Daniel Johnston - I Live For Love Lyrics

I live for love
I live for love
And I can hardly wait until Saturday

When I see her because I live for love
The moon and the stars they know how I feel

'Cause I live for love
I live for love
I live for love
And I can hardly wait until Saturday

When I see her because I live for love
The moon and the stars they know

What I'm thinking of

'Cause I live for love

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Daniel Johnston I Live For Love Comments
  1. Puber T. Snatches

    we love you Danny



  3. wena, como olvidar cuando estuvo en Chile


    in the song he sang here, he said "here i stand, with a sweet angel, holding my hand" , and in his song "Held the Hand" he says "I was on MTV, everybody was looking at me, Held the hand of the devil." And now I wonder if that "sweet angel" was Lucifer. Lucifer was a fallen angel, he does give fame, I believe what Daniel said was true in his documentary. He asked the devil for fame and the devil wanted Daniel to look crazy, even made him ill, so that people would believe it was all lies and never find out the truth for themselves. Many watching this will never know the truth

    deeps mered mess

    I think the angel was meant to be Laurie


    Have you seen the movie? The devil and Daniel Johnston?


    He's also famous for referencing his own songs in his other songs

    deeps mered mess

    @APOCALYPTO yeah, i know. He calls laurie an angel in "laurie". "Laurie, sweet, an angel dear"


    ah I see, well to each their own I guess

  5. James Williams

    Ummmmmm... fucking what????

  6. Cole Johnstone

    I think I’ll make a cover of this song sitting in front of his Mural on Hi How Are you day.

    deeps mered mess

    Are you doing it?

    Cole Johnstone

    deeps mered mess should I?

    deeps mered mess

    @Cole Johnstone yeah

    Cole Johnstone

    deeps mered mess ok

    Cole Johnstone

    deeps mered mess I just did & posted it


    did he ever record this for an album? I feel like I've searched and never found it. Such a shame this is one of my favorite tunes he ever wrote.

  8. Selina Jane

    Appreciate this upload. I had this clip forever on a VHS that I had recorded from Peter Zaremba’s Austin episode. It snapped and I haven’t seen it in 20 years. Thank you!

  9. Alto Canal de Youtube

    fukin genius

  10. Mag Magnet

    It's not about talent or tools, it's about story and authenticity

  11. Jon Myers

    I will take him over Dylan

  12. OmaarlaGgg

    Reast in peace 🖤

  13. daniel mares

    R.I.P Daniel

  14. Jared thrash

    I don't get all the hype is with his music it sounds pretty bad to me I mean his lyrics where good but thats about it.I think people like it because he's mentally and he stands out as a musician.

    deeps mered mess

    of course a big part of what makes him interesting is his life story. It's inspiring to see someone with so many hardships actually manage to make it (kinda) big, after making music for so long, with little to no recognition. But, he wouldn't have gotten big if he didn't make good music. Though he may not always be on beat, or key, he is an exceptional songwriter. His lyrics are fantastic, his hooks are catchy, and I'd go as far as saying he's the best at using minimalism the best. On his guitar songs, he often uses the same three or four chords, but the songs somehow don't sound too similar to eachother. His piano/organ songs are often a bit more complex, but they're not that advanced. It's the sort of thing where you know the song is fantastic if it sounds good in the recording quality, with the equipment, and in the unpolished nature it's presented in here.

  15. Fire Nation

    He's the king of my castle

  16. Dias Luan

    R.I.P Daniel

  17. Tetrahedron Box Productions

    Rest in peace and power, Daniel Johnston.
    It hurts so much knowing he's gone....:(

  18. Daniel Esposito

    Daniel very rarely had happy moments. This is one of those rare moments. Thank god it was filmed.

  19. W Str

    Is this song on any of his albums?

  20. YQN

    What a title

  21. Dennis Hare

    He somehow reminds me of Dylan.

  22. Brent Levingston

    I really don’t understand his appeal, but he seems to have meant a lot to a lot of people. RIP

    Jon Banks

    It's because listening to Daniel Johnston is like hearing your own broken childhood stand up and sing. It's beautifully heartbreaking.

  23. boliverfilms

    My God we lost someone so special. RIP Daniel. Like Picasso, all the world will know your art and your name. Anyone who hasn't seen this, should...


  24. ting ting

    no one actually likes this shit


    Nah, we do

  25. Don Furcio

    sounds like the violent femmes with no rhythm

  26. lemonflower

    So sad you are gone, Daniel, but thank you for blessing us with your genius, artistry, and authenticity.

  27. Chubby Dexter

    He reminds me of the dude from the modern lovers

  28. dave lynch

    You lived your broken dreams, but true love found you in the end...
    Rest in Peace Daniel

  29. Music with Morals


  30. EMS

    I will miss you....

  31. W e b o s

    En paz descanse :(

  32. Steve Mann


    moon june spoon by stevie tone death

  33. Mark Orendas


  34. anthony mara

    Rip daniel

  35. sabbracadabra

    This is dark.

  36. Hey Dana Music

    I was only familiar with "True Love Will Find You In The End" through different artists covers before his passing. Then I found this and watched "The Devil and Daniel Johnson." F'king unbelievable life and talented songwriter. This song definitely hooked me though so I had to do my own cover: https://youtu.be/TX6Ng0tUjk8

  37. Corey Marr

    Miss you bud

  38. Matthew Zediker

    one of the best two minutes of songwriting you could ever hear... RIP

  39. Jennifer Barksdale

    Raw talent

    ting ting

    raw sewage

  40. Cable Vamp

    Just imagine yourself you know

    A little lost, a little confident, a little anxious, thinking if it’s a good or bad idea, talking to yourself in a battle then going on stage to fight all those at the same time while retaining some chord structure and sing in front of people you don’t know and you barely know yourself but you know you love music and art

    That was Daniel Johnston, such an inspirational human

  41. Hi I'm Mausckat

    We will miss you, Daniel

  42. Tim Boldt

    Rest in piece Danile Johnston. ( he passed away from a heart attack on Sep.11.2019)

  43. Matthew Elliott

    Oh shit, liberty lunch. I got kicked out of there for stage diving 1994. RIP

  44. Braian Galván / slackerboy

    Rest in peace, bro.

  45. Jonathan Ross

    Absolute Legend.

  46. john branson

    I miss you, Daniel. I bawled when I found out. You dying young fucker.

  47. Stop speeding

    i loved his honesty and thought he was a great songwriter but im not going to pretend he was a good performer lol

  48. Zebra City

    9/11 is Daniel Johnston day

  49. Jessica Amber

    Pure honesty captured on film.

  50. Chester Gdlt

    justo cuando me recupero de la depresión conozco a esta joya escondida para mi

  51. X220

    Discover him by accident today and now result that he died this week, rest in peace mate, I'll go deep in your story

  52. Clay McIntyre

    Best song

  53. Raimy Winter

    RIP .
    Forever missed

  54. mare b

    we will miss you sweet man

  55. Gerardo Santana

    Is this on Spotify?

  56. Corbin Wilkinson

    dan was a kid who never grew up. such a great person. Rest In Peace.

  57. Puber T. Snatches

    Thank you Daniel. Thank you so fucking much.

  58. Abraham Torres

    Descase maestro...gracias por su arte..gracias mil...

  59. Justin Cancilla


  60. Frank Discussion

    yep...i have seen 100's of these guys at open mics..."smelly cat...smelly cat"

  61. Presto Ernesto

    So amazing!

  62. Kristofer Harvey

    Daniel makes me cry so fucking real!

  63. Caroline Denux

    Rip Daniel 😥😥😥😔

  64. Jason Garcia

    RIP you beautiful soul idk how much you made me cry listening to your music

  65. Adelaide Dupont

    #outintheworldnessididroam - #rememberingdanieljohnston19612019 - #asweetangelholdingourhands #ilivemybrokendreams

  66. Chris Bishop

    the "worldness"

  67. Dylan Riesenbeck

    Hope you’re resting easy now you golden soul ❤️

  68. Wouda Films

    A true Inspiration, Thanks Daniel!

  69. Robert Baskin

    Pure courage. Compelled by his art.

  70. witchjumper

    RIP Daniel. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration.

  71. daydrmnation

    Just was listening to this song before he died :( R.I.P

  72. The Neo-Epicurean

    I think Daniel's brokenness just from him, it makes everything he did just different from anything else. It makes you feel. He certainly lived his broken dream. RIP.

  73. Oliver Yellop

    Thank you ❤️

  74. TheFuntomhives

    I miss you

  75. space spaceshakespeare

    *thank you very much for everything, Dan.*

  76. Michael Danielson

    It took trending on Twitter for me to ever hear about this guy. And yet, I've been listening to folks he influenced for years. It's a shame it took so long but I finally ARRIVED. Hello, to you Daniel. How are you?

    Heka Kain

    He's dead!

    dalton fordyce

    @Heka Kain I think they know lol

  77. Russell Solomon

    Daniel Johnston, I send you all my adoration to you as your soul passes to the great beyond this realm- your songs have touch our souls and helped us through our own times with flat tires down memory lane. The world has lost a genius poet.

  78. Sheree Kinsel

    RIP DUDE 😢

  79. Harold Smith

    We're all just getting through life the best we can.

  80. KG82

    RIP DJ. One of my favourite songs by him and it does not exist on any of his albums from my understanding.

  81. Arhuacotv

    RIP Daniel, good travel Man :(

  82. Art Dude

    Rest In Peace, Daniel.

  83. FightMiki Fight

    Finally he can rest! Will miss you.

  84. LAYG0

    "The wildest summer that I ever knew
    I had a flat tire down memory lane"

    Thank you Daniel. RIP

  85. Jon

    Rest easy Daniel. Legends never truly die!

  86. Αλέξανδρος Αρχάγγελος

    I am sorry that is awful

  87. Fil Channel

    So fragile so brave. a diamond.

  88. Annie Vaughan

    RIP Daniel. Your words and songs will live on forever.

  89. Flur Chorrein

    i'm absolutely broken hearted. good bye friend. your music will always be in my heart.
    some things last a long time...

  90. Jean-Fred Warlin

    Merci, Julien

  91. AfricanPride X

    Is it true that he killed himself with the pencil in the nostril trick?