Dan Mangan - Vessel Lyrics

I'm a vessel in the valley
Getting riddled with the tally
I'm the middle of a season
Getting riddled with the reasons

Stop (It takes a village to raise a fool)
Wait (It takes a village to raise a fool)
Un- (It takes a village to raise a fool)
-hand me (It takes a village to raise a fool)

I'm the widow of a conscience
Getting riddled with the nonsense

Stop (It takes a village to raise a fool)
Wait (It takes a village to raise a fool)
Un- (It takes a village to raise a fool)
-hand me (It takes a village to raise a fool)

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Dan Mangan Vessel Comments
  1. hjuugo

    Thank you Hector :)

  2. Michelle Pineda

    Coloni' Os hahaha, you made my day :'D

  3. pod anu

    I love everything about the delivery of the message here...beautifully done.

  4. APEX

    the first thing that comes to mind when watching this is "BC"

  5. 5 Whiskers Gaming

    I like your sentence about The Phantasm.

  6. Chris Aguilar


  7. brightthings

    Great song. Great video. Thanks.

  8. Delta v Force

    Best and smartest video I've ever seen.

    Delta v Force

    watched it on MUCH

  9. Philip Hounsham

    Epically Good ,Thank you 😄 👍

  10. Nash Carter

    this video is fucking lit son

  11. J Pizzi Entertainment

    Love It has a meditative Peter Gabrielesque feel

  12. Vkusna


  13. Martin Campbell

    0:57 anyone see the running naked guy in background?

  14. Tanzim K

    This is a good song.

  15. Dea Dollectomy

    Dave Grohl singing the chorus!

  16. jjhubz

    I never understood how this song didn't get more popular

    Milky Boy

    Because today we have internet. And wise adults love these music but kids don't understand. Adults don't buy music much and they listen to youtube but kids buy a lot.
    I think the stupid videogames and the stupid anime's are making the world childish .

    Vineet Sharma

    @Milky Boy I'm 26 and i find this song super attractive and intoxicating

    Milky Boy

    @Vineet Sharma So you're a member of the adult club too. Glad we share the same song.

    Vineet Sharma

    @Milky Boy i feel like an old head on the young shoulders

  17. Google made me do it

    Found you thru the Hector movie.  Really like this song!

  18. David Bailin

    Very nice song. Just bought it on iTunes. Thanks for having a video.


    I love this!!

  20. Paul Economon

    Dan Mangan + Blacksmith | VESSEL

    Paul Economon

    Great tune! 

  21. bob ness


  22. Kimani Robertson

    Great song and video. The vid reminds me of Peter Gabrielle Sledge Hammer

    Martin Eibel

    I likes it!

  23. Raymi Lauren

    so very good.

  24. Anselmo Echeverria

    Dan Mangan debe ser un gran padre, no nos cabe ninguna duda, después de que hace dos años desapareciera del mundo de la música para dedicarse por entero a su retoño que acababa de nacer. Fue el momento en que el canadiense alcanzaba más notoriedad, después de cambiar su sonido inicial del folk por la vanguardia sonora. Ahora ha retomado aquel camino junto con una banda de free-jazz, para ofrecernos temas redondos como: "Vessel", "Kitsch", "Fogertery", "Mouth piece" o ese espléndido "Offred" con final explosivo.  Dan Mangan compone canciones con cargas de profundidad, para criticar la situación social que vivimos en la actualidad, lo hace acompañado de acordes experimentales y una voz derrotada. Por momentos puede recordar a The National o Radiohead.
    Música independiente novedades.

  25. Steve Sauder

    These guys are genius.  I'm reminded of early Dave Matthews -- just how tight the band's sound is, the listy non-linear lyrics, that sort of thing... They deserve the great reviews the album is getting!

  26. Brian Schumacher

    Never heard of this guy until I heard a review of this CD on NPR last night.

    Gary Chike

    Same here

  27. BarcodeTeacup

    super dope song and video

  28. Rusty Shackleford

    he's tedious without the futuristic edge of blacksmith. together they are making some great music though

  29. Marcus

    Hektor brachte mich her

  30. Elizabeth Eccleston

    It's always amazes me that Dan Mangan is still so unknown in Canada! He's an incredible talent and a special favourite for those who have good friends (or sisters) who introduce one to his music. Was starving for a new record, Thanks to Dan and Blacksmith!


    I used to run into him all the time in Vancouer he lived in my neighborhood. Id scream Dan Mangan every time i saw him and hed just laugh and wave.

    Vineet Sharma

    There's a band named Blue Hawaii. They're so underrated.
    Listen to their blue gowns track.

  31. sisbrawny

    Very nice. Reminds me of Genesis. 

  32. Maria Tchernikova

    Can anybody find the Phil Kessel parody? 

  33. isaac sanchez

    I Like This.

  34. foshezeefocker

    Who is that on the canadian 20 bill?? 2:25

    A Campbell

    mao zedong



  35. The Strange Attractors

    Great song and video... Much love from Omaha

  36. surrealiststreetgang

    Fan-freakin'-tastic! Reminds me of some progressive stuff we were listening to in the 80s.

  37. Dan Kent

    p.s Dave Grohl in the chorus

  38. Danoland

    YouTube has pulled this video? Why why why? A completely original piece of art posted by the artists. Considered by NPR to be one of the best videos produced in ages. Makes no sense. YouTube - care to respond?

  39. Robert Michael Todd

    love:) can't wait for the full album


    Wow, my deepest thoughts and fears are expressed so vividly in this video. Simply amazing.

  41. jackpackage11

    This feels like the time I did some bad hallucinogenics and lost my shit and I love it.

  42. Kevin Nunn

    "It takes a village to raise a fool." So friggin good.

  43. Shifty GR

    That was a gut punch of a video! Vancouver Love!

  44. PubRock Radio

    This song should hang in art galleries across the world and play on repeat until the world implodes. 

  45. waechselbalg

    every filmstill = an artpiece ! 

  46. Eddy Soto


  47. Evan Roskos


  48. em mcg


  49. maddiimooo

    Yo this video is so sick!! I'm into this

  50. postman2873

    Dan Mangan does it again.

  51. iesus68

    what a GREAT video! Fantastic