Daniel, Kiss - No Do Lyrics

See this life me I no like trouble oh
One man's thing is another man struggle oh
Money no dey today, money go dey tomorrow
Feel good it's a happy day

Oh no
Peperipe peperipepe
Oh yeah, oh yeah yeah
No go dey do pass yourself
(No go dey do pass yourself)
Peperipe peperipepe (pepe, ulegule)
No go dey do pass yourself

You get money, you wan do lauw lauw
Trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am
No do today forget tomorrow
Feel good it's a happy day

Peperipe peperipepe (pepe, ulegule)
No go dey do pass yourself (no go dey do pass yourself)
Peperipe peperipepe (aww)
No go dey do pass yourself

Peperipe peperipepe (pepe pepe)
No go dey do pass yourself (no go dey do no no)
Peperipe peperipepe (aw jekunle oh)
No go dey do pass yourself

Forget say you make am
Me self go make am too
I no come to chop banku
Amasi koledabu weda oh
Adeso uwere ti adara oh

Peperipe peperipepe (pepe ripeperi pepe)
No go dey do pass yourself
(No go dey do wetin no concern you)
Peperipe peperipepe (alaru)
No go dey do pass yourself

Fado de great
Boy kiss

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  1. Fatima Sissoko

    I love this song die from Togo 😘😘😘

  2. Kehinde Ige

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  3. Kehinde Ige

    Can I put my own coment

  4. Kehinde Ige

    Can I put my own coment

  5. Kehinde Ige

    Who wrote the music

  6. Kehinde Ige

    It's so nice

  7. Bryanna Hamilton

    Love it

  8. Buke Alex

    blessed one

  9. Ijiebor Peter

    Nice one bro

  10. Yamie Chikhola

    More love 1000 likes

  11. Edoh Blessing

    My best 9jer Artist

  12. rougi jallow

    Bilaye kiss daniel I really love this son ❤❤

  13. Effa Bassey

    November and December 2019; who’s here?

  14. Alvin Smith

    The "Tales by moonlight" beat is superb ✌

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  16. ajiboye ayodeji

    Here in 2019

  17. Rossence Paradza

    he never disappoints ........much love from zimbabwe

  18. Bridget Joseph

    Another 4words no do poko

  19. Miracle Edijana

    One of my best

  20. Paul Irabor

    Tales by moonlight.... creativity

  21. food food food food

    Because of this song I started following him wonderful song respect

  22. Ella Promise

    Much love darling

  23. Grace olawumi

    I Enjoy your song everyday

  24. Kwame Kuruma

    I love this man..love from London

  25. Uka Dorathy

    I love you Kizz Daniel
    Your lyrical capability is just awesome,
    I love you to the moon and back, I love all your songs and am ur number 1 fan.
    Any song u re featured, am there baby, as far as u are involved, ur voice is unique, once I hear it, I know its you!

  26. aloysius dinyuy

    2019 and counting 🥰🥰🥰

  27. Steve k Kithaka

    Kiss faniel the song is soo sweet l really love it l sing it to myself when l shower lm from kenya

  28. laurent hennetier

    Kiss Daniels No Do, Tales by Moonlights Old stories from NTA.

  29. Naa Nora

    My inspiration 😍😍😍

  30. Cynthia Mbit

    Lovely one

  31. destroyed by mantis

    Have searched, Latin word order is estimated subject–object–verb. but adverb example Dis is put on before verb example disagree, disagree can be used in english. Google translate says disagree can equal dissentio in latin.Dis-sentio is word order.

  32. destroyed by mantis

    English word order is verb-not because of don`t, while latin maybe de-verb. Not is introduced as ad-verb. So modern english`s word order is Subject-Verb-adverb-Object. But esstimated Ancient Latin was Subject-adverb-Verb-Object. No do is, I no do is Subject-adverb Verb Object.

  33. Katia Chiure

    August 2019 one love 😘 from Mozambique 🇲🇿

  34. Momo Henni

    We wait fore you suriname

  35. DFandV

    Nicolas Peperipeperipepe

  36. Choudore Gatkuoth

    Fly Boy love you

  37. Miranda blink

    Who with me 2020 show some love ❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Mimi Amegnran

    Non capisco granché però adoro troppo questa canzone

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    Who is still here ,August 2019 💕👉💕💖👏

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    Where are my Ugandan Sisters Here??,Who enjoys this song like Crazy 😂😂##KissDaniel Much Love From🇺🇬🇺🇬

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    je suis burkinabé j'aime beaucoup Kiss Daniel

  43. Harnize RNoir

    🔥 Anyone 2019

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  45. Mutuyimana Solange

    you already killed me I swear

  46. John Maina

    How is everyone missing that the beat is sampling of Franco's Mamou

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    I do much love this song 💕💕💕

  48. World Map

    Passed with message...baddo

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    July 11 2019 anyone

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    No go dey do pass yourself indeed

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    Love dis song, love kiss Daniel from start... one of your songs makes me feel in love

  55. Frank Foxx

    Kid seated on the floor @ 1:28- 1:29 & 1:33 with the " Jesus what year is this look " reminds me of how I be in the mornings.."U know that wtf happened last night ~naah f*ck it thought process & Im back to the Lagos grind state of affairs" . Thanks kid😏 #ekotales #hustlersambitionz 🇳🇬🇳🇬

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    Best music from kiss Daniel
    Much love for South Korea

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    NICE ONE KISS DANIEL……...TALES BY MOONLIGHT, Aimo asiko lodamu eda oooooooh- eda se ohunrere ti eeee ada ra oooooh.

  63. Ham jovan

    Actually this is my ring tone big up

  64. Hassan Ly

    The best voice of africa respect kizz


    WE LOVE KIZZ DANIEL! We'll probably do a music piece on him...🤔

  66. Daniel Morissaint

    I love so much your musics kiss Daniel

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    Meself don make am too becos i no come banku yes oooh, nitori pe oluwa ti so oro mi dayo

  77. Samson Ahonsi Imoquede

    Money no dey today , money go dey tomorrow so no go dey do pass yourself peperipepeperipepe.

  78. Mathew Akinkunmi

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    Doesn't this remind you of 'Tales by Moonlight' - Sunday Evenings on NTA. Miss Naija😥...


    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! That was my first thought. Had started thinking i was the only one who noticed that.

  83. Beloved

    ...No do today forget tomorrow... No go dey do pass yourself.
    ...me self go make am too.
    Yes oh!!! aimasiko lon da mu eda indeed.
    This is so me right now. I love this song.

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    This guy has gat more talent than davido but of a lesser popularity

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