Danielle Peck - Findin' A Good Man Lyrics

Here's to findin' a good man

Got a bucket of Corona
Enough stories to last all night
About the trials and tribulations
Of findin' Mr. Right
Of findin' a good man

Here's to the liars and the cheaters
And the cold mistreaters
To the mama's boys who can't make a stand
Here's to the superficial players
The I love you too soon sayers
If you hear me girls raise your hand
Let's have a toast
Here's to findin' a good man

Blind dates and horror stories
Pushy guys and fast movers
Let's dedicate this girl's night out
To big talkers bad losers
It's so hard findin' a good man

Here's to the liars and the cheaters
And the cold mistreaters
To the mama's boys who can't make a stand
Here's to the superficial players
The I love you too soon sayers
If you hear me girls raise your hand
Let's have a toast
Here's to findin' a good man

Julie I know you want perfection
Angie you wanna listener
Lisa your list is gettin' long
And girls you know me I just want a good kisser

Here's to the liars and the cheaters
And the cold mistreaters
To the mama's boys who can't make a stand
Here's to the superficial players
The I love you too soon sayers
If you hear me girls raise your hand
Let's have a toast
Here's to findin' a good man

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Danielle Peck Findin' A Good Man Comments
  1. Lee Kirk

    Been looking for this song forever but all i could remember was the glasses & that on of the other girls is also a country singer don’t know what i watched for another one of danielle’s songs to pop up on my YouTube but i’m glad it did i recognized her name right off & almost hollered out loud 😅

  2. majik1973

    Oh no way!.. “Sap” is what I have. Always thought that was an advantage.


    So I was only 6 when this song was realized but this is real music. I need these glasses

  4. Elizabeth Newberry

    Danielle Peck omg amazing singer miss her voice

  5. Alan fast 7 Niebergall

    Come on sexy girl 😍😉😉

  6. Sharon Joke

    Those glasses should come with your 1st pack of pads 🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Melanie Mount

    You got that right nothing you find out there is pretty much do you really believe for no man that breaks your heartand your soul and they're the ones that supposed to protect you and not break your love and trust in your heart all I got to say this is a perfect song for gloomy day to get over thingsI would suggest this to anybody that really needs this song this one's the best song of all

  8. Alan fast 7 Niebergall

    You go beautiful girl my life

  9. Ben Guiry

    Very nice, a real toe-tapper.

  10. Trisha Hug

    She's like the modern day version of Gretchen Wilson.

    Price Pittsburgh

    This song is 13 years old 2006

  11. nemesisgenius

    She sounds like Shania Twain, except more talented and waaay sexier. This song should have gone to #1. I still don't understand how and why Danielle Peck is not a country music superstar!!!!

  12. Austin Phillips

    Always loves her outfits

  13. Yeshua is Lord

    You go girl

  14. Sara Richardson

    Here's to the ones who can't handle a smart girl

  15. Drsteagle8

    How about finding a good woman...

    Sara Richardson

    Right here 😊

  16. Jacob Kemrer

    I'm a good man any of you women want a good man here I am

  17. Amber Kolody

    I could use a pair of those glasses

  18. Pamela Hollen

    Lol this was my karaoke 🎤 song at the bar 😂😂😂😂😂 damn 14 years ago

  19. Bertio Landon

    Love Danielle Peck !!!!

  20. Heather Stevens

    I love this song 👍

  21. Jodi Meier

    I found me good man finally I been married to cheater for 12 years and then I finally kicked him to curved lol

  22. sylvia

    It's funny how my ex was pretty much all of em 😂

    Jackie Shatto

    Mine too

  23. Terry T

    Hey there r some good ones left thanks a lot lol it works both ways. To bad they don't make glasses like that but we all have to learn. until u find the right one yes ma'am just keep going never give up young ladies never give up.

  24. redneck400m

    Shes hot

  25. Trisha Hug

    Where can I get a pair of those sunglasses?

  26. JayNise Arrington

    yeah why

  27. Big Dog

    you are one of the most beutiful women on earth love you my gorgeous sexy delicious angel goddess

  28. Juanita Buron

    I can't give enough awesome HELL yeah to this !

  29. Juanita Buron

    Dedicate the real truth hey mis treaters and bad liars loads damn right I want prefection, here's to finding a good man!3/15^18

  30. Rachel Lammers

    If there could be a good man that does not do Drugs or other bad things lol

  31. Anker Legazpi

    she sounds like Shania twain

  32. caty verster

    Love!!! Love!!! This song!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤and so true the words....

  33. Taylor Steege

    I have a new men is name Tom Thomas

  34. Grace Reif

    To the mama's boys who can't make a stand.

  35. Falcon 4Life

    Well if your looking for a "good man" at a bar, that's your FIRST mistake. If that's your approach then just keep in mind the fleas come with the dog. Plus, if your woman that feels the only place you CAN find a good man is at a bar, then chances are you never had a deeply loving dad that treated you like a princess that raised a standard in his little girl in finding a good man. I have never heard of a dad advising his daughter to go down to the local bar and find your future husband. Stats show that woman who didn't have a good relationship with their dad's usually try filling that emotional hole in their heart with low-life after low-life and usually end up whoring themselves just find attention they never got FROM their dad's. Lest we forget also, that with most men, MODEST IS HOTTEST!!! If you reveal your "ass"ets out of the gate then there is nothing left to the imagination for a man to want to pursue.

    PJ Brown

    Wow. I'll bet YOU'RE a lot of fun to hang around with. lol
    Conversely, don't expect to find a "good woman" at a bar.
    What can be found at the bar are women who are looking to get laid. IMO, that's 90% why women hang out in a bar.
    Because of that, they draw the flea-bit mongrels that you speak of.
    But you cannot simply generalize and say every man in a bar is not worthy of having a relationship with.
    You shouldn't stereotype like that.

    You sound like a bitter, jaded woman who's been through some rough times, doesn't have a man, probably a misandrist now, and you're trying to tell people how to live their lives based on your misfortunes.
    I think you should keep your opinions to yourself and lay off the meth.
    ps- maybe you should see someone about that daddy complex.

    Donald Dockery

    @PJ Brown I agree 💯 with the daddy thing... just saying...

  36. Melissa Henderson

    She's from my home town of Coshocton ohio !!! Amazing singer

  37. Kiara Hobson

    Do these only work on guys?

  38. Danny and Michelle

    Loved it when I first heard Casey Thompson sing it way better but still good

  39. Amber L

    I Love this song and others from early 2000s. I need some of those glasses 👓

  40. Susan Dickerson

    so good

  41. Record Artist Dyan Villavicencio AH-YES-YES-YO!


  42. Mrs. Smooth One

    If only they did have labels on their foreheads...

    Amber Kolody

    Mrs. Smooth One agreed

    Jodi Honest

    Same could go for us. Warning tags about our b itchiness.

  43. Kevin Rockwell

    I need a pair of those glasses. here's to finding a good woman

  44. Joseph L Land

    Here's to finding a good woman...

  45. Catherine Smith

    coo l ,

  46. Kathy Reynolds

    We all need a good man


    Kathy Reynolds define "good man"


    we all WANT a good man, not need.

  47. Fatimasing63

    What ever happened to her?

    Jeff Brown

    Fatimasing63 she's performing with NASCAR right now. I met her today.

  48. CrystalOtaku93

    XDDD LOVE THIS! Girl's got standards but you should judge by BOTH actions, words, and lastly (emphasis on LAST!) appeance

  49. Emma Phariss

    her voice reminds me of shania twain abit and resembles sara evans and leann womack lol


    She does sound like Shania Twain. A little bit of Jo Dee Messina and Heidi Newfield as well.

    Freddie Cordova

    You mean she’s gorgeous !


    @Freddie Cordova Yes she is!!

  50. K RDP

    im a teddy bear but acording to the internet girls hate teddy bears so they want or desire the bad boys


    No, girls like to FANTASIZE about bad boys. But they want to come home to somebody who's gonna listen to their problems and cuddle it out.

    K RDP

    +TigirlakaLaserwolf6 i do that. im a teddy bear

  51. baby girl

    ✋✋✋✋hand raised

  52. Shawnee Winchester

    I love this song.

  53. baby girl

    omg love it can I get them glasses lol

  54. Sierra Propps

    lol im sorry but this was so sorry ok first time watching this vid or even hearing this song and I knew that due was married even before the word popped up then bust out laughing when it did! did this happen to anyone else lol? (back to vid)

    Sierra Propps

    @Sierra Propps ok wait a minute whats wrong with muscisian and what does sap mean stupid a** playa? suck a p*-------- NO!!!! no plz someone tell me I don't want to guess!


    @Sierra Propps A sap is a foolish and gullible person.

    Sierra Propps

    @alamanderflash ok thank you sooo much I thought it was some kind of abbreviation thanks soo much 

  55. Lissandra Dawson

    Studies confirm that 70 percent of men cheat, whilst only 25 percent of women do. This means that if you're with a woman, there's a 75 percent chance she won't cheat but if you date a man, there's only a 30 percent chance he won't cheat. The truth is ugly. All this nonsense from men saying women are the same are all full of shit and they damn well KNOW they're full of shit. The real reason they're upset is because they don't want women knowing the truth about their true nature. If they were "good guys" then they would admit that most men have a problem. Instead, they gaslight and deny the problem even exists. They're upset because they expect women to be unsuspecting, naive visctims who are easy to manipulate. In reality, men are sex addicts, hypocrites, liars and abusers. With the exception of a very few. Probably gay men.

    Brittany Subtractcock

    TigirlakaLaserwolf6 well men view it as if a woman even talks to a guy then they are cheaters.

    Wayne Igoe

    Lissandra Dawson My god that is the most sexist thing I've read all day

    Jennifer Solga

    I completely agree Lissandra Dawson! This has been my very experience too and same with my mom and many, many other women I've talked to, and girlfriends too. It sucks being a woman on this earth and most men suck it seems. I have yet to actually meet a good, decent man!

    Amanda Nightstar

    Lissandra Dawson many, not only gay men.

    Amanda Nightstar

    Jennifer Solga depends what country you are in, I have 40+ family and 30+ friends of them only one woman was cheated on.

  56. Bob M

    You just need a Good "Bad" Man with some "Shades of Looking for a Good Woman". Was a Funny tune and I get it. Just remember there are Players on the She side Guys. Cheers...!

  57. Cathy Boles

    Everyone is EQUALLY as guilty.  Grow up ya'll!

  58. Eric Lane

    I hate women like this. Shallow, self absorbed, judgmental, and arrogant.. these type deserves the bad boys that they claim they dont want, and mistreat them. I read comments on this song and ive lost respect for women. Shallow idiots

    Eric Lane

    @Christina Howell do you even know what arrogance means? Go google it

    Eric Lane

    @baby girl​ theres that shallowness we talked about. Its women like you that deserved to be in a relationship with a guy that abuses you in every way

    baby girl

    +Eric Lane fuck off Lil fuck boy bitch you don't know me so step the fuck off

    Eric Lane

    +baby girl fuck boy? me? clearly you dont know shit about me. you mad bitch? good stay that way

    Eric Lane

    Theres that arrogance we talked about. You really should go slit your own wrist. You sterotypical bitch and its weird that you take me insulting you as me being interested in you. What a masochist

  59. Mark Wounded Arrow Nipp


  60. Dave Wollenberg

    Danielle disappeared from the country chart, without a trace. She sang like a Britisher, when she dropped her r's, after the vowel sounds.

  61. Miciah Dycus

    You found your Good Man D!!Congrats and Best Wishes on your Marriage to Josh. We Love Y'all
    He hit the Jackpot on finding a damn Good Lady (wife). lol. June 13, 2014

  62. kitarojeevas

    Why can't they invent some of those glasses? I want one.

    baby girl


  63. stephanie collick

    Where can i get a pair of those glasses.. i could use some lol


    stephanie collick id get a pair if they could tell me what ladies would actually date me


    Cheers for this, I have been researching "how to attract a good man and keep him" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Kenora Panameron Eradicator - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

    Trisha Hug

    I know right?!

    Renee Parker

    Me to i want those glasses. Makes me think of my Child's Father everytime someone tells him what they think he says "I'm going to tell my Mama" He is a Liar,Cheater,Player,User,Poser,and Mama's Boy

  64. finsfanct1973

    Most women wouldn't know a 'good man' if he presented them with a "Certificate of Authenticity"!  Just like the video portrayed, women judge on how 'smooth' a guy is and how 'HOT' he is.  Not whether he has anything REAL going on beneath the surface.  

    Just Saying.....

    Amanda Nightstar

    I am a woman and know that is far from true

    Chris C

    Silje Riksta I am also a woman and I know that it is true. Women, especially before 30, pass up good men all the time for stupid superficial reasons. A perfect example is the ‘friend zone’. You won’t find too many men that refuse to give it a chance with a woman because they get along too well. That is something women do and it’s completely illogical.

    Amanda Nightstar

    Chris C hahahaha it is so not fucking true, for some women maybe for most hell naw. When I was 18 I meet a good man and we have been together over three and a half years, same with alot of couples I have meet.


    True! Better words were never spoken. That is life.

  65. Calista Richards

    Hell yeah girl!!!

  66. Pranav Agrawal

    I'm bothered. My brother lives in the adjacent room and he in recent times turned superb at seducing all women. The guy discovered the Master Attraction site (Lookup in Google) by Jake Ayres. All he's doing now is screwing women. He's continuously having the hottest women back. I can't help but hear it, which is disgusting and If only he had not discovered that site. My best friend is getting laid now too coz of that site. I am envious!

  67. uttam giri

    You will understand that demoralizing occasion when your friend (who's been a loser permanently) gets an incredible woman to fall in love with him in, like 3 weeks?! Shit, that materialized. I know I ought to be pleased for him having said that I would prefer if it was me. He smiled as he told me he ran the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wish to hide out inside a cave at this point.

  68. marius mediem

    My weird brother was able to make the most incredible stripper I've ever seen fall for him because he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I was excited for him but I want such a pretty woman to fall in love with me. I'm really jealous. Does that mean I'm a bad human being?

  69. Myferardromance12

    I wish finding a good man was this easy. I new some of those glasses

  70. Coleen Gabhart

    I WANT those glasses, they would make things a whole lot simpler! :)

  71. Jessica Miller

    I wish i could get those glasses and then have all that cuz then all id have 2 do is put on my glasses and find out who without the dating and broken hearts

  72. Lynelle Jo

    Here's to the ones who wuss out at the mention of commitment. If you hear me girls raise your hands!

  73. Akuma Youkai

    Unfortunately, not all men listen to their mommas. We wish they did though. But there will always be that stack of coal with a couple hidden diamonds.

  74. Moon Hunter

    I sang this song at the bar on New Year's Eve and walked away with a good man :D

  75. Kitty Kat

    you realized that's just invisible ink right? all you need is the right kind of glasses to see it....they've already been made xD

  76. kadeeg67

    I want those sunglasses or guyglasses: ) hahaha

  77. Brittney R

    oh i want some of those glasses lol

  78. South Paw's Doberman

    if only it was that easy lmao

  79. patakisfriend

    Today I met this super cute cowboy! Haha he might be the one ;)

  80. Dave Wollenberg

    Whatever happened to Danielle? ACC's #33 song of '06.

  81. Sierra Hey-Stehling

    damnit i really want those glasses but then i would never find a guy lol

  82. AllyssaMariee96

    If only sunglasses worked like that. Damn. Sign me up? ;D

  83. ld41065

    No it is poser in the US

  84. Dakota Massie

    i swear to god thats chely wright not danielle peck? lol they both look the exact same

  85. Beth Murch

    Ahem - the correct spelling is "poseur". Thanks for playing, though.

  86. loonlaker67

    I'll be your Good Man Danielle. I'm an honest, Respectful, Hardworking man. =)

  87. Adriana Williams

    i want those sunglasses so much

  88. Sarah Jane Meyer

    i love this song:)

  89. stephanie collick

    I NEED THOSE GLASSES!!!! Someone seriously needs to invent those, they would make a KILLING!!

  90. Sami Abinanti

    She's a man hater country singer.LOL

  91. Heidi Perruso

    @timcassandra011609 I wish they really made a pair of those

  92. Heidi Perruso

    awesome song and soooooo true.....does an actual good man exist?

  93. Kitty Kat

    actually...pretty sure those are the glasses used to see things under a blue light...used in CSI investigations...so they've already been made....xD you'd just need an invisible marker to write on their forhead and anyone who has those glasses would see it under a blue light xD

  94. Elly May

    So True!