Dani Shay - Pool Of White Lyrics

Things couldn't have seemed better
The sun was shining even brighter that day, I
Hung like a monkey from the words you spoke, and you
Stroke my ego and you smile that way
Which is okay

Of all the reasons you impress me
I mean, of the very few reasons that I can find, there's
One that shows how well you know me, you
You burst my bubble when I get out of line
Which is just fine

With my two left feet
I always miss the beat
The other people are dancing to

But you understand
That no one could've planned
That you're so offbeat too, no

Things can always be better, they say
The grass is greener on the other side, but
There's no need to go on searching for
Colour to add to a pool of white
'Cuz it's alright

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