Dan Mangan - Journal Of A Narcoleptic Lyrics

This room will stay just as it is now
For quite some time
The bottle stench may be here to stay
But you know
We had our fun
I keep waiting
Keep wasting my time

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
But it ain't easy
But it ain't easy

The covers warm but underneath, the crumbs
Not as pleasing
The carpet stain
Well he found some friends
'Cause you know, stains get lonely
Sometimes I'm sleeping
And I'm still on my feet

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
But it ain't easy
But it ain't easy

And sometimes I'm sleeping
And I'm still on my feet
And lord, it's deceiving
How were all in so deep

I'm sorry
I'm sorry
But it ain't easy
But it ain't easy

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Dan Mangan Journal Of A Narcoleptic Comments
  1. Lavender Violet

    This song fills me with unbearable sorrow.

  2. Ryan Douglas

    2:23 Wow, buses in vancouver have really changed. I cant believe they used to be red

  3. pendulousphallus

    2007 was forever ago. Wow.

    So now I'm not lonely lonely, but old *and* lonely. Who says you can't grow without trying? We've come so far, boys.

  4. 19boro76

    I have bought an NME music magazine years ago with Canadian blast, Dan's song was on the CD. wonderful, brilliant, I loved the song from the first hearing, thumbs up :-)

  5. Dakota Coral

    2018 any one? This song is just sooo g0od

    Edit: looking back at old comments all the way from 2007 r so different from now.. there so positive, makes me kinda sad bc how different society is now in 2018, its all about getting offened or findin a reason to fight its very sad how humanity can rot away like that...

  6. Michelle Hoyer

    I'm so happy this song exists.

  7. billydeekid420

    No, no its not easy, and I am always sorry. Maybe that's just Canadian, always feeling sorry.

  8. laura jane evert

    dan, join us at www.facebook.com/groups/narcolepsyart ! a fellow narcoleptic artist.

    Ciro Di Ruocco

    I was just listening to this song today! I saw him at Squamish music festival.. He is awesome.

  9. theRambler7

    Ya he did! It was fantastic, he had the entire crowd standing and singing along!

  10. Lord Abdulelah

    we are all wating for your new albums dan :)

  11. Marie-Eve Duchesne

    It's been a while but it's still as good as the first time :)

  12. KikaiNekoLarten

    Oh by far... did he perform Robots for you? When I saw him perform, for the entire duration of that song the crowd was captivated and singing along. It was amazing, considering a great deal of the crowd, (myself included) hadn't even heard the song before.

  13. KikaiNekoLarten

    Perhaps I'm naïve, but I don't think fame is as likely to affect Dan as most artists. The way he reacts to interviews and analyzes his own work -without hubris or illusions- leads me to believe he'll continue to be an insightful individual - one, who will continue to almost compulsively seek to improve his work, and never believe that it's perfect. If you look at his progression from his first album, to his current ones, you'll notice he is not becoming shallower with fame, rather the opposite.

  14. Scott Holcombe

    Thank you.

  15. Erin Hawkins

    this is such a beautiful song.

  16. ThaWaxyCap

    its not selfish, its for the love of the art -- as much as you may feel its a selfish statement, look at those who have the spotlight. no one wants to be that thing, that picture frame, owned by its label and morphed by social media to fit an image. im sure dan is very happy where he is now. and so are we, lets all just be happy for the way things are.

  17. thedeathcabcutiee

    he must have come there right after he was here... i saw him on friday!!

  18. theRambler7

    He's so great! Saw him in Winnipeg over the weekend! I'd say he's even better live.

  19. thedeathcabcutiee

    in the making by a beautiful canadian musician!!!

  20. Adam Nowek

    Where in Argentina?

  21. Desty H.S

    Beautiful song ;)

  22. deir712

    why is it not available...?? it's so beautiful :(

  23. theRambler7

    Where has this song been all of my life?!?!

  24. dweebnn

    Dan won't ever change.

  25. Jasmine Haaland

    sooo handsome!\

  26. Andrew Grin


  27. Kristyn Wells

    I got chills listening to this... so powerful and beautiful! Love Dan Mangan, get to see him on July 8th!

  28. missyvilla

    You just know the people who accidentally disliked this song are saying, "I'm sorry." Seriously. God I love his music! He is in my top five fave artists/bands.. Mumford and Sons just beats him though. lol.

  29. Gloria Lange

    @OlimpicChamp3 The most famous are those who, even with fame will never change and thus always stand out. So, I wish he was famous too.

  30. Duncan Ryan

    How we're all in so DEE-EEE-EEE-EEEP. Yes.

  31. iAmLead

    who can dislike this song? seriously?

    dan, i think you are a very talented human being. i can't stop playing your song on guitar, it's like it's automatic now. i downloaded it this when it was the free itunes single of the week and just fell in love with the riff. so thank you for coming out with this amazing song!

  32. Laretaquisha

    @OlimpicChamp3 Hipster.

  33. strudlpenguin

    How can you dislike this? Even if were just three people! Seriously what is there to dislike? I don't get it...

  34. Serygalacaffeine

    entering da in the searchbar...getting david guetta crap...entering dan...still nothing ...entering dan mang. NOTHING... Thats just not right. Need to spread this music a little to my friends ;) Do this too folks.

  35. Larisa Todorovic

    such beautiful, raw, music. amazing guitar playing as well.

  36. harrypotterpwns9

    i'm sorry. but it ain't easy.

  37. sandycurrie108

    Amazing feeling in the poetry & lyrics. Thank you, Dan.

  38. Pingijno

    I want text for it.

  39. Mandy Taylor

    maybe it's because for all his great guitar-picking he sings too slow, and it gets people bored

  40. setiwoh

    i love Dan Mangan, but i don't really like this song

  41. Jordan Clarke

    @kpats16 well you're obviously deaf

  42. SilentSamamander

    I have a dilemma on my hands now. Is Basket, Robots or Journal of a Narcoleptic my new favourite song? Decisions, Decisions!

  43. adub22able

    ahh vancouver buses...

    I'm going to go see him this saturday :)

  44. zavatone

    Dan, love your stuff since the Keltec and Mangan days on Proton.

  45. kimber03ly

    yes, and they are a lot of fun live too!

  46. Pierre-Olivier Cloutier

    @RaDiOpLaYandBeCk I agree. I saw him twice in show and he's amazing!

  47. Kristina Johnson

    does stuff to me i can't explain!! no words really........

  48. Shannon Healy

    Words cant describe how amazing this man is!<3

  49. awsedrfenigma

    i get this song, beautiful, intricate, characteristic of greatness

  50. Xloi63

    first song that I heard of him, and I listen to him everyday. I had only heard him for about a week and he was already on my top ten. Why isnt he famous yet!!!!!! Everybody who I have showed him to has loved him. And I mean everybody

  51. musicalywhoo

    Why isn't there a "love" button?

  52. K-lofromtheblock

    This is so amazing. The first time I herd of Dan Mangan was at the movie theater and they had a preview of him, I am so glad I was actually paying attention. I think that this is so beautiful, we need more talented Canadians like him. c:

  53. Hope Latham

    His voice is beautiful. It makes me want to cry evertime I hear this song. He has such amazing talent.

  54. glittergirl081306

    he needs to be on grey's anatomy <3

  55. brady

    BEARD!! Nice to see a non primped up male Vocalist. Great song, great voice. Vancouver and now even Canada's indy sweetheart.

  56. Xloi63


  57. cathy munroe

    such a cutie :) <3

  58. iamfrankles

    @RaDiOpLaYandBeCk he's playing in UK in october , maybe that will help him to be known worldwide

  59. David Kim

    Seth... Rogan..?

  60. Daniel Elmes

    I had the good fortune to be the producer/engineer/mixing engineer on this album, anybody looking for record production services can contact me.

  61. klusmanp

    Nicely done. I will put your music in a film someday. If you like.

  62. Kristen Helga

    I want to sing with Dan Mangan...<3

  63. Michael St Laurent

    does anybody know the chord proggresion for this song?

  64. Pierre-Olivier Cloutier

    Saw him 3 times :) At Camp Trois-Saumon twice and at Pont-Rouge! :D

  65. avocadosheep

    This is my favorite song..
    I can't even imagine how a song could be better than this

  66. dominic leblanc

    hey dan <
    it's me dominic
    i was at trois saumon i made your sound
    never mind
    your music is nice
    but i didnt buy your cd at 3-saumon...
    but i'll buy on itune


  67. killer7mat

    i've seen him in a private concert few days ago and it wAS SO GOOD!!
    he had play some new song and it was magic!

  68. seaag

    This is still my favorite song. ever.

  69. dboyd1089

    i can't beleive he's from vancouver bc! a home boy! my own home!!! weewt! fucking love ya man, all the best. Cheers

  70. Sphinxer

    Dan , Come back in Montreal ... or I'll have to move back to Vancouver and go out every week to your shows ... Well I wouldn't mind at all doing this .. ;)

  71. josh gaylie

    I did meet him!
    i got to do an interview with him and everything!
    he's such a cool guy!
    Dan ya gotta come to kamloops man!

  72. skiiernikkilol

    can anyone work out the tab for this and post it to me. it would be most apprieciated. x

  73. Sphinxer

    I saw him twice live too, Soooo Good !

  74. allmappedout13

    This guy deserves more recognition.