Daniel Johnston - Rarely Lyrics

Barely if any
I rarely have my own way

Bury me deeply
Bury me deeply in your heart

And there
I'll stay
I never will decay
I never will decay in your heart

O yeah
O yeah

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Daniel Johnston Rarely Comments
  1. Mei Clover

    When was this filmed?


    it literally says when if you just read it.

    Mei Clover

    @toddvw1 I realised that literally after I commented. Getting my hair bleached made me into a dumb blond, my apologies.

  2. Amelia


  3. saymoreglass

    A true artist .

  4. Auntie Warhol

    My beautiful Daniel!
    My heart is in pieces!!

    Love you Dan, sleep well! ❤️💔

  5. ThePeaceableKingdom

    well done, mate. you've captured something