Dannii Minogue - I Can't Sleep At Night Lyrics

I'm not good at being lonely

I'm sorry if you saw too much
But baby I got too near
I'm open to the slightest touch
When i don't have you here

What can I do?
What can I say?
How could I make the same mistake?

Can't give it up
Can't let it go
Ooh, I gotta make you see its you for me

Cos I,
I Can't Sleep At Night
It just don't feel right
cos baby I'm lonely, and I want you here to hold me

Cos I,
I Can't Sleep At Night
It just don't feel right
cos baby I'm lonely, I'm not good at being lonely
I know you'll give me one more chance
I know I crossed the line

I'm guessing it's too much to ask
That you give me some time

The more I give
The more I want
With every sip, I'm going under

But it feels right
I know it's wrong

ooh, I gotta make you see it's you for me

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Dannii Minogue I Can't Sleep At Night Comments
  1. ред кий

    Классное исполнение !!!

  2. stephen shutt

    Imagine both the sisters performing together, wouldn't that be wonderful 😉😊

  3. Mario Abate

    I swear! I use to sing this song almost everytime here um my home, Royal Dannii!!!! 😵😵😵😵🖤👑❤🔥👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Jesamine O'Brien

    I can't sleep at night as well

  5. Elin B

    Dannii är nog tänkt att va den som speglar mig.

  6. Elin B

    Dannii ligger på guldlakan i promobilden. Varför blev det silver i videon?

  7. Hans Landa

    damn dannii!! you sing so well and you're so hot!!
    hotter than the sun!!!

  8. Hans Landa

    goddamn goddess!! wow!!!
    and you the other sorryasses who disrespect this wonderful lady, you should be ashamed! get a life bunch of morons!

  9. ColinsCity

    Club Disco should have been released as a CD in the UK, the price for the australian cd is ridiculous, maybe even a special limited 2 Vinyl release like Neon Nights would be cool, i just want that album physically, its PERFECTIIIIOOOON haha

  10. evo8nut

    The fittest of the Minogue sisters by far, for me anyway, but I prefer the "Wigan Pier" version tbh.

  11. Jonny K

    An absolute gem of a song from an absolute gem of an album! Dannii is so talented...

  12. Justin Jackson

    where is there? new york or melbourne?

  13. Romchikthelemon

    Поёт нежно. А видео простенькое.

  14. Omar Steven Aristizabal

    Good song!!

  15. iSaiah Scott

    Not fair; even more underrated than her sister. That's alright, more for us to enjoy, a delicacy #ElitePop

  16. Sadoré Bravo Aranda

    She's great! I love this song

  17. Mariano Salerno

    Great song, bad year.

    Brent Waters

    What you mean

  18. music music

    all of her songs are like her sister's b-sides.

    Brent Waters

    LMAO hell naw good point

  19. Ameer Bux

    omg ,she,s sings very well and looks a lot like her sister....mashallah

  20. Fernie Casillas

    I Can't sleep at night Either!!"" ...

  21. Igor Bukový

    I wish she sings about me. :D :D :D :)

  22. NEO O


  23. Adel Ch.

    Such underrated song . This song was just released at the bad period (2007, too much news singers): she'd release it in 2000 ou 2014 it'd be a success ^^


    No. This song screams 80s pop. Is it bad? No. Just forgettable.

    David McDonald

    A Solid album track but not a single

  24. Roland Baldwin

    Amazing song, amazing video.  Record companies that just don't get her!

  25. Maria Angela

    Omg she looks just like her sis

  26. Laura Buchanan

    it's a shame that she's under rated she is really talented, in my opinion she isn't as good as Kylie but she still deserves more credit than she gets. Hope to hear the new album! <3

  27. JMMT7022801

    DAT ASS!!!

  28. Francisco Yañéz


  29. Luscious3174

    Insomnia ought to be this good

  30. Manuel Kazan

    What Good song :D
    I feel so sensual XD

  31. madonnagm

    Dead brain!!!!

  32. Patri Lucero


  33. sexwithmadonna

    OMG Danni you try to kill meeeeeeeeeeeee, you're SO SO HOT!!!!

  34. tkotomy

    look at what i was replying to you little virgin

  35. tkotomy

    I treat my ladies right.

    Take them out, nice dinner, hold their hand, maybe a movie, walk on a nice river, smell their hair, etc...

    That being said, when it comes down to us banging, I give it to them how they like it.. Nothing wrong with a bit of rough sex. What's your deal anyway?

  36. dandylion

    to think "civilized" westerners like you are going to teach all the other men how to treat women.

  37. tkotomy

    I would destroy her box. She is SO hot.. omggg

  38. genxfrog

    Her twin, Justin Beiber is the best of them all!!

  39. Tómas Speed

    Para animar la noche un poco mientras edito fotos !,

  40. Mike Harty

    @Jaybeegirl i fully agree

  41. ~zeus~

    She's 2 good for the x factor :P

  42. heather smith

    hot hot hot

  43. Apulanta89

    I can't get her CD's from Finland,so I have only one :(

  44. Monica Diamont

    Great Filmclip Love the sexy bed scene very classy fantstic track as well love the synths sounding Fantastic What can I say Love your the best Love you Rainbo xxx

  45. David Riley Jr

    Queen of Clubs!

  46. MRForssander

    Everybody knows Dannii has a better voice and is a better performer then Kylie. But yes they sound a quite alike sometimes.

  47. Fred A

    I`m a man and she looks HOTTER :-P !

  48. dublindiscobunny

    Wow! never heard or saw this song/video!

  49. paninaro81

    @Jaybeegirl you thinking she's hot is also hot :-)

  50. Chloe Anne

    dannii minogue look 1000 times better with dark hr not blonde

  51. dannihot

    Love Dannii, she can sing just as good as her sister! bring on the new album!

  52. bhp123654

    i prefer kylie minogues music

  53. Br0wNN01sE

    @sarathapova Then people would demand more of her than the competitors.

  54. art1ej

    this would have been a number one single its that good & this is one of the best tracks off neon nights.....

    Mark Lo Surdo

    Club Disco

  55. crystosis

    @Jaybeegirl U r a lesbian....:P

  56. jadesmitt

    amazing and i agree she should perform on the xfactor maybe if shes a judge again eh

  57. sarathapova

    Dannii minogue looks so gorgeous and sexy! She's beautiful!

    I wish she would do a live performance on x factor!

  58. Sameer Rajakumar

    what a song