Dani Shay - Original Face Lyrics

I am, you are
So close, yet so far away
From our original face

I know you know
That no one else could
Possibly show us our original face

We are all as wild as the lions in the forest
And if you don't believe me it's only because you've learned to ignore it
But you're not the only one
Clouds are masking the sun

So on a day like today
When the clouds are out
Is the sun still in the sky?

And do the rays
Breaking through them prove it
Like love peeking through cloudy eyes?

Let it rain, let the expectations fall
And once you do that, you can begin to forget it all

We are all as wild as coyotes in the forest
And if you don't believe me it's only because you've learned to ignore it
But you'll remember soon
And you'll be howling at the moon

So come now, take a trip down memory lane
Into predictable classrooms and chairs holding pencils that all look the same

And when you get the urge to laugh, to shout, to dance, or to play
The teacher would say, "Hush child, and exercise your brain."

And then we became numb,
Numb numb, numb numb, oh
And then we became numb,
Numb numb, numb numb

Oh, we became numb,
Numb numb, numb numb,
N-n-n-numb, n-n-numb numb
N-n-n-numb, n-n-numb numb numb

But we are all as wild as the lions in the forest
And if you don't believe me it's only because you've learned to ignore it
You're not the only one
Clouds are masking the sun

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    Hello from Canada! Love you!

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    2 generation JUSTIN BIBER “DANNY SHAY”

  13. R A Y Official

    2 generation JUSTIN BIBER “DANNY SHAY”

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    Damn! Your voice! So cool! Fighting!

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    She invented the circle game

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    i was obsessed with this when it was first uploaded, just randomly had it stuck in my head 8-9 years later and here i am -- still a bop aha

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    oh stop you are a girl

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