Daniel Johns - Going On 16 Lyrics

I saw you looking
You stole my eye
C’mon on over
Unravel you’re my sweet surprise

I’m going on 16
I’m going on 16
Come on

C'mon on over
Ignore the morning train
Your pretty lip stain
Reveals the band I split up
This city’s a liar
And I swear I’m 16 again

Coulda had a better teacher
To keep me in line
Coulda had a better teacher
To [?] me in line

My heart stopped beating
But I stole a choir
We’re at the punch line
And more lit up than ever
This city’s on fire
And I swear I’m 16 again

Coulda had a better teacher
To keep me in line
Coulda had a better teacher
To [?] me in line

I saw you looking
You stole my eyes
I see you walk in and get
Get my big surprise

I’m going on 16
I’m going on 16

I saw you looking
You stole my eyes
I see you walk in and get
Get my big surprise

I’m going on 16
I’m going on 16

Coulda had a better teacher
To keep me in line
Coulda had a better teacher
To [?] me in line

I’m going on 16
I’m going on 16

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Daniel Johns Going On 16 Comments

    Actually very 90’s, bit of Mambo style in there! Great song!

  2. ChynaFox

    I love it.

  3. Raúl Ville

    Daniel Johns en su etapa más progresiva #respect

  4. Brian O

    This is bad..... really bad.

  5. the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0

    This is fucking awful just terrible back when frogstomp came out they where fucking wicked after that shit


    the KĪCK AЯSE AussĪe 3.0 check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  6. ColdIn Wisconsin

    As a musician, I can appreciate the musicianship here and the creativity. However, Daniel Johns' voice is suited perfectly for rock music; grunge in particular. The way his voice sounds in this music is the equivalent of Jennifer Lopez trying to release a metalcore album. It just doesn't work. I admire the fact that he's making the music HE wants and not the music he thinks WE want to hear. Cheers to that, but I would KILL for this guy to bring back real rock music where musicians actually play their own instruments instead of computerized music.

  7. Jodie Perry

    Brilliant! Funky song and edgy clip ✨✨✨✨

  8. Lala Way


  9. Lol Silverchair fan

    Very hard to drink...


    Lol Silverchair fan check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  10. Faiz Bintang koi

    used to be a cool band tomorow album, now it changes its style like a broken woman

  11. Sullen Taylor

    If you were going on 16 you would be making great music again. You lost me man. Will always love silverchair and never got to see you live. Hope one day I get the chance.

  12. Van Griffin

    Love you forever, Avalon 💜

  13. Fuckrap Music

    Is this shit about when he was 16? Coz people miss silverchair?

  14. Happy Hiccup

    Compare this to Israel’s son

  15. Florida Trailblazer

    Back when you're were 16 you were rocking out and getting a label deal with Silverchair did you ever expect this? How times have changed...

  16. Florida Trailblazer

    I miss the Dissociatives

  17. Jennifer Lowenstein

    True Genius. The Original Gangsta...☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️☣️

  18. Dennis Almeida

    Very good



  20. Antisocial Boy

    This is _so_ pretty!!!! I could dance to this all day

  21. Arthur Moreira

    Eu amo Silverchair, D. Johns!!!

  22. poppibel

    My 5 year old absolutely looooves this song. She just requested it.
    Proud mom here. :)

  23. Richard

    This video and song is awesome!

  24. Patt Foad

    Channeling a bowie feel. Love this song

  25. bruno bpl

    Well done. Congrats!

  26. Lyria Garcia

    I'm such a fan of your music!

  27. ratodebanhado

    pelo visto não é só no brasil que musica boa não é reconhecida....3 anos desse clipe e somente 113 mil visualizações.

  28. Fazz Kazi

    Holy shit man! Keep doing you! this is AMAZING. And I'm saying this from Pakistan.

  29. Kurdt Cobain

    This is just great <3


    Kurdt Cobain check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  30. megapansho

    Go Daniel!!! <3

  31. Gregory Rivas

    this artist has grown....evolved. Go For It Sir Johns.

  32. Shogun PL

    Not exactly my cup of tea but somehow I'm listening for the 3rd time and appreciate the fact that Daniel makes music for his own pleasure and not for the public or the so called 'fans'.

  33. Matt Ward

    this is actually really good. why on earth did you not lead with this. when your album came out and the first single came out it was some boy band esque music which put me off listening to anything further. after hearing this though i might have to get it and see if theres any other hidden gems

  34. silamf

    This clip is amazing. Great work!

  35. theoriginaljean

    Completely next level. This guy is on a spiritual roll.

  36. Cristian Murati

    I liked more when he was a rocker.

  37. Greamtim Brno

    Perfect !

  38. André

    Omg... this guy is so lost. It makes sense that this generation considers this as "maturing," given the maturity of this generation.

  39. HethR R

    LUV !!!

  40. CLA82529

    i don't generally like his new stuff but i dig this.



  42. The Dark Jukebox

    meteu do loko

  43. Cormano Snake

    I miss them/him back in time... this may be good, but...


    Cormano Snake check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  44. S B

    I can't believe I've never had courage to listen to that! It is beautiful and arty with such a wonderful collaboration of talented artists. Thanks Daniel x

  45. WildSky

    This song was written and performed by silverchair at one of their last gigs. It sounded way better with real instruments and a passionate vocal

  46. Moon Cube Design

    So goooOOoooOD! Looking forward to next release

  47. Hezrik Ismail

    RIP Daniel Johns

  48. D_Lucas

    Estilo musical bem diferente de uns tempos atrás, podia mesclar essa nova fase com a antiga, acho que ficaria muito bom!

  49. Amanda Fernandz

    Daniel is a great musician, i'm so proud to see an work like that... is so creative

  50. Matt Dargis

    Does this remind anyone of Bowie?


    I get a real Peter Gabriel feel from the video.

    Siti Hajar

    OF MONTREAL! https://youtu.be/HBfgQvM7wtE

  51. Master Life and Love

    I was living in Shortland and walked through Newcastle Uni daily. Nice Daniel opened this up for the the Uni to collab on. Well done and congrats all

  52. Kaddy'sManKave

    Frogstomp was 22 years ago. Hard to believe... you've done all the experimental crap for far too long now... We want Silverchair back with a NEW ALBUM.


    Kaddy'sManKave check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  53. JP Cobain



    JP Cobain check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  54. Elise's Life

    this my favourite, very interesting. dont have time for such a things , sad...

  55. GaspoweR

    As someone who enjoyed Silverchair growing up and can also appreciate this sound being really dope, I just don't get why people still insist that he should go back when the guy is happy experimenting with new music now. It's not like all those old albums just disappeared from the face of the planet.

  56. Ashton Rudd

    Amazing, beautiful song and clip. Love you Dan!!!

  57. Stewart Brown

    Very good video very creative showcase of animators but MORE IMPORTANTLY
    DANIEL JOHNS song is very melodic and catchy. And as a rediscovered silver chair appreciator just back from Queensland hearing freak and abuse me for the first time in almost 20 years !! ( because they weren't represented well in North America )I couldn't get the fantastic ear worms out of my head !! How convenient of Daniel to appear to like music as much now as then and if his recent stuff is as good as this song well I'm looking forward to my trip to iTunes in a minute !!

  58. bowl4two

    Welp, not what I expected. Like at all.

  59. kitterkat007

    This is a awesome song and the video is so cool.

  60. Koubiak

    Dissolving Silverchair for this...

  61. Deja Júnior


  62. Tiffany Kendall

    All The Drugs....

  63. Bobbi Nunyabiz

    I know you don't give a shit what I think, Daniel... but I always wish the best for you. I hope you're ok. Thanks for all the great music over the years and my very first concert ever in 1997. ♥

  64. nitya33

    whole package------top!

  65. ShoesOnBookshelf

    holy fuck this is amazing

  66. F*S Mog

    Lo mas hermoso que he escuchado. Gracias por tanto tesoro regalado Daniel.
    From Chile ;)

  67. daxel kush

    Worst song of the album... Daniel are u serius? Wtf?

  68. Linux4UnMe

    This is.... out there...

  69. Gnusmas Yxalag

    so goooooood

  70. Shakshuka O'Hara

    It pains me how overlooked the album and this song are. Great work Daniel from a new fan.

  71. Craig Patterson

    It's Beautiful too me ! Daniel has done it again ! ..... I'm not calling him these artist that i'm thinking of but I feel David Bowie , Lindsey Buckingham and the Crazy But Cool Andy Warhol ! ....... This is a cool ass video you play in your home at a very large House Party !

  72. eburt89

    This vid is fkn awesome!! WTF aren't u ruling da charts ? ❤️❤️😍😍😍

  73. ratodebanhado

    demais . demais mesmo. e pra quem nao sabe esse era o vocalista do silverchair . obra prima , a musica e o video

  74. André Souza

    Awsome Daniel!!! Please release another album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can´t wait for more music!!!!!!!!!

  75. Rafael Leite

    Nossa...que merda Daniel anda fazendo...desculpa falar assim de sua arte, mas isso ai nem se compara ao Silver...

    André Souza

    Isso mostra que quem não evoluiu foi você, eu acho Silverchair maravilhoso, e também gostaria que ele voltasse a tentar fazer um som parecido com o que ele fez no passado, seria interessante. E para todos os efeitos, sempre que quiser escutar é só colocar minha playlist do Silverchair no Dezzer e curtir. Mas a realidade é que o Daniel Johns fica cada vez melhor como artista, independente do estilo de musica que está fazendo, isso que faz dele um artista sensacional. Os brasileiros são claramente os que tem maior dificuldade de entender isso, provavelmente pela falta de conhecimento e cultura musical. Esse álbum, Talk, é fantástico. Independente de você entender ou não...

  76. RabidRizon

    Vid is so gd awesome. Hats off to all the artist. You show creativity is what the world needs. AND totally nailed it. Oh and John, o7 to you for sharing and inspiring those artist.

  77. Josafat Mora

    Daniel Johns was born to be Silverchair, not this shit; no matter how good this shit is, Silverchair is your essense. Regards from Mexico

    John MacPherson

    Daniel Johns was born to be Daniel Johns.


    Josafat Mora check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  78. Mamonalisa Vieira

    So fucking awesome video an music! <3

  79. Scrap

    "Your pretty lip stain, reveals the band I split up" hmm I wonder what that means.

    Super Nova

    Scrap Subliminals

  80. Jennifer Berger

    love daniel still miss silverchair i love the edm feeling but miss his scream tho

  81. Célio Azevedo

    Could release it on Silverchair!


    This was a silverchair song originally.....

    André Souza


    Célio Azevedo

    Yes. I know.


    @André Souza yes, look up silverchair going on 16 and you will see them playing it live in 2010, right before they broke up :(

  82. Rafcav

    New art, New fans, I hate this music , more idiot comercial queer musical art ......

  83. Gino Andretty


  84. Dirk McKirk

    Daniel, please don't give up on rock, alternative and metal, please don't give up on guitar.
    Please give the fans one more brutally heavy album, please, please at least one more really heavy one, grow your hair out and become one with nature, do like Sepultura and find your roots, get primal, bring back the sound of Spawn Again! I want to mosh and thrash again but to new stuff! The new music is chill and sounds great too, I like that you've branched a lot and shown the full spectrum of your talent, but please don't by any means think that rock and metal is something you grow out of, it is something that lives inside you forever, that angry little kid who wants to smash windows!!!! Get pissed again! We want to hear you yell! I mean positive stuff is good don't get me wrong....... but unleash your rage man! Stop holding it back!

    Bob Sardinas

    Sick guy

    Kulangot Oragonz

    yeah yeah yeah!! daniel!!! be like frieddie mercury the second,,even if he found what he is,, still he dont leave Rock n roll.....well you can sing Pop and Rock at the same time,,,go a sched pop or R&b concert with those Idiots,,and also make a schedule a rock silverchair concert for a real dude rockers!!!

  85. Approachable Pancake

    I'm a multi-instrumentalist, and was inspired to play by the likes of Silverchair, Nirvana, The Stooges, Ozzy etc. And believe it or not, I'm continually blown away by what Johns releases. It's some of the most creative stuff I've ever witnessed.

    Trust me, there's only so much grunge anthems you can write with 12 power chords. Eventually you have to expand your horizons.

    Savannah McClelland

    +Approachable Pancake THANK YOU. Appreciate the hell out of this comment--so many people don't get it.

    Tristram Paull

    Yep your so right daniel is awesome


    Right on dude! I used to identify myself as a rocker because more than 90% of what I used to listen to was this genre. Nowadays 90% of what I listen to is electronic music. The funny thing is that I ended up here after listening to their second album yesterday and feeling like getting to know the band's whereabouts.

    Carla JS

    Amen, Johns is a musical genius.

    Christophe Corriveau-Gariépy

    He truly is a genius! I grew up listening to Silverchair, but now I think I can say I actually like his new stuff more.

  86. Butterfly Rainbow

    Amazing. Fans made the video ? You guys did a great job. Addictive song, so good

  87. Rafael Henrique

    mesmerized by this work of art!!! <3

  88. Madeintyo Tpc

    My song

  89. Mārtiņš Keidans

    This shit is dope (and I've been Silverchair fan since their 1st album).

  90. Mike Brasher

    Daniel Johns, you have such an amazing vocal range, with your scratchy tones, and tortured lyrics that made a generation follow your music, and now you're "attempting" on doing faggot ass mainstream bullshit? Yeah for the people who connected with your music, and thought you were a true relic, unlike Kurt Cobain who blew his fucking head off, you kept making great music that is timeless to this day. Call me a purist, but you're better than this. Back to Silverchair to make music, not mainstream "pigeon hole" crap like you stated in an interview.

  91. J M

    This is fucking brilliant.

  92. Triana Batbrat

    wow i can't believe how much you change, sixteen years ago you were like other person, still support you through the years 💜

  93. Todd Ewing

    "Matured as an artist"...

  94. Daniel Martins

    Great chorus! :D

  95. Dwiks

    maybe he get abused with a gay..

  96. Larissa de Bem

    Ok! Now back to Silverchair.

    zak rowe

    You say that but this was originally a silverchair song. Aside from a few lyric changes this was going to be one of the singles from there 6th album. So I think either way things where gonna gi in the direction they did with his music


    Larissa de Bem check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate

  97. John Stephenson

    For fuck sake, let this guy grow and evolve. High chair needed to be dissolved and thank god they did. Johns market has chained, seams like he has moved on...maybe you should too!

  98. Nathan Meyer

    Great film clip, awesome sound, so creative, so weird and visceral.. This is art, you can tell it is because it has offended so many people..

  99. Stela Coutinho

    You are a genious of music, but you are not showing this right now!!! Involuting that's what you're doing. I could listen to this kind of music at Justin Bieber's channel, but I'm fine, thanks.


    Stela Coutinho check my channel out if you wanna hear some new grunge mate