Daniel Johnston - Queenie The Doggie Lyrics

Queenie the doggie was a friend of mine
If only the money could save her now
Queenie the dog

Queenie the doggie, the special one
She always had the most fun most all of the time
Queenie the dog

She was all the laughing heard that sailed the ocean sea
He would talk the birds that walked, that cursed reality
Queenie the dog

Queenie was funny, she'd laugh at every joke
But we sure were surprised when she finally did spoke
Queenie the dog

Queenie the doggie sent down from heaven above
An angel in disguise filled with such love
Queenie the dog

Now and then I find myself listening to Queenie bark
At the twilight of the night as if I was a werewolf in the dark
Queenie the dog

She was the funny, the dog with only kind mind
The peace and the quiet I hope she will find
Queenie the dog

Queenie the doggie howling at the sun
Queenie the doggie, just to watch her puppies run
Queenie the dog

Somewhere I know she's laughing in the clouds
Just to see what it's all about
Queenie the dog

Queenie the doggy there's only you and me
Queenie the doggy will live eternity
Queenie the dog

Love is an illusion, it plays with your brain
It's plain and it's simple, it's hard to explain
Queenie the dog, Queenie the dog

Queenie the doggy was a friend of mine
If only the money could save her now
Queenie the dog, Queenie the dog

If only the money could save her now

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Daniel Johnston Queenie The Doggie Comments
  1. Michael Friel II

    I had a pug we named Queenie, and it died shortly after we got her from the pound. You have no idea how agonizing it was to bury her in our backyard and listen to this song. :( ..."If only the money could save her now"; is an existentially perfect line describing all human woe in eight words.

  2. Lilly Putian

    My dog named Queenie also died the same way, we spent 2,000 dollars and she still died.

    R.i.p Daniel, he's with Queenie in the clouds.

  3. buerofrhnlichefragen

    I hope Queenie is wagging her tail for him now somewhere

  4. buerofrhnlichefragen

    The peace and the quiet I hope he will find

  5. TRUEiMPROrecords


  6. Felix Rios

    Lobo is my doggie!!

  7. TRUEiMPROrecords

    What is all allowed? QUEENIE THE DOG!

  8. Greg Kozak

    How could ANYBODY dislike this man's music?  No soul, black heart, that's all I can figure.

  9. Greg Kozak

    WHY DID I FIND ABOUT HIM JUST NOW?  Better late than never, I guess.  But I am so very, very glad I did.  This guy is AMAZING.

  10. Kai Blu

    What a genius ? I wish I knew him growing up :/

  11. blitzcraig

    This is my favourite daniel johnston album. fucking mind blowing


    This song has is my favorite too!! It's sums up all the beautiful things about Daniel that brings me to tears with a smile..

  12. silencerar

    I miss Java, my dog :( Was such a nice dog...

  13. dvargashell

    this song joins the archives

  14. youpumpertube

    This album is amazing! There aren't many albums that you can listen to fully, and then repeat.

  15. Jay Birdy

    Oh man, there's one douche that dislikes this....LOL.

  16. Jay Birdy

    @tykkefar Made me very wistful for my dog...

  17. Jay Birdy

    The most beautiful song ever written for a dog.

    "Martha" is even a close 2nd.

  18. Ralph AndTheRumAntics

    The dudes still got it. Which is a lot more than can said for most musicians who've been going since the early 80's! Well done Daniel!

  19. dylanfan1969

    This album is amazing.

  20. IRH

    Great album. What's more, Pitchfork decided NOT to bitch about how it's awful, thus preventing hipsters from bitching about how it's awful.

  21. HenrySeleck

    best album i bought in years

  22. dylanfan1969

    This song is amazing. Lyrics, beat, and sound.

  23. tavobo

    i love the fact that daniel is a dog lover. Everytime i enjoy more and more this album.

  24. Sterbus Official

    I love this album, and this track is great, even if the last one is really wonderful...

  25. royalbabbi

    I think this is a great album from Daniel Johnston!