Daniel, Kevin - Stay Lyrics

I don't know why my heart feels this way when I'm with you
All is quiet, all is calm and I fill safe when I'm with you
All my war is fade away

Wont you stay, stay with me
Wont you stay, stay with me

Years goes by still you standing by my side
Lover did I ever told you clear enough
You are the one I was dreaming of
All this time, all this time...

Wont you stay, stay with me
Wont you stay, stay with me

Cause I've been waiting oh for you
I've been waiting oh for you
Oh for you...

I've ever told you clear enough
You are the one I was dreaming of
All this time, all this time...

Wont you stay, stay with me
Wont you stay, stay with me

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Daniel, Kevin Stay Comments

    Wonderful voice !! Nice version

  2. Bob Fox


  3. cristenbowman

    I love his tone, he reminds me of Phil Collins.

  4. ana amador martinez


  5. Sally James Hill

    This prick was live on the radio saying he was willing to sell his soul. Disgusting

  6. Lui Hall

    Amazing vocals tone and range superb

  7. aysha zafar

    This performance is Surreal.... Its like his voice is echoing from ages. It transcends time and space. Beautifully breathtaking..... Can't get enough of it. May God bless you with more success and joy... <3

  8. Misael Chavarria

    Like si es igual a sting.. 👌👏👏👏

  9. Pacy Bits

    Есть тут русские ставим лайк этому комменту посмотрим сколько нас

  10. Jack Yan

    Damn, I wouldn't hv watch the show ever again if he didn't won the show.

  11. Psycho Assasinator

    The most complete singer

  12. Psycho Assasinator

    the most complete singer of the voice

  13. Rogerd Reinaldo Cairos Raga

    Yo tambien la canto muy bien

  14. Eriksson Yvonne

    And two years later this is the winning song to me, he was boring before and he sure is boring after and I wanted Jolan to win, but..

  15. Hezron Nanere

    He was in Liberty X right??


    Hezron Nanere yup

  16. Lika Poladova


  17. rob bond

    Kevin was head & shoulder's above the competition, literally men against boys & girls.He sing's with such emotion and quality, how is he not a national tresure?2 years on, I still play this daily, so much better than the original, which was OK.
    Surely someone must give him another break.

  18. jonathas diniz

    I Love ! Brasil 🇧🇷

  19. Marcelo Pessoa


  20. z a i d

    You Dare come little closer

  21. Gareth Stark

    He's soooooooooooo good.

  22. Ailton Silva

    canta demais!!!!

  23. Samantha Krause

    People hate on Kevin STILL just because he beat Cody. It’s a competition based on viewers’ votes. Kevin won fair and square. His voice is impeccable, his range is amazing and he’s an overall humble person, which also adds to his status. He deserved to win as did everyone else in the finals. But at the end of the day, Kevin won. Which he more than deserved.

  24. serving Jesus

    Illuminati symbols. Guess he won

  25. figure skater sandi

    some day I wish I would be on a stage with my sister singing and me on guitar, uke or piano😢😭

  26. GUAlliance

    Meh.... I prefer Cody

  27. Ana Paula Habimorad

    Wow!!!!! Love it

  28. Cottonwood

    I would have loaned the boy a new sweater

  29. Jewell Foster

    So intense. Bravo!
    *Ricky is sprung. Lol

  30. Mikel Paella


  31. joao felipe nogueira nunes

    Todo repertório de musica, fica fera com esse cara! Foda

  32. Jovic Agruda

    Amazing performance!

  33. Deni Bădoiu


  34. genesis kstro

    i love this version

  35. alia mohammed

    i mean is that real?

  36. alia mohammed

    no way!

  37. Rainbow Rose

    Go for it he can sing even better than that the more he just goes for it which is even more incredible God Bless +++

  38. Rainbow Rose

    Hes got a brilliant voice its spot on +

  39. Bato Bato

    And he sing , really can sing 🎶 Justin B or Taylor S have a big career ? 🙄

  40. Valerijanas karuželis


  41. ЕЦ СМ

    тащусь от его голоса...

  42. ferizal aja

    I'm really love your voice from Indonesia

  43. Zhanna Sherstneva

    He is awesome but Cody is the best

  44. Deborah Lacy

    Cody should of won! She is original, Kevin is a cookie cutter performer!

  45. Stephen Musquiz

    ooooooooh my god!!!! what a voice

  46. Hayden Hell Yeah


  47. miesiemumford

    too much drama in his voice, for me he never sounds credibly.

  48. Isa Shisha

    blech. i cant believe he beat cody. wtf is wrong with people??????

    Samantha Krause

    Absolutely nothing

  49. happywelshchick7 Sarah P

    Hey where did Kevin go? Is it me or do all winners of the voice seem to disappear please someone sign him. He so has the whole package. Keep singing Kevin!!!!!! :)

  50. Jesus Christ is the Lord amen

    Illuminati symbols in the beginning?! Jesus Christ wants to save 'n loves u too amen. God Bless:D

  51. Thandie Kwidini


  52. Scott saunders

    Love this guy

  53. Mooni Nyazi

    Wow that's a real talent right there much respect for him 👏🙌

    Now I started to think my voice is ugly 😂

  54. Gabe Baste

    one thing about the voice uk is that their instrumentals are so good

  55. thank ü next very happy

    deberían apoyar a este señor canta genial, saludos desde México city. Guadalajara.

  56. ArsenalBowler

    Now this is a performance that is truly better than the original! I was wondering how could he make such a tame song like Stay worthy of the grand stage of the finals, but he absolutely smashed it!! Just amazing

  57. Kristy Cooper

    Isn't it a bit unfair letting an actually pop star compete in a TV singing competition?

  58. Bambang Sudanto

    woww........i see jude law - phil collins - paul carrack in his performance.......he's charismatic.

  59. Anny Rachel

    Alguém do Brasil aí além de mim que ama essa voz?!!!

    Vander Dos Santos

    Eu sou Brasileiro, porem moro em NYC.

  60. Chica Mimus Blog


  61. Ataberk Hepgüneş


  62. Elliot Rai

    Damn I thought this was Stay by Kygo!

  63. Daniel Fraijo

    Gorgeous voice, i want more. <3

  64. downeybill

    those triangles are damn distracting.

    Nicole Ryan

    Good voice though..

    Maia Lurie

    downeybill no they rnt. its the final. wat do u expect

  65. Sylvia Olsen

    Oh no, it's not the song "stay" I was thinking about eh

    Melina Mucaj

    ise. l. kailterl. 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

    Melina Mucaj


  66. Eliahu Costa

    Nice.... Beautiful.

  67. FloridaIndependent

    So pitchy! And he won? Jolan is the real winner! Sad!

    Kayleigh Louise

    FloridaIndependent jealous much ... he's the best


    FloridaIndependent Really?? Pitchy?? Look, I like Jolan as much as anyone, but this dude can sing his ass off. And he did here.

    MI MI

    i love both of them!


    FloridaIndependent jolan was nearly as good as him but this man is steps ahead


    I feel like you're confusing "pitch" with outstanding runs.

  68. Xin Jiang

    I really love this guy. So much.

  69. Vanda Moura

    simply perfection. GREAT!!!

  70. Robb Stark

    Can someone explain? Under the "Battle-Video" everyone ist complaining that Faith was chosen and now he's in the Finals...don't get it 😅

  71. vpl7582

    He was great but I don't like them "amping up" the music towards the end of the song. This song is at its best with just a voice and a piano.

  72. Michael Mc Garry

    amazing well done now that's how u song 😉

  73. jorge cumana

    Este pana Kevin demasiado cantando esta pieza...

  74. Denise Souza

    great voice, pop style, nothing so different so touching as 2nd and 3rd place.. But no way he was better than Cody. She is brillant!

    Lion Ipd

    Denise Serpa I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  75. Nicholas Broun

    aaaaand adding all that instrumentation at the end of the song just took this amazing Rihanna ballad and turned it into a Coldplay song -_-

    Russell the GOAT

    Funny you mention that. The "funny you're the broken one" in this version and the original is a melody taken from a Coldplay song.

    Ronaldo Done

    Amazing voice, he gives me chills , stunning :-)

  76. 145865443/-23345

    I think it's unfair that Kevin got to enter the voice as he was already a pop star in a very famous band, it gave him a ridiculous advantage.

  77. kate Kamau

    criticizers go to hell kevin simm you rock

  78. Maleck F

    I have the Same Tshirt haha

  79. Mateus Sousa

    simplesmente amo esse cara♡

  80. Sandra Gb

    incredible, he makes a work of art out of every performance

  81. Bpix Kal El

    he is so good, but this song should only be sang by Rihanna to be honest.

    Nicholas Broun

    i have heard some good covers of Stay, they all kept true to the original, piano and strings... Kevin adding all those drums and guitars at the ends made it sound like a Coldplay song :/ it sucked all the emotion out of the lyrics and completely ruined it for me

  82. EssJAY.

    he is a rockstar

  83. Lana Graham

    Anybody heard anything since winning!?

  84. M Mona

    2:03 was everything

  85. Bukur Art


  86. ملاك العنزي

    i wont stay

  87. ملاك العنزي


  88. Yan _

    the coldplay feel is so right in this performance, well done

  89. Denzel Googler

    so how's he doing now after winning? such a nice voice...

  90. Marsnicker Hilson

    Gay, illuminati , Rihanna... Hmmmm...

  91. Camilla Lykke

    Really nice performance.. His voice is amazing

  92. Matthew S

    This guy is a Soul&Motown singer, yet he won a TV Competition to be the next pop star...doesn't that show diversity in his vocal range? I think it shows alot about the guy.

  93. J Inta

    wow......love it

  94. Leah Kim

    Everyone must admit that he's like way better than Rihanna. Omg

  95. Magali Elishev


  96. daniel mooij

    from his first note i knew ..... he will win.

  97. Anna Alexandratos

    so talented