Dani Shay - One Great Rule Lyrics

You go to school to get the job
To pay the bills and still be robbed of
The one thing that matters most
Your soul becomes more like a ghost,
A figment of your crying, dying imagination.

And as the years grow, you get attached
To your safe little nest and the eggs you've hatched
And the world seems so much smaller now
All sense of adventure is fading out, because
You already know your destination.

But the thing you're bound to discover,
The one mystery I feel must be uncovered,
Cuts deeper than the sharpest of knives
'Cuz it shows that your truth is made up of lies,
A mirage made solely to hold you.

But right now, we can make a step
Towards something more then our next paycheck
And vow to follow one great rule,
One great motto, one great mantra or tool
Which is above all else, to ourselves be true.

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Dani Shay One Great Rule Comments
  1. EricaKane

    lots of people do :P

  2. Katze

    this is amazing..i could listen to her voice all day