Daniel Johnston - Hate Song Lyrics

You won't even know who you are or what you're doing - just you and your shadow on the wall
You won't even get nothin' for Christmas; no one will take you to the mall. You'll be all alone
You'll be waiting by the phone, waiting for my call. You'll sit nervously waiting for it to ring
You'll be waiting by the phone, hoping it will ring, but it won't ring 'cause I won't call

You'll bite into your fingernails and spit them on the floor 'til you won't have no fingernails no more
You'll think about the good times that we used to have while staring at the cobwebs on your door
And you'll be all alone - the clock will tick and it'll make you sick as every moment of your life passes by
You'll contemplate suicide with a knife one night, and it won't be nice

You'll be all alone - yes, no one will be there to stop you
No one to clear your head, no one to talk you out of it, no one to hear the last words that you said
No one will shed a tear, no one will be there to find you dead 'cause you'll be all alone

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Daniel Johnston Hate Song Comments
  1. Slinkasoarus

    And it won’t be nice...you’ll be all alone. Always had a soft spot for Daniel, and I love this song including little dialogue part of the end. RIP

  2. psy

    You'll never be forgotten dude, thank you for everything you've done. The mood will hit you, and you'll be a baby again. <3

  3. Christian Curtis

    this guys a punk. but more importantly a traitor. somebody who lies and makes people sick.

    Mandarin LEMONS



    bitch fuck you

  4. White Waters

    Strange I would click on this as I wait by the phone!

  5. Ayethere M8

    am i the only person who actaully believes he has a great voice for music? i freaking love people who do music with voices like daniels , joe jack talcums , etc..

    Mark Wright

    His voice used to be endearing but unfortunately it's withered as he grew older.


    Ayethere M8 I believe that his voice didn’t actually sound like how it did in most of his songs, but was altered by the equipment he used. Either way, it was and still is very unusual and satisfying to hear.

  6. Songwhip

    🎶 Here's a single link to listen to "Hate Song" on every music streaming service: https://songwhip.com/song/daniel-johnston/hate-song?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=youtube-comment&utm_campaign=just-added-comment

  7. • Ryan Callum

    What true talent

  8. TRUEiMPROrecords

    This is the last place I thought we would meet.

  9. Redskull

    I understand

  10. Puerto Riconnect

    This is such a perfect song.

  11. rjm 420

    thats rough man. but i can relate

  12. Puerto Riconnect

    First Daniel Johnston song I heard and it's still my favorite.

  13. BrandonScott RobinsonMusic

    Hey people i love daniel johnston i mean i love daniel johnston when i found his music it changed my life and i was already halfass kinda trying to record shit in my room but he gave me a kick start. if ya wanna come check my songs out. hey, daniel johnston trolled his way onto MTV why can't i do it on the youtube comments?

    Moscow On Fire

    he changed my life too. The reason why I started making music


    I have never heard anything like this.

  14. Travis Little

    what is to be made up for?

  15. This name is either restricted, too long, or contains too many invalid characters.

    the outro gives me chills

  16. Raven Stephen

    That was amazing.

  17. Aliyah Pissos

    @itsmetyler maybe that chick from the glass eyes...

  18. Bowen Mcconnie

    I'm no one, so at least you'll have me left. daniel is kinda easily hurt but his art more than makes up for it that's for sure...

  19. TheTofuGod

    jesus christ this is powerful

  20. Moon Bear

    this song makes me want to slit my wrist in a warm bath tub but in a good way.

  21. MissesWaits

    love.. uaaaaahhh- What´s wrong with me?!

  22. fressfisch

    i dont know why this is one of his less known songs. it's a masterpiece, i don't even identify with the song and i still think it's awesome

  23. max norman

    @MGFenton i respect your opinion and i can see what you're saying but i love the images he creates when i listen to him. i would definitely consider him a fantastic song writer and i personally don't see how anyone can see otherwise, but if you can't look past his unrefined vocals then i can see why you wouldn't be a fan

  24. max norman

    @MGFenton i respect your opinion and i can see what you're saying but i love the images he creates when i listen to him

  25. MGFenton

    @MaxJNorman umm yah it is.. so if i get on stage and cant play or sing but cry outta of tune with emotion im a musical genius.

  26. max norman

    @MGFenton music isn't about how well you play, it's about conveying emotion. he's very good at that no matter what anyone thinks of his playing ability

  27. MGFenton

    Naa I agree, I've seen the documentary and he can't play for shit, he's got heart but no talent. People see Kurt Cobain wear his t shirt and now he's a musical genius.

  28. Sarah Frederick

    Hey Case Epic right?

  29. Abby More

    @RoughshodElm Exactly...I can't say he's best at anything. What category do you speak of?

  30. Abby More

    @vlasvlasvlas He is good but not the best....

  31. Daniel Kelly

    @TheEthanhausler Songs of Pain, i believe

  32. Adorable Deplorable

    it's so fucking beautiful it makes me wanna cry

  33. Adorable Deplorable

    Holy shit. I just discovered this guy because of Kurt's T-shirt.
    This is fuckin holy shit i love this.

  34. Ryan Matthews

    @TheEthanhausler Songs Of Pain

  35. infamouslo

    oh man. i remember i had these lyrics written on my notebook in high school. oh teenage angst.

  36. wicked nigga

    @anjablonja i dont, but i would fight next to him in battle

  37. wicked nigga

    is there another name for this song cause i cant find it on itunes

  38. thedangling

    if youve ever been broke and you write songs,you know how difficult it is to get a decent recording.especially,when most people only consider the recordings with the most expensive price tags to be good.add not hearing what your recording as youre recording;doing it in one take and accepting it as is and being mentally ill....make these considerations and he is impressive.....he recorded 30 lps with no budget,while fighting the demons.

  39. ei gaynor

    so he wrote all of his famous albums before he got a record label and became famous?

    Morning Shot Films

    It's called grind and hustle

  40. tr1ad

    More like:

    =( =(

  41. sweetdictator

    I think this might be my favorite song by him.

  42. Bryant Satterlee

    End: It sounds like something he taped of t.v.

  43. Daniel Kelly

    yeah i later figured it was something along those lines.

  44. itsmetyler

    That's not Daniel at the end. It sounds more like one of his college buddies and a girl friend of his. Dan did a lot of acting with his friends on his old cassettes, of which you can listen to from his Cassette Tape Dialogues.

  45. Foxymandeer

    i don't understand what you mean about it being scattered. I'm sorry I'm not trying to put you down but how is it scattered? it's a song about being alone. I think it's rather to the point. I do think, however, some of his music does seem a bit incomplete but (not to sound snobbish) I'm kind of a singer/songwriter (Joel West on myspace.lol) myself and I can say from experience it's kind of good practice to just strum out every idea you have and sift through it all later for what you really like.

  46. imnothear

    yeah, unfortunately it seems it takes watching the film for most people to get into him. which kind of sucks.. but the listener should be able to understand the intent of daniel, and patch the gaps together. personally, i enjoy the gaps and hisses, but i can also hear where he wanted it to go. listening to him is fun if you can hear the sections that simply aren't there.. but meant to be

  47. Rafael Serres

    Also never heard of such rumors... You might have imagined it

  48. Daniel Kelly

    i dont know if that was an ill toned joke or sarcasm, or serious, but i have heard none such rumors

  49. Bestia Queen

    he is great but what about the rumors of pedophile behaivour...

  50. Poddel Poddellsson

    wonderful text, its existential in a very simple way, very direct as johnston as his best.

  51. BananaSquid

    Go for it

  52. itsmetyler

    =) =)