Danny Brown - Adderall Admiral Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Eating on an Adderall, wash it down with alcohol

Writing holy mackarel, actual all factual
Out for the capital, matador ya capsules
Hassle the bitch in a castle with the ill grapples
Tackled her asshole, my dick was like a lasso
Fucked her in her mouth she washed it down with Tabasco

[Verse 2:]
You softer than Flanders' son
Don't make me put hands on son
Jump niggas like "Fuck one on one."
Used to be locked up watching One on One
Young Kyla Pratt was looking thick, nigga wanted some
But soon as I got out white bitches by the tons

[Verse 3:]
I fuck bad bitches to Stacy Lattisaw
While you niggas got blue balls like a Avatar
Eating caviar in El Salvador
She running from my dick like it's a bull and she the matador
She a pregnant labrador
Said my metaphors are the highest caliber

[Verse 4:]
I spit hard, you hallmark card poets
So many lines, you can bar code it
She like to lick it on the head while she slow stroke it
Ocean in her panties and I'm 'bout to float through it
Rewind this and just smoke to it

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Danny Brown Adderall Admiral Comments
  1. Benjamin White

    This Heat “Horizontal Hold” sample 🤯

  2. The Wrinkling Brothers

    NIce use of This Heat.

    Benjamin White

    It would've been even better if he'd used the Peel Session version: https://youtu.be/pvReBlETxLY

  3. Louis Myatt

    “while you niggas got blue balls like a avatar, im eating caviar in el salvador”

  4. Little Orphan Annie

    This would explain sooooo much about Trump ...

    Rag E

    Yeah, no kidding. Pretty obvious in hindsight.


    @Rag E I'm still lost...

    Rag E

    @Trilmonté He's referring to Trump's use of stimulants. Acquaintances of his were talking about his use of adderall or ritalin. This was way before the stuffed UK sudafed-drawer picture went around. Amphetamines explain his high energy (dude is old af), his intermittent low energy (huge contrast), his erratic behavior and speech-/thought pattern, his slurring of words (tense jaws), his constant sniffing (2016 debates), his dilated pupils, his lack of empathy (although that might be his natural self or just the fact that he's born into massive wealth)... what else... That's it I think. It does explain a lot. I, for one, am convinced that he's a speed freak. When you know what to look for, it's impossible not to see it.

  5. kdreamland

    sounds like a tune from silent hill

  6. ThatOneLichWhoPlaysrotmgandminecraft

    Do you mind getting the instrumental? Amazing quality for youtube though.


    he's literally just rapping over "Horizontal Hold" by This Heat

    Logan Moore

    @hotelmario510 not exactly, it's heavily altered

    Logan Moore

    @hotelmario510 but he does sample it heavily