Dangerous Summer, The - Catholic Girls Lyrics

Even with the walls around me,
I'll always miss the place where
I grew up.
It made us tough.

Simple love and wealthy families;
suicides of kids that died too young.
It broke us up.

And I remember laughing
when we caught up;
asking if that was still a part of me.
It's still a part of me.
At night we used to drive
until we couldn't.
All that we wanted
was some company,
and it was comforting.

We'll all carry on into the world.

Innocence was hard to stand by,
even with those catholic girls we loved;
when they gave it up.
Life goes on.

But I remember laughing
when we caught up;
asking if that was still a part of me.
It's still a part of me.
At night we used to drive
until we couldn't.
All that we wanted
was some company,
and it was comforting.

Visit with the Virden family;
Step inside the house I first felt love.
I earned that cut.
And Loriann I know you're out there
watching us continue to grow up.
You gave too much.
Your life goes on.

And I remember laughing
when we caught up;
asking if that was still a part of me.
It's still a part of me.
At night we used to drive
until we couldn't.
All that we wanted
was some company,
and it was comforting.

At night we used to drive
until we couldn't.
All that we wanted
was some company.

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Dangerous Summer, The Catholic Girls Comments
  1. Griffith Johnson

    This song and video are beautiful.

  2. Justin X

    Is this nickleback or hinder?


    lol not even close.

  3. Brett Butler

    Who were all the members on Golden Record?


    AJ Perdomo, Cody Payne, Matt Kennedy and Ben Cato

  4. garyallen59

    Dale Jr. brought me here. Love this band.

  5. Michael Mccarthy

    Absolutely brilliant song by a brilliant band...glad to hear they are back together..and hope they tour Australia..especially Brisbane..fingers crossed!

  6. Maria Gudiño

    "And I remember laughing as we caught up, asking if that was still a part of me.. it's still a part of me"
    Welcome back boys :)

  7. Brandon Wilson

    ready for their comeback

  8. Lexierose1797


  9. Johnny Ochoa

    They are back!.

  10. Camilo


    Andrew Reimherr


    Steven Smith

    they're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Diego

    Why the fuck the dislikes!!

  12. John Hull

    Damn, I miss these guys...

  13. Ian M


  14. LoveClarkandOliver

    This just plain broke my heart to find out they split. They saved me many times, and got me through a lot. I will always love their music.

    Steven Smith

    they're back!!!!

    Ben Goh

    I got news for you

  15. We're All Thieves

    R.I.P The Dangerous Summer.

    Matt Grinsythe

    +donnyinlakai561 omg they arent a band nemore! WARP tour IS SAVED!!!!

    Steven Smith

    they're back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bryant Keith

    They’re touring now

  16. CircaChannel13

    I'm getting a boys of summer - Don Henley vibe from this clip. So good!

  17. Tanya Cole

    I feel like I need to know who Loriann is. This song is so amazing, I want to know specifics. I wish I could just get inside his head.

    Luisa Afonso

    From what I've heard, Loriann is his unofficial foster parent who died in a car crash. This song is flawless!

    Aidan Ballard

    Loriann was the parent of a very close friend to the band who died in a car crash

    Madison Erica Jane

    Years ago I dated Tyler, and grew up around the band. Lorraine was my best friends mother (codys foster mom) she was one of the finest women I have ever known. I remember the day it happened and it was absolutely devastating to everyone. She truly was an amazing woman who cooked like a boss!

  18. A Summer Better Than Yours


  19. Ymmoth Nambridge

    so much character in his voice.

  20. Nicholas Glavin

    That's one of the coolest intros that I've heard in a while

  21. Hours

    Hey guys. If you loved Dangerous Summer like we did, come check out our new single 'Crossfire', We think you would love it!

    Matt Grinsythe

    +Hours no

  22. William Copeland

    Hoco boys lol

  23. Enekobass

    RIP :( :( :( :( :( :(

    One of the most real and emotional (no "emo") band of the present

    Steven Smith

    they're back!!!!!!!!!

  24. david tracey

    good work. rich.

  25. jellohead122000

    This song is so relevant right now.

    Alexander Veitia

    +jellohead122000 Que alguien la traduzca al español, por favor

  26. tlrpttn

    Ventura city limits sign. My hometown.

  27. Endek

    Only 120k views

    Matt Grinsythe

    +Narodowiec Wolnościowiec good

  28. Hours

    Hey guys, if you love Dangerous Summer, then we think you would really like our single Casino Lights. Come check us out.

  29. Barbara Wiegers


  30. Anders Nielsen

    His voice no doubt sounds like it does (which is fucking awesome as all hell) from touring the world and singing at the top of his lungs every fucking night, playing shows for the same brats that are whining it being too raspy. 

  31. elise morel

    These guys are so special to me. Love them

  32. Anachron Music

    Are you guys listening to the lyrics of this?? This man is a fucking genius. He is such a great storyteller.

    Matt Grinsythe

    +CandidKeys lyrically they are mediocre. Everything else is absolute garbage especially from warped band lol cant believe they were even allowed there with AA,BVB etc... they dont even come close to the talent of thiose 2 jus to name some examples.

    Brian Kettering

    +Matt Holt I hope to hell and back you're a little troll. To suggest that Asking Alexandria or Black Veil Brides write songs with more emotion and more honesty than Aj Perdomo is not just poor judgement, it's simply wrong. Crawl back to your little internet cave and please don't come back out.

    Lance B

    +Matt Holt you're a joke for thinking that kid.

    Volution Apparel

    I hope to God he was joking. AA represent everything that is wrong with the music scene. TDS are the complete oppisite. You cant find a band with music with more heart and passion than them.

  33. James K

    I had these guys come to my hometown (rural Nebraska) and play a show right before the album came out. There wasn't very many people there but they played their hearts out and there are a few sections of this video where they are at our venue. I can't express how special that is to me. 


    where in Nebraska? wish i was there

    James K


    Brady McGuire

    @James Keating I was there!

    Brady McGuire

    @James Keating Did you notice that part of the music video was shot in KC Hall? 

    James K

    Now that you mention it I notice it!

  34. FireFtw

    Sorry if I burst your little hipster bubble.

  35. x023x1

    Not really...considering there are over "1 billion unique viewers on youtube each month"

  36. elemarghi

    i'm italian and i just knew this band! it's amazing! i love all their songs! i will listen to their music for today!

  37. FireFtw

    if it has 100k views in a month its pretty mainstream, sorry.


    6 years later and it still only has 240k views...

  38. dookieblog

    Dude this literally just came out a month ago... stop feeling so self important.

  39. Littlefoot4life

    not even 100,000 views for a awesome song...sad to see the world chooses mainstream when this beats many mainstream songs

  40. Michał Sylwestrowicz

    Oh and one more thing, he is choosing to sing like that its not his voice changing ;)

  41. Michał Sylwestrowicz

    His voice is great like that, and if you know what your doing then singing like that dosnt damage your voice :)

  42. Richard Smith

    Gotta love catholic girls

  43. Gerardo A Pinedo Gomora

    The sound is very dirty =/

  44. Jesse Powell

    Got to hear this song live last night in Denver, TDS sounds amazing on the album, but nothing beats hearing them live. I can't wait to see them again!

  45. donttellthebrideband

    Yeah my vocal coach used to smoke and he said it was the biggest mistake he ever made. I love AJ, but ,sadly, it'll probably be when his voice goes down hill he realises he has to stop.

  46. WoahWoahCalmDown

    Damn, you can really tell how much smoking is messing up his voice.
    It still sounds good, I just hope it doesn't end up worsening.

  47. micnkie

    So what if they're smoking weed? It's their choice, they're not forcing anyone to do it, i've never done drugs and after watching the video i'm still not, the song is amazing and that's what matters

  48. draymos

    fo shizzle.

  49. Livingroom Rockstar

    I had this song on repeat for the past 2 hours and I reflected on everything that happened recently thus far. and It has changed my fucking life!!!!!!!!!!

  50. We're All Thieves

    This song gives me chills. TDS always seems to hit that sweet spot deep down in your heart and pull at those strings. I always feel like I can relate to their songs. I just want to say from me (and I'm sure many others) to the band, thank you so much for helping me in rough spurts in my life. Your songs inspire me to never give up, that there's always a reason to continue to live and strive for more. Your music matters.

  51. Ambericana

    It's hard to think that this is the same band I feel in love with when his voice is just so much raspier. I'm sure it'll grow on me, but for now I'll keep listening to their older stuff. :(

  52. qwertyqwertyman

    i hate the fact that after listening to TDS other music just isnt as good...

  53. derek mecke

    Hey everyone, they're a rock and roll band. Wtf are you all talking about?

  54. Oliver Mills

    That's a bit of a sweeping statement to make. If they were committing petty thefts, would you say they can still do what they want?

    Anyway who are you to say that it hasn't deterred their success and music? For all we know it could've been even better.

  55. kolton carnes

    Its funny because weed obviously hasn't deterred their success, nor their abilities to create inspiring and meaningful music. Yet, here comment after comment slam them for using it. It's their lives, let em do what they want.

  56. Oliver Mills

    Wow. Musically, this song goes to show how much TDS have matured over the last few years - it makes my hairs stand on end. Unfortunately I tend to agree with some of the critical comments below, I'm not a fan of the message the video gets across, although I think it's actually pretty powerful video. I'm biased because I don't like recreational drugs but you can hopefully see my point.


    Still love these guys' music but I've got to agree with some of the other comments. Showing them smoking weed was unnecessary, that and A.J. flipping off the camera. I hate when people do that. So stupid.

  58. guitarman884

    Opened for this band, along with Ten Second Epic, The Red Threat, and Brighter Brightest :D amazing night!

  59. MatthewOceanXVX

    I agree, one if my favorite bands. Been following them since 2007, unfortunate they gotta show smoking weed in this video though. Not a good influence at all to younger fans.

  60. jha77jha77

    fuck this is so good... amazing job!

  61. John Fohey

    this is the first song ive ever heard by these guys and i must say im really glad i found them

  62. 22jermz

    The video correlates with what the lyrics are written about

  63. donttellthebrideband

    Sins just came out on AP's website. GO EVERYONE GO!!!

  64. Blake John

    Its funny if you think these guys give two shits what you think about them. I've met these guys and they're not about professional. They're about delivering great fuckin music and doing what they want to do and if you don't like that don't let your 3 year old watch this shit. Tds is fuckin aces.

  65. WoeIsJesse

    The Dangerous Summer: with Craig Owens on drums and Max Bemis on mic

  66. Elliott Hale

    Sort of astounds me that you think that only people in high school smoke pot or drink. Hope you realize that some of the greatest musicians of all time have smoked pot on a regular basis, especially while writing. And come on, alcohol? Really? This isnt even something that labels would see and frown upon. Its quite regular to see that in even a lot more well known bands.

  67. Esteban Carela

    Exactly, we're not 10 years old. So keep it professional is all i'm saying. Their music is a business, not a playground. Doing this shit in a music video definitely makes it look like they are trying to relive their high school years. I'm sure you're probably 15 yourself...

  68. Nick Birge

    haven't fucking lost it.

  69. Nicholas Jones

    go home.

  70. Elliott Hale

    yeah, lets just pretend bands don't smoke weed and drink. Its barely a big deal. Theyre artists. Get over it. Were not 10 years old

  71. Esteban Carela

    Weed and alcohol in a music video by the dangerous summer.... I understand you guys are trying to keep it real, but keep it professional too guys. This song is incredible, but the music video lacks taste.

    S Ryan

    Esteban Carela shut up you square

  72. MtnRangeLivingRoom

    so if a band calls them selves something as commonly used as "catholic girls" then that phrase is just taboo for any other band to use ever or else they'll be ripping that other band off? By that logic, The Replacements just ripped off The Beatles by naming their album "let it be" and you're better than them. Shut the fuck up and listen to the song. It's original and well written, which is more than I can say for most music now a days

  73. SwannP

    great song

  74. crownofbones

    What is this, a Snoop Dog video?

  75. Jonny Havens

    frank zappa's well-known song "catholic girls" doesn't even come up as a suggestion when you type in "frank zappa"...

  76. Jarek P.

    Free Replay Button:

  77. Jonathan Ferris

    Are you mad, bro?

  78. William Hall

    It really is a shame what iTunes does to artists. They work so hard only to be ripped off. If you really want to support an artist buy merchandise and go to concerts. Also buy the physical album or a vinyl if you can.

  79. Yogan Yog

    soo bizarre how soo many people just dont even mention how MUCH of an integral Tyler was to this band. Yes, i love War Paint, but hearing he left really felt almost as bad as losing someone youre really close to. its a weird comparison, but i just thought his drumming style was the most off the wall, creative, advanced rhythms that nobody i ever heard close to. i went and saw them reach for the sun tour and member trippin how they were a year older than me and that good. fav band forever ethrway

  80. christopher fisher

    i'm feeling the chills only TDS and AJ can give me<3

  81. TheMagnoliaSuit

    so far it sounds better than war paint was.

  82. Stephane R

    am i watching the music video everyday and the number of views also keep growing by 1,000 every day i go back

  83. Brett Ketter

    hardly any, if the song is $1 generally speaking they are looking at a cut of around 22 for itunes, 16 for the distributer, another decent cut from taxes, another to pay off their crew, and then another cut for the label. If they're lucky, a quarter but thats being enormously generous.

  84. avery041993

    This song is way to short. It should be about 47 min longer.

  85. quicka trigga

    How much money does TDS make off the itunes sell. ill buy it

  86. quicka trigga

    I would rather listen to the original. fuck covers.

  87. TeAndrea Jackson

    Saw them in concert last night and they totally killed it. Started with this song. It was amazing live! Post concert depression is hitting me hard. ;(

  88. Jonathan Ferris

    Just because someone doesn't know a certain artist doesn't mean they're musically unaware.

  89. Cheyenne See

    i didnt say that...im saying the song title should be irrelevant if the song itself doesnt sound similar

  90. Jonathan Ferris

    Never heard of Frank Zappa. Also your arguments invalid, because I said so.

  91. Cheyenne See

    seriously the most ignorant irrelevant comment. Im sure it wasnt intentional. Not to mention the fact that song titles and band names have no significance to whether or not a SONG is being ripped off. Goodbye.

  92. Justin Ray

    just saw them live in Norfolk. It was just an amazing experience watching and hearing these guys. wish i had extra money for shirts and get them signed lol

  93. Stalemate Band

    Fame changes people, and I'm here totell you that I am sure as hell that The Dangerous Summer will never change.

  94. Ased Asari

    It's songs like these is why I Love The Dangerous Summer. Because they are SO Relatable. And when I feel like I'm gonna cry, Ill Just turn up the volume and be assured that I'm not alone with my depression.

  95. tom v

    This song is touching guys. well done :)