Daniel, Kiss - 4 Dayz Lyrics

I've been searching for the right one eh
I've been searching for you all along
Darling, I'm searching no more
Baby girl you're a such a miracle
Thank your mama, you're beautiful
I'll take my time with you, I'll take it slow

Girl I am loving you for days
Anytime you call my name be like I dey craze
Ibadi e lokun o (di e di e lokun o)

Girl I am loving you for days
Anytime you call my name be like I dey craze
Ibadi e lokun o (di e di e lokun o)

I go finish work for you tonight
Be careful baby, you' my kryponite
Don't betray me, don't be Delilah
If them laugh at you na thunder eh
And if you travel, baby come back
No do wayo, chop another banana (no no)

Girl I am loving you for days
Anytime you call my name be like I dey craze
Ibadi e lokun o (di e di e lokun o)

Girl I am loving you for days
Anytime you call my name be like I dey craze
Ibadi e lokun o (di e di e lokun o)

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Daniel, Kiss 4 Dayz Comments
  1. Silvia Lopez

    Il y a de cela 2 ans j'étais un homme malheureux et malchanceux. J'avais divorcé avec ma femme il y a long temps pourtant je l'aimais. Et j'ai parlé de ça sur internet pour avoir des conseils. Parmi tous les conseils que j'ai reçu une femme qui m'a conseillé de contacter un homme honnete suivit de son mail pour lui expliquer mon cas. Au début je n'avais pas confiance parce que j'ai déjà contacter beaucoup qui m'ont pas satisfait et quand je l'ai contacté, je lui ai expliqué toute la situation de ma femme et moi. Vous savez quoi?

    Cet homme m'a dit qu'il va me faire quelque chose pour que ma femme revienne. Et j'ai passé à quelques rituels.

    Et bizarrement dans les sept jours à suivre ma femme est revenu en me suppliant de remarier avec elle, c'est un miracle pour moi en plus de ça j'avais des soucis au travail avec mon directeur tout ces problèmes sont finis et je suis en paix au travail et dans mon foyer. C'est le premier miracle que j'ai vu dans ma vie.

    (pour tous vos petits problèmes de rupture amoureuse ou de divorce-maladie-la chance-les problèmes liés a votre personnes d'une manière-les maux de ventre-problème d'enfants-problème de blocage-attirance clientèle-problème du travail,porte monnaie magique,multiplication d'argent ou tant d'autres). Ce maitre est très fort avec lui ma femme est revenue et j'ai eu la satisfaction en 7 jours il est très fort surtout les problèmes de retour affectif.

    C'est une personne sérieuse et honnête qui offre son talent a des personnes honnêtes qui sont dans le besoin d'appui spirituel pour avoir satisfaction a tous les problèmes de leur vie actuelle, soit pour s'assurer d'un lendemain meilleur avec leur famille.
    je me permets de vous laisser son contacte : voici son numéro de WhatsApp et appelle
    00229 91919752) voici son: email
    [email protected]

  2. Emmanuel Chama

    2020 still here 🔥

  3. Jean delpiero

    You're the best in the world I love you more than anyone else you're still the only artist I love in my life I want to take a picture with you here's my E-mail [email protected]

  4. mariama hassan tchaka

    Mon préféré

  5. Black Diamond

    I love kiss Danie..this music always make me remember somethings

  6. Ajdanagou Gafarou

    very Nice💪💪💪💪

  7. Mhiz Arike ade

    Oya who is still watching 👀👀😍😍

  8. David Padmore

    Beautiful song

  9. Aminata Paris

    Trop 😎 cool ❤️

  10. Fatma Zahra

    Who came from Yar'adua And indimi wedding. searching the song make like

  11. Natasha Isaac

    TUESDAY,DECEMBER 10th2019🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  12. Juliette f.g

    I wanna visit Africa so dannnnnm bad.

  13. temi agbo

    The sog is nice🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬

  14. Ijiebor Peter

    Nice one bro

  15. Awet Tsegai

    Great Artist indeed..

  16. Pat Kasere

    Zim / UK gives its seal of approval

  17. olalekan prinse

    I like dis song bout it to short i like kiss Daniel solo Much is my fan he know how to sing

  18. Towards a new Nigeria Join me


  19. shatadi Molepo

    S.A approved 😍😍😍

  20. Natasha Isaac

    ALWAYS playing this video🔥😍

  21. Aondohemba Nenge

    i likd kiss daniel

  22. Fauziyah ahmed

    If Kizz Daniel doesn’t perform at my wedding let me know what caused it, I’m speaking it into existence! Amen!!

  23. Abraham Kollie


  24. Jboy JC

    Kizz U get my hands on the replay bottom 24/6 👍liking this one 🥰 😜

  25. Chinomso Juliet

    Wow,,, love this guy songs.... It get me crazy

  26. oyinlolaoriowo olubumi

    My mom loves this song so do i😍😘❤

  27. michael endurance

    Nice one bro
    More Grace

  28. Tony Johnson

    Kiss sweet Daniel boy you're sweet as your songs ❤

  29. Memuna Muhammed

    Love... Love... Love...

  30. Mide Arabella

    I just too love u


    waya dia my from ooow

  32. OhSeunVEVO

    This vibe!!!

  33. Delali Adadzi

    Who's here October 2019...kiss Daniel is de lyrics dude

    Agoola Jolaade

    Me me me

    Salome SSalome mginda

    How was

  34. Lenkoti Jnr

    🥰🥰 like it if u feel the kizz Daniel voice

  35. Bakary Toure

    K.Daniel Tu me plais trop mes respects

  36. mautinable

    Am in love with this song, it's been on repeat ❤

  37. Tiwa Oluwashindara

    Anyone 2019

  38. Spiffy Dave

    I love kiss Daniel more than any body if u know u love kiss Dan more than me come out 😅😅

  39. Ester Said

    Hi how are you am in love with you

  40. Tracy whitney Akharume

    His the best 💋🥰💕

  41. Ameenu Avdouller

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    Faruuq adebisi


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    Searching September 2019

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    Salome SSalome mginda

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  46. Benjamin Berkoh


    Salome SSalome mginda

    How was

    Salome SSalome mginda

    Love you so bad that I

  47. Ayodele Morenike


  48. Tekevwe Ogbebor

    He sang this song to me yesterday at his concert ❤️🙌🏾

  49. Izzy Breath

    My fav song ever!! Am not even naija😊.. but my soul felt it🤣

  50. Marian Christian Ogbe

    Repeat bottom. Down with the song. 💣💣

  51. Patricia Clay

    American traveling around Africa...currently in Rwanda. On a daily basis I'm discovering so much great music. Kizz Daniel is at the top of my list of great artists out of Nigeria. Talented!!!

  52. barbssandra

    j'adore toutes tes chansons

  53. faustin musonere

    welcome to Burundi

  54. Pedro Ahidjo

    "Be careful u might creep tonite!!!👏💥🔥

  55. Ikenna. Ikenna714

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow only the duuuuuuuuuu ... i love you kiss Daniel I can become a gay bcs of u😝😝😂😂👌

    Salome SSalome mginda

    Good night

    Salome SSalome mginda

    Npge was

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    Amazing song

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    You’re the king in music big up for you brother I am so like you’re beautiful music bro yeah 😘😘

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    u kill it kizzy

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    Much much love from Ghana! I'm loving this. Kisses

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    The music ever

    Tejan Fofan

    I keep thinking why wizkid and davido fame pass this guy?? Only God knows I guess!

  64. khadija kandeh

    I hav been searching for the right one n thank god i found the right one🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  65. Oladokun sandra

    He should make a remix featuring Kwam1

  66. Ann Asamoah

    U are my crush guy ..u are so talented

  67. Emmanuel Karlea

    Nah who Pekin be this Kiss Daniel boy? I’ve been playing this song, Yerba, Madu, No do, Mama, the entire month of March. He’s my artist of the month. More love from Liberia and New York

  68. Pdarling 68


  69. adekeye dayo

    He doesn't have a bad song. Does he? Amazing tune

  70. Juss MC



    Je kiff la musique de kiss Daniel

  72. Isaac Asare

    This guy is moving forward bit by bit,hit by hit and so intelligent about his song.if u can see it like it for me

  73. Martha Iita

    i love this song

  74. Awa Gaye

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    Every time I hear your voice I feel like I de craze.

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    Who Dislike This Song... Thunder Fire You... This Is A Jam.

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    M'y actuel favorite song..

    from Ethiopia ❤❤❤


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    Salome SSalome mginda


    Salome SSalome mginda


  87. Meron Tewelde

    2019 still waiting

  88. ijeoma Amarachi iwunze

    Kiss D ... marry me please??????

  89. Ogechi Vivian

    U blow mind my mind wit dis , keep it up kiss Daniel. God bless u real big

  90. Alexis Yade

    Baby am loving for their kiss you


    https://youtu.be/_LCy6JO-QnY IS THE SHIT SHARE

  92. Estrella Gonzalez

    You are an extraordinary musician, tremendous talent. A cuban fan from Argentina

  93. Isabella Benson

    Wow nice

  94. Steve Unique

    Sweet song, but it's too short abeg

  95. gideon17you

    Kizz Daniel, you are just the best!

  96. Cortie Allen

    This artiste is so under rated.....I'm from the Caribbean and we love this man music...he deserves more ratings cause he's putting in the work perfectly