Daniel, Kiss - Bad Lyrics

Its major Bankz
Somebody body
Flyboi jerk

Ooh keleshi ba
Are you ready?
You ready
To give me your waist
I wanna rock your body
All over the place
Look me in the eye
Tell me you no feel something
Abi na lie I dey lie
When I tell you you you you
Wanna be the one
To be giving you good loving
Any time you want it
Baby I get kush
Wo wo wo
I go dey look straight when we waka
'Cause I
I no go wan look any baka
Uh uh uh

Sexy tell me where you from
Where you from
Gimme your name and your number
Baby uh yea yea
Uh yea yea
Someone tell her ah
Someone tell her
Someone tell her oh oh oh
She bad

Yeah yeah
Love the way I flex in draw
Yeah yeah
Love the way you flex with the locks
Yeah yeah
Tell a lie
Am never gonna leave you lonely
We dream better when
We feel together
We seem better when we are
Seen together
We swim better
When we are deep together
A piece of mine
Will give you
Peace forever

I wanna rock your body
All over the place, yea
Flip it
Turn t
Drip it
Work it
Drip it
Burn it
Burn it
Summer time
Summer time
You did something
Then you come alive
Come alive
Benz punnany
And I wanna drive
You decide
Ain't nothing like dem other guys
Other guys
Who tell you lies

Let me have the key to your car
'Cause am taking you home
You're drunk for the night
And everybody know
Come closer
Baby say hi to me
And if I kiss you
My baby play nice with me

Sexy tell me where you from
Love the way I flex in the drop yea yea
Gimme your name and your number
Baby uh yea yea
Uh uh
Someone tell her ah
Someone tell her
Someone tell her oh oh oh
She bad oh
I hope you know
You bad oh
Eh eh eh
She bad oh
Someone tell her oh oh

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    Wicked Bad Mon!!!

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    Kizz Daniel's voice is so intriguing....one of his kind,UNIQUE

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    this is my fav off the album

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  10. Pdarling 68


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    Hajia Chocolate

    Yes i was his motivator. Thank u my hubby is so talented.

    Lady Cook

    Pumpum wet now!!!

    Lady Cook

    Yes Sissy he is !!!

    Albert Nti


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    Seriously I can't remember the last time I fell in love with a track from any artist, home or abroad, the way I have with this song. Damn I love it.

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    Wretch 32 went in real hard

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    had this song on repeat for an entire day and an hour plus.

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    Sexy tell me where you from?
    Gimme your name and your number? ;)

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    Kizz Daniel you are a 5Star General. Your lyrics are deep. I hail my guy.... Who has his number? I want to interview him on my airwaves pls

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    My two favourite artists when I first came to U.K. wrecth was the first rapper that I fucked with it and I have always been a fun of Boy Kiss since when he dropped woju I was like this guy gonna be one of the biggest in Africa in a few years because his skill of singing and his voice is something gifted by God

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    Nice song but the cover photo is really disturbing 🤔

    Sharon Ritch

    The cover photo is deep...u have to be spiritual to understand...

    Olive Osas

    Sharon Ritch you’re right👍

    Tianna Miller

    @Sharon Ritch im assuming its angel and devil? If not can someone explain depth

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