Daniel Johnston - Fly Eye Lyrics

Fly eye, fly eye
Fly eye, fly eye

Into the night, it's alright
It's alright, it's alright

It's alright, it's alright

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Daniel Johnston Fly Eye Comments
  1. TRUEiMPROrecords

    A Head of its time :)

  2. Adam M.

    major tune

  3. delphin bringsby

    Rest in peace, good sir.

  4. 130rental

    rest in peace daniel

  5. ] mxbdpln [

    Bought that CD in SF, 1994... RIP Daniel, We need more people like you

  6. Lestwe Hsof

    Rest in peace Daniel,,
    I miss you so much💔

  7. lucythegiant

    I miss you

  8. Yeetus Deletus

    I’d like to thank my friend Ivan

  9. Joshua Telemaque

    What youth brought me here.

  10. Planet Saturn

    Any one know any music similar to this song in particular? The unique bass and harmony??

    Jesus Vargas

    Planet Saturn the beat reminds me of A theme song by A movie called The Life Aquatic

    Planet Saturn

    you mean the scuba diving scene?

    Jesus Vargas

    Planet Saturn , yeah haha

  11. Riley Crosby


  12. tyler durdan

    This song is great

    Ryan Joel

    @tyler durdan i agree

  13. Vol Khrom

    was he a fan of Rick Griffin

  14. Alejandro Castillo Alba

    this crazy old fat man inspired me.

  15. SuperCheesePickle

    Simple and beautiful.

  16. MontagTheMagician

    A great deep cut from Danny you never hear.