke spine"

  4. Geo

    The Tape that got me into Danny.

    Weird Activities

    Same might be my favourite too not sure tho

  5. Don P the Don

    Fiiiya 2k18



  7. Indigo Girl

    that beat is too much fire

  8. B Jordan

    I love this dude!!!!!

  9. StairFox11

    fuck a female MC and a pop artist

    189 RECORDS

    +StairFox11 lol

  10. anthony kirsch

    Hey new rap that doesn't fantasize about getting rich and buying Ferraris true to it's roots

    julia brown

    you mean like the tons and tons of other artists out there? finds like this wouldnt be that surprising if you actually dug deeper

    marco bazan

    Stfu like seriously lol

  11. siXer502

    Laid down face down like you takin a plankin picture

  12. Thetrueguy509 Hatlanta

    I can do karate w/ Danny's verses...His sh!t's hot

  13. thegoodguy

    This has my brain inside out fr

  14. thedavid00100

    My song!!

  15. Robert Babylon

    the way these bitches on cockk 

  16. Chris BASS

    my dick so big left stretch marks on her jawwww!

  17. So There I Was

    danny's verse doesn't get any realer

  18. Josh Truman

    First verse goes the hardest

  19. OfficialKiddReaper 97

    Fuck a female MC and a pop artist

  20. OfficialKiddReaper 97

    My favorite beats

  21. LaserGunsLG

    I like how he says moral incentive

  22. Zaire Lewis

    i can just imagine all the weird faces he made while makin this verse

    Larry Hoover

    Zaire Lewis lmao

  23. Evan 902

    Buzzin' off the barbiturates and amphetamine

  24. 4nowlaters

    same here...i always have a urge to replay it at each twice before letting it play out

  25. sm0k3l0g0

    idk about you guys, but the song makes me wanna fuck shit up.

  26. T1 Under 5150

    He understands how I feel.

  27. Joe Abram

    Hooks? Where we're goin, we don't need hooks.

  28. Sven Rekjeyviskijorgdei

    This beat is fucking dope but can't find it anywhere. HELP!?!?!

  29. Brent Moses

    Thought about this song last night when I was at the gym and this sexy as fuck girl who was clearly working out with her boyfriend gave me a super sexy smile while maintaining eye contact for like 6 seconds. Shoulda asked her if she wanted a new man.

  30. squills1

    Yeh he would be great for stones throw...agreed

  31. Leo Cerulean

    yeah, but he's still gotten as big as he has now

  32. ImBordCanYouTell

    Kendrick said in an interview that he'd love to see Danny with TDE and in the black hippy movement.

  33. alec

    He should go to stones throw. Fits him best imo

  34. Rochell Barbara

    ohh God that would be perfection !!!!

  35. Hamad Ali

    He actually was suppose to be in G-unit records but 50 cent didn`t like how he dressed. So DB turned it down.

  36. awfully hot coffee pot

    He does it himself with his family, and some friends

  37. hawkeye1ism

    emo ezy e?

  38. Jessica Burghardt


  39. Jessica Burghardt

    Yeah thats some dope shit.

  40. Pouch of Ouch

    he's gotta collab with onra :O

  41. bushnipz

    i dont know why i ever even bother lookig at the coments no one ever has anything good to say other than their opinion which no one gives a fuck about. yes we all like danny brown shut the fuck up.

  42. Shadysaurus

    Does that change the fact that nobody has heard of Fools Gold? nope

  43. Tom Shelton

    great song

  44. Marlon coakley

    fools gold doing good i see

  45. Otis Richard

    Oh snap. The first few lines of this song crack me the funk up.

  46. Marlon coakley

    but still he could be bigger artist i swear he makes real music

  47. Gary Watson

    no better label than Fools Gold you fool

  48. WhatTheDILIS

    I started listening him after that XXL thing and then he showed up in terrorist threats by ab-soul, this dude is real. His voice is so different, and he can change it up, too. It adds personality to his music. I love it.

  49. cloudparter

    This nikka on a different level then Em.

  50. Marlon coakley

    low views he needs a better label

  51. rythemandthebeat

    Yo, has Em fucked with dude yet?