Danielle Cohn - What's It About You Lyrics

Forget about that other guy
Moving on is about time
Cute smile and hazel eyes

We do it we do it like
To a life and a first kiss
Found you in Texas
Who knows what's next
We do it all night
You've go that
Takes my breath
I can't quite figure out figure out...

What's it about you
Don't wanna without you
I don't have a clue
What it is you do
But there's something about you
What's it about you

Sun rays and the two of you
That how great On neutered
Other girls better don't see the mall of cities you you
My heart beats on your tongue
I don't even know why
I don't need to know why
Cause it do what it do
You've got that
Scare me to death and take my breath away
I can't quite feel around

Was it about you
Don't wanna without you
I don't have a clue
What it is you do
But there's something about you
There's something about you
What's it about you
What's it about you girl
What's it About you girl
What's it about you boy
What's it about you
Don't wanna without you
I don't have a clue
What's it is you do
But there's something about you
There's something you
What's it about you
Was it about you girl

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Danielle Cohn What's It About You Comments
  1. Lily Ballard

    2019 heyy

  2. Karlie Orlando

    Oh my. does that song of dani really has more likes than dislikes?

  3. Aurora Wright

    1:30 the boy sounds like a cheesy boy band fake audio tune making my ears bleed

  4. Evelyn E-H

    She literally looks nine what is happening

  5. Veronica Wilson

    0:37 she said : 🦒

  6. xnittyx sores

    This is the Dani we all wanna see😒😒😒😒

  7. Crishelle Anne

    Danielle Cohn at 11: thinking only LOVE LOVE!!
    Me at 11: Watching " Monster High" and " Ever After high"

  8. TheStormChasers

    Look at her now

  9. Blesing Valla

    This Issa bop

  10. Barbie Minaj

    Okay, this is actually worse than Cardi b

  11. LavenderTBH

    Dani: I want autotune and more autotune oh and some more and also can you add like a little autotune ALSO did i forget to mention aut-

    Producer: say no more

  12. Tae tae tea

    How do people like this -

  13. Acelynne

    Oh yes, one of the best times..

  14. Deepa Nandlal

    Her part is so high

  15. *shimmer me timbers*

    You can physically see the 11 year old in her

  16. just.proficy

    My nigga making songs at 11

  17. Angelina Zink

    She was 11 at this time...

    We can do it all night?! That's it I'm yeeting myself off a tree

  18. food asmr

    your ten years old

  19. Rama Ba

    Back when she was sorta clean

  20. spongeBobGotTheSudsBecause HeDankAsHell

    I bet that boy doesn't even know who The Rolling Stones are

  21. Lizzyyy *

    0:39 h-he has his jeans in the water i-

  22. Heather Billy42

    This is Beyond Terrible!

  23. taemanliness lee

    imagine being 11 and singing about boys and love lul

  24. Anabella Sai

    Isn’t that the house Annie LeBlanc Filmed in

  25. Benize Jaide Hinkle

    How come this video has more likes than dislikes literally it's cringy, but the man's voice is better that hers!!

  26. Vybl08

    aaaah she’s 11 here

  27. Kaylor Sapp

    Aw brook buttler is that whos house you used ?

  28. Ellyce Rose Hill

    2:53 is my favorite part

  29. I. J.

    When you realize she was 11 in this video...

  30. JeffreyEpsteinDidntKillHimsself

    Who watches these just to look at the comments and dislike the video?

  31. C•nnect_the_d•ts Π

    2 KIDS! and 2 late TEENS!


    C•nnect_the_d•ts Π IKR!!

  32. Ana Fernandes

    who’s that pedofile??

  33. hotel? trivago.

    0:35 "We do it all night"
    Me: *do what? your homework?*

  34. Cherry Cao

    Who wrote this-

  35. Buzzy Trombone

    Although this bitch is a fucking criminal for lying about her age using three minors for clout and money, I would say that only three of her songs were at least passable....This being one of them

  36. Naomi Sweetie

    She was 11 here!!!

  37. Sven0620

    Anyone noticed that she’s 10 and singing about love lol

  38. le journal de margot

    This is the only music video of daniel cohn that have more like than dislike

  39. Evelyn Montagna

    Wtf you were 11

  40. Oof Family


  41. Will Plunkett

    She was 11 here

  42. just_another_human_ 2005

    Poor Greg

  43. Ulises Spam

    Knowing her real age puts everything into perspective.

  44. yani

    I went to area 51 and found Danielle Cohn singing there! I started crying and my mom took me home! It was so scary

  45. yani

    You look 10

  46. Keti ZachFAN

    Hes her boyfriend befor??? Haaaa?

  47. Sorrows

    She's 11 in this video lmaoooo

  48. BrownEyed_Babyxx

    Girl your literally 11 talking about a boyfriend🤣🤣

  49. Emma White

    She's literally a baby good Lord again how is this aloud ik it's old n all but gotDAM

  50. Lucila

    0:34 "we do it all night"
    *grabs the bleach and dumps it on phone*

  51. Leeann Brown

    She goes through boyfriends like I go through breaths of air

  52. Leeann Brown

    Can we talk about how the foundation does not match

  53. Amy_ Omq

    She completely ruined her self by dying her hair black and making her self tan 🤣😂

    Ariana Boo

    Mexican who?

  54. Elqrxea

    Imagine is she auditioned on AGT
    That would be hilarious😂

  55. Random BlackDude

    Worst part of the song 0:00-2:53

    Best part of the song 2:53

  56. Lil Slither

    Why are all of the boys from her videos from brat

  57. Nataly Ariel

    She’s 11 in this PFT

  58. joyhankon 87

    Omg here she was eleven

  59. Angie

    That's the time when everything started to go down very fast

  60. Anong Rynn Phomakay

    “ moved on its about time”
    You haven’t moved on from mikey

  61. Andrea Vela

    honestly when that guy sings the video got better.
    But when Danie joins in she went off.

  62. Rosario

    finally a boy that is the same age as her

  63. Park Jimin

    she changed so much

  64. Yung and Dum

    Love how yall always shaming Dani but Let Piper Rockwell off shes younger and shes not as bad as this but shes like 10 and already has a boyfriend and she wore slutty clothes in a video once

  65. Wind: Whoosh ;-;

    Gotta go through every music video to make sure it has more dislikes than likes

  66. *luvrella*

    is no one gonna talk about her eyebrows?!? I mean where the hell are her eyebrows?

  67. Momo yaoyorozu

    You were fucking 11, what are you wearing, what are you saying?

  68. Resulakos

    My cat died because it listened to this

  69. Francesca Martinez

    finallyyyy a kid that’s actually her age awee

  70. Lexi Heisler

    she came out with her face looking darker than her eyebrows...

  71. Kimberly Garcia

    She looks 10....

    e m

    Well she was 11 here

    Kimberly Garcia

    e m is u 10?

  72. Katelyn Elizabeth

    You can’t read the text in the beginning 😂🙄

  73. zk.moonxstars 14

    In this video she's 11 and he's 14

    Lena 287

    Salayae UwU She isn‘t 11

    zk.moonxstars 14

    @Lena 287 in this video she is, she's 13 now and this was in 2017 soooo yeah she was 11

  74. I’m just a part of your Imagination

    Look how young she likes in here

  75. Veronica Rodriguez

    Who else came here bc i saw kids from brat Chicken girls yall - Trinity Ellis

    Stormy Vertex

    Veronica Rodriguez me


    Veronica Rodriguez me

  76. Hanna Mills

    Brooke was low key the only reason I clicked🤭🤭🤭

  77. melanie perdue

    Dani voice can use some work

  78. Vampir0

    Alexis Texas vibes

  79. jairoux ;o

    *the song is bad but she looks so young n innocent.*

  80. Mango Slime

    Wait a second Dani just said first kiss aka with Greg Mark but in her new vid she says Mikey was her first kiss?



    Mango Slime she dated sebastian before mikey though

  81. Samantha Genesis

    Sis sounds like a Lil 12 year old

  82. Gucci Model TaeTae

    You guys want to know what is my FAVORITE part😀😀😀😀 My favorite part of the video is 2:53 😁😁😁 so PRECIOUS HOLY LORD that part is so quite it's the best part ever I heard REALLY... that's the precious part of the song I've ever heard in my life😇😇😇

  83. Brittany Cardenas

    2019 anyone omg u where 13 in this

  84. Mariah Defreece

    These are my favorite parts of the video 0:00 and 2:53

  85. EwUSuck

    Did she just say “flex my bread” or am i just going deaf🌝

  86. Nisha Devi

    Kids these days 😑

  87. Itsjust Massa

    I think this is when her and her boyfriend were similar in age those were good days for her

  88. Fluffybunny925

    Congrats!!! A music vid with more likes den dislikes!

  89. Thierry Fernandez

    J'ai oublier de te demander très albums en peux les commandé en France ?

  90. Thierry Fernandez

    Bonjour Danielle Cohn tu a des très belle chanson


    Thierry Fernandez wtf

  91. America

    This ruined every part of my wonderful life... :(

  92. Roslyn núñez

    Wtf 😐

  93. Mee !!

    I was always bother by the autotune but nvm she need it back

  94. Keelynn Stepp

    I just noticed that she makes a music video with every guy she is with

  95. Dead Roses デッド

    1:14 why does this guy sing worse than can't and that other kid

  96. Dream Monica Ward

    Imagine if her and case where still dating would she act her age???

  97. Dream Monica Ward

    He’s worst then her wow

  98. Dream Monica Ward

    Her hair tho 🤢

  99. Hydrate Or Die

    This girl is 10 years old and already has 2 boyfriends that are way older than her