Dannii Minogue - Xanadu Lyrics

Come come here
Come come here
Come come here

A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know they call it xanadu
And now open your eyes and see
What we have made is real we are in xanadu

A million lights are dancing and there you are a shooting star
An everlasting world and you're here with me etenaly

Xanadu xanadu
(We are here)
In xanadu

Xanadu xanadu
(We are here)
In xanadu
Xanadu your neon lights will shine for you xanadu

The love the echos of long ago
Need the world to know they are in xanadu
The dream that came through a million years
That lived on through all the tears it came to xanadu

A million lights are dancing and there you are a shooting star
An everlasting world and you're here with me etenaly

Xanadu xanadu
(We are here)
In xanadu

Xanadu xanadu
(We are here)
In xanadu we are in xanadu

Now that i'm here now that you're here (it's xanadu)
Now that i'm here now that you're here (it's xanadu)
Now that i'm here now that you're here (it's xanadu)
Now that i'm here now that you're here (it's xanadu)

Come come here
Now here I come
Come here
Now here I come

Ah Xanadu
Ah Xanadu
Ah Xanadu

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Dannii Minogue Xanadu Comments
  1. Tui Taylor

    Dannii is so beautiful ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  2. rt268wsote

    Sorry but Olivia Newton John is way better. This is a weird version

  3. Martin Patrick

    Danni recreated the final scene with Olivia Newton John in the film.following in the footsteps of Olivia Newton John a fellow Aussie.

  4. Petrillo123 zbornak

    This is absolutely diabolical! Why was she ever given a microphone?

  5. worker999 all time

    FINE - the Young sister of the GODDESS!

  6. kukuzice

    Many guys dream of a threesome with Dannii and Kylie.

  7. Lamp Shade

    This was bloody awful. Sorry, Dannii- I'm sometimes good, and other times awful, too.

  8. James Wilson

    LOVE ME SOME #Dannii The "Queen of Covers"......Had no Idea she also did #Xanadu !!!!!

  9. Zeke Edwards

    oh dear, her voice is awful

  10. campbell bailey

    this is xanapu knot xanadoodoo

  11. Jonny K

    What a performance!!! Dannii is immensely talented...

  12. C99

    well... the actual ballad version that she does is amazing

  13. Miss B Official

    This is terrible!!



    Miss B Official

    Love this lolllll. Listen to my version :)

  15. dreamyblue44

    Cosmic roller-disco still rules! :)

  16. Kyra Rose

    No no no .. Olivia s version is WAY better + not the bet singing ever

  17. Gayham

    That was really good! 

  18. Guido Karpa

    For those who know and like the original soundtrack record and probably for all others who are not tone-deaf it's a more acceptable video if sound and screen are switched off whilst playing.

  19. VanDiemen08

    She can sing so suck it.

  20. Roberto Sena

    Why is Dannii famous?? Or a mentor on the Xfactor?? Awful singing!!!

    Austin Nelson

    She also has an famous sister Kylie Minogue so maybe that's also why she's famous

    Bruno Angelo

    she was famous before kylie, as a kid.

    Lamp Shade

    She actually was a singer with Kylie at the same time- Kylie just seemed to be the one that made it.

  21. Thi Botelho

    This is so "I Believe in You" by Kylie

  22. Erwin Aguirre

    this song is not for her...

  23. Rafael Henrique

    I quite like it...

  24. Willem Hermann

    i really like her but this song is so out of her league. outch!

  25. samsung872

    i have heard her sing amazingly live before, but this was just terrible there wasn't even one part that was praiseworthy.

  26. 1TheBlackknight

    From Olivia Newton-John the song is better. But it is not bad. Danii is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.



  27. liveforevermaybe

    Absolutely shite, no wonder she's give up singing, she has always been tone deaf.

  28. Mark Carreira

    Gorgeous frock on her!

  29. Freda Goling

    if you listen to olvia newton john sing this , she also sings it i low voice , she doesnt do the high notes until the end of the song, thats the way the song is sung, danni has made some excellent records over the years , and she sang this song the same way as olvia sings it, why compare danni to cheryl, cheryl cant sing, so what, cheryl is loved for her looks not her voice,


    Aways Will Be in the shadows of her sister kylie , poor mans kylie , off key sorry , stick to judging!! DANNII

  31. VanDiemen08

    She should embrace her accent she would sing better.

  32. Pola Lee

    it's nice to see someone singing live for a change

  33. Aoife

    i have never heard or seen olivia Newton John sing this song and im not familiar with this song so my comment is not biased! but i think that Dannii's peformance was amazing and the high notes peformed were incredible!

  34. Bianca Pereira

    @kiwibelt Have u heard Olivia sing this live?

  35. art1ej

    Dannii isnt that great of a singer & AT LEAST ITS LIVE unlike britney & the rest of those talentless mimes....to people who say kylie cant sing better than Olivia are u fucking retarded kylie goes opera vocals listen to ur disco needs u live at the end Olivia couldnt hit those notes...

  36. Simon Davey

    GOD this is AWFUL!!!!!! Pitchy, flat and WEAK! I like Dannii, really i do! But this is SHITE!

  37. MrFieston

    i love danni

  38. Stella Shim

    love this
    great performance!

  39. DaxShaw

    She's not as bad as people always make out. But she IS wise to be involved in things other than singing

  40. DaxShaw

    @BoulevardeTV lol. Olivia Newton John is a way better singer than either Minogue could ever hope to be. But Danni does a respectable job on this song

  41. DaxShaw

    @lillabethsmum Kylie is often nasal but Dannii is often pitchy in her performances. They're not as bad as people make them out

  42. BoulevardeTV

    ive seen olivia sing this live and dannii does a far better job

  43. Paul Everitt-Clay

    No range whatsoever.

  44. brandnewstance12

    Really did an awful job with that one! sorry but it was bad!

  45. Stella Shim

    omg! i love her dress!
    shes so beautiful too.

  46. BoulevardeTV

    she is fantastic live and i love this version she did

  47. bobwise1977

    she has a better vocal range? and yet she sings half of this song out of tune. i love dannii, and think she has done some cracking live perfomances..this isnt one of them. hopefully she will pull her socks up and release a great, good selling album. girl is a fantastic record

  48. Ultimate Dark

    her lyrics inspire majority of my poems that i write :)

  49. Jemma Nolan

    oh wow she's just so stunningly amazing XD

  50. Thi Botelho

    my god... look like kylie ;D

  51. Julia Lee

    dannii is amazing!!
    shes my idol!!

  52. Julia Lee

    i think its melbourne

  53. paulaaquino

    Where are the skates?!?!?!?!

  54. Claudio Cepeda

    demasiado linda
    me encanto su presentacion