Daniel Johnston - Held The Hand Lyrics

Oh my Lord
I am so bored
Held the hand of Satan

Oh Laura
What has happened to you?
Held the hand of the devil

I was on MTV
Everybody was lookin' at me
Held the hand of the devil

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Daniel Johnston Held The Hand Comments
  1. Tor Mammen

    I miss you so much Daniel. Hope you are having a blast!

  2. Roiy Benkel

    Oh my Lord
    I am so bored
    Held the hand of Satan

    Oh Laura
    What has happened to you?
    Held the hand of the devil

    I was on MTV
    Everybody was lookin' at me
    Held the hand of the devil

  3. virtual gf

    It hurts my soul that he's no longer here, no longer sharing his art and pain

  4. Steve Mann

    highway gothic by stevie tone death

  5. Steve Mann


  6. Billy Richardson

    This one is my favorite💜

  7. Justin Cancilla

    Rest In Power D.J.

    Daniel Johnston changed my life & 🙏

    & if you haven’t seen the documentary, please watch;

    “The Devil & Daniel Johnston” it’s 💯



  9. Robyn Turlich

    Oh my lord, I am so bored.
    Rest In Peace.

  10. Vecchia Girgenti

    This hurts so much.

  11. Todd Phoenix

    My favorite song of his...so prolific. Just wrote and recorded constantly. RIP DJ!

  12. Ángel Velázquez

    See you then, Daniel...

  13. Scott Hettenbach

    Hit the like if Mayer Hawthorne brought you here

  14. Carlos Benavides G.

    One of my favourite songs of him. I love you Daniel. Peace and love for your soul.

  15. UncleClauClau

    I'll remember you forever baby. I am so glad we overlapped for so long.

  16. larryeugene beyondslantskill

    RIP Daniel Johnston, The Greatest Singer- Songwriter of All Time, Has Left The Building.


    super sad


    i really can't fucking believe he's gone. what a bunch of horseshit

    Dj Ireland

    A Prodigy of his own making 😔😔 RIP Daniel Johnston

  17. mslaerik66

    RIP Danny

  18. Progressive Resistance Media PRM

    RIP Daniel

  19. Platinum Nitro Charge

    I am massively upset.

  20. CatharticCreation

    Holy flying fuck.

  21. Cassidyokay

    These comments confusing but idc I’m here and it’s a bop

  22. larryeugene beyondslantskill

    Lucky me, I just added Like #666, Love you Daniel. you are the best, Thank You !!!

  23. Francesco Zirollo

    It rocks as the rock was supposed to be.

  24. The Bicycle Chronicles

    Just powerful,what else can you say?I feel like I know Daniel.Hang in there Daniel,lots of folks rooting for you.

  25. The Bicycle Chronicles

    Sitting here high on some Mountain Dew and playing with my keysbored,,,,,,,,,why you all looking at me?

  26. The Bicycle Chronicles

    My favorite song he did,too bad he didn't do a couple more verses.Damn it.Well I can loop it and make up my own in the spirit of this song.

  27. Miguel Alejandro

    Que bueno que nacio con el cerebro jodio

  28. Smoky Penguin

    I keep coming back to this track.
    Scares me a bit, honestly.
    A song that breaks barriers...

    Smoky Penguin

    @Miguel Alejandro Papi que, qué tú me has dicho huele pinga🐸🔪 traime esos huevitos pa ca pa ver qué pasa

    Miguel Alejandro

    Siempre pidiendome los huevos... smh

    Miguel Alejandro

    Yo quisiera no ser homofobico pero es self-protection hasta q me consigua una baby. No es culpa mia: es culpa del 2018

    Miguel Alejandro


  29. Rudy Camacho

    There was a hip hop version and I can't seem to find it anyone know about that version ? I seen it back in 2012


    Rudy Camacho Mayer Hawthorne did a cover of this. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of

  30. hakagane


  31. catorcepunkclub

    Ho Laura ! que paso con vos ?

    Laureano Saavedra

    en esa parte quiebro

  32. L. Shostakovich

    Funeral music

  33. Dro

    lookin at me

  34. Keymo Embryo

    Why am I crying? 

    Tears, stupid tears.

  35. escaleras18

    Fucking genius

  36. Toxin08

    just respect for this guy. watch The Devil and Daniel Johnston, awesome fucking documentary

  37. TheKleipziger


  38. poulius9

    damn son calm yo tits. i only asked a question because i was curious why ppl are saying 'mac miller brought me here'

  39. poulius9

    what has mac miller to do with this track?

  40. Maioran072

    don't thumb up if mac sent you because we know mac sent you

  41. Mike Panek

    Once you HEAR him the "phase" is eternal...

  42. crazydunsparce

    Wait, what did Mac Miller do involving this song?

  43. ella brooks

    stupid go pray

  44. narutofanman89

    Mac miller

  45. Ariana Talamantes A

    here because mac miller

  46. Liverpool1996

    mac miller

  47. Pareidolia

    Just watched the Documentary and damn he went through a lot. I'm glad he's doing much better now. I think this might be my favourite song by him.

    The Bicycle Chronicles

    me too,brah,too bad he didn't do a couple more verses.

  48. Cataluña Campos

    this song is just...fucking awesome

  49. //://:

    Religion messes with young children's minds



    The Bicycle Chronicles

    Hello How Are You?

  51. illusoryfabrications

    Everyone should watch his documentary!!

  52. SuperJayvil

    I'm going through my "Daniel Johnston" phase. I cannot get enough.

  53. whitfield711


  54. uncleroddy

    genius is often overlooked and mocked in its own time....I'm glad Daniel is still with us to enjoy some adulation.....

  55. TheOfficialHealz

    Love <3