Dan Mangan - XVI Lyrics

Wrestling the days
Since the staff crept away
Sorta sleeping awake
And just waiting, waiting
I'm just going to wait till they say it's okay to ring that bell again
You see, hook line and sinker
I'm in for the ride
Got my eye on the prize
And I know if I show that I'm willing to try
To do it their way, I know what you'd say
You'd say I threw the family under the bus
As if I hoped it would crush us like I don't care
I do care
I swore and I swear
I was thinking of you
Always did and I do
I just see things so different, I just had to try
Like the market's middle child
We're not winning or losing
It's such sweet denial
Up to the chin, but if we just buy in
We could thrive in the gutters and out on the towns
And we're doubling down 'cause we're dying of boredom
There's nothing to do
See if you hate the man
The man hates you too
Don't you think I have moments?
Sure, I'd love to take charge
'Cause we all see the farce
But we don't mention, mention the castle of cards
And what's there to say?
Let them eat cake?

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Dan Mangan XVI Comments
  1. Nigel E

    Does anyone know the chords to this song?
    I want to play it on guitar

  2. a gonz

    these tracks are fire dan

  3. Luiz Ferrarezzi

    this is one of the best music I heard in a long time.

  4. Sincere Poster